What is Astrology?

What is Astrology?New to the world of astrology? Star Language offers a guide to get you started. An article on Neptune is far more complex, but provides an eye-opening account of how a planet's movement in the zodiac affects the nation, humanity and Earth's evolution. Plus! -- view a color chart for President Kennedy with all kinds of helpful advice.
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Note: As a courtesy to beginners, the following is presented as an orientation to astrology as an art, science and language.

Astrology is a science and fine art correlating celestial cycles and positions with terrestrial events and experiences. “As Above, So Below” – thus runs the ancient axiom attributed to the Egyptian sage Hermes. The solar system and universe are reflected in every human being. An astrological birthchart is a symbol, picture or mandala that can reveal any individual’s life purpose. It is calculated for the beginning moment of life – whether the first cry of a baby, the artist’s moment of creative inspiration, the inauguration of a president, the purchase agreement for a new car.

Earth Aquarius News

Are we more vitally conscious than an Egyptian 3000 years B.C. was? Are we? Probably we are less. Our conscious range is wide, but shallow as a sheet of paper. We have no depth to our consciousness." -- D.H. Lawrence in Apocalypse (1931)

Dateline: March 2, 2003, 3:35PM PST, Eugene, Oregon -- I am giving you the exact time for the typing of this article as it is one of the most significant I have ever written. I have been preparing it for several weeks -- studying history books, taking notes, printing out charts, looking over obscure newspaper features. You won't find this journalistic report anywhere else -- so don't bother looking elsewhere on the web. Right now the New Moon at 12+ Pisces is about three hours away.

Earth Aquarius News

As a special courtesy for beginners – and anyone who wants a refresher in astrological basics – I am offering below President John F. Kennedy’s birthchart. You will see a variety of helpful boxes along with the birthmap. Use this entire JFK astro-portrait to gain a better sense of what the world of horoscope charting is all about.

Note the following:

JFK’s birthchart including Sun, Moon, 8 planets, 4 asteroids, Chiron, lunar nodes, and part of fortune

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