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Genesis of West Coast Bias Sports

By: by Mark Lerner
Earth Aquarius News

Updated -- October 4, July 21, June 15 & April 30, 2013: I have started an experimental magazine entitled West Coast Bias Sports. It is officially located within a fascinating new App that you can download for free. It is called Flipboard, and when you go there and put my name into their Search area, a couple of my magazines will come up. This is the first that has major content -- including the introductory article here within Earth Aquarius News. Sports and astrology have a gigantic connection, and it would take me an entire book project to explain how it all works, and my own personal interest in this cosmic association between the celestial bodies and earthly athletics. Enjoy this story for now. Many Blessings, Mark Lerner April 7, 2013

Earth Aquarius News

The third perfect game of 2012 has just occurred -- today, August 15 -- at Safeco Field in Seattle. The pitcher? The American League CY Young award-winner from 2010 -- Felix Hernandez. The 26-year-old was superlative in throwing a 1 - 0 shutout and "perfecto" against the Tampa Bay Rays. I had reported that today had Venus opposite Pluto as well as square to Uranus in the sky -- not to mention an intense and troubling Mars-Saturn union. However, that worked totally against the Rays and for Hernandez and his teammates, but the question is: Why? This little feature gives you that "Why"...

Earth Aquarius News

One of the great pitchers of the National League throws the first Perfect Game (June 13 in San Francisco) in the history of the SF Giants & NY Giants (going all the way back to 1883).


Penn State Scandal at the Beginning

By: Mark Lerner
Earth Aquarius News

When this story first broke, we covered it immediately...And now Jerry Sandusky is in jail, deceased Coach Paterno's legacy is completely overshadowed and tarnished, and there are still major questions about what the President of Penn State University knew about the scandal and when did he know it. Breaking News on July 12 as our EAN Redesign Begins: Independent investigation led by ex-FBI Chief Louis Freeh determines that "the most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized." More shocks are present in 267-page report revealed by USA Today.


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