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Solar Return

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  • Solar Return

    The Solar Return Report is a well-written and comprehensive analysis of the chart for your last or next birthday (or your birthday in any future year). It is timed cosmically for the exact minute when the Sun comes back to where it was located in the zodiac when you were born. The report offers you dates, guidance and inspiration of what to expect in the 12 months following the Solar Return birthday moment. IMPORTANT: After ordering this report, you will receive a special Confirmation E-mail so that we can verify your birthdata and other vital information concerning When and Where the Solar Return is taking place. Please fill out that e-mail with care so that your report is completely accurate.

    To view sample reports, click the following: Paul McCartney
Solar Return | Astrology Reports
Solar Return | Astrology Reports
Solar Return | Astrology Reports
Solar Return | Astrology Reports

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