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Special Offers for September 23 - September 25: Become a new Cosmic Kalendar subscriber for 1-year ($85) or 2-years ($150) or extend your subscription for 1-year or 2-years at the same prices (if you are currently a paid subscriber) and receive by attachment through email a COMPLIMENTARY *6-month or *12-month Sky Log Report (valued at $40 or $75 and focused on your major transits and progressions -- starting September 1 or October 1, 2017.)

*Important about Complimentary Sky Log Reports: If you subscribe or renew for 1-year, you are entitled to receive a complimentary 6-month Sky Log and if you subscribe or renew for 2-years, you are entitled to receive a complimentary 12-month Sky Log.

To take advantage of this great offer, new customers simply click Subscribe NOW. For all existing subscribers, please log in using your existing username and password to take advantage of this special by clicking here to RENEW your subscription. 

When placing your Cosmic Kalendar Subscription, put your birth data -- including month-day-year of birth, time of birth -- as accurate as possible -- and city.state and country of birth -- in the COMMENTS box you will see when ordering. Once we process your order, I will send your report as an attachment to email within approximately 48 hours. You can read this report as a PDF file on your computer via the free Adobe Reader program on most computers.

The Sky Log report (based on your exact birth data) is our best-selling item in Plain English about your key opportunities and challenges as described by Steven Forrest (a best-selling astrologer and author).

Note: If you decide you want to order Sky Log or other astrology reports in Plain English for family, friends or colleagues, email me for more information via the E-Mail section where you see the Envelope at the bottom of the the right-side column of our Home Page. You can also submit a safe and secure credit card order in the Shop our Store area on the left-side of the website, by clicking on Astrology Reports..Thanks for your kind consideration and support! 

Note on Dec. 28, 2016: I refer to a Composite Chart in a Tweet and Facebook posting today concerning the passing of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher just 1 day apart. A Composite Chart is a Relationship-type Chart, based on the midpoint placements of each person's Suns, Moons, Planets, Nodes, etc. It was developed around 30+ years ago by astrologer John Townley. It has great power and influence as a "Third Force" creating a lifetime bond between any two individuals. Plus, transits and progressions can strongly influence this chart just as they do a person's natal chart. If you want to safely and securely order a Composite Report -- that explains a Composite Chart of your choosing -- visit the Shop our Store area on the left-side of our website and click on Astrology Reports. You are looking for Simpaticos Compatibility -- where each report is $30. There are two Sample Reports for you to view to understand more about what this kind of report covers in Plain English in a fascinating way!

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner -- Publisher

A kind recommendation of the Cosmic Kalendar by a loyal reader in New York: 

"Every morning like clockwork I am receiving your amazing Cosmic Calendar... I work with people day in-out. Your amazing explanation and analysis of what the energies around us are up to is the best guideline anyone can get....I know when to take the high road, and when to show my emotions, I know when to cool down and accept that others are up in arms. I cannot thank you enough for what you do !! and make available to the rest of us earthlings. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU a million times!"

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