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News > Current News  > A Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: Updated!

A Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: Updated!

By: by Mark Lerner
A Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: Updated! | Current News

Dateline: Tuesday October 3, 2017 with Jupiter Rising in Libra and the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces. And Updated three times -- Oct. 4, Oct. 5 and Oct. 8 -- near the end of this feature. The last update reveals a birth time (11:05am) and birth place (Clinton, IA) for the shooter (based on his birth certificate) sent courtesy of astrologer Andries Cats.

Note: This article is being written with great sadness and heart-felt sympathy for the hundreds of victims and their families.

“Mars just fell into the earth,” Eric Paddock – the shooter’s brother told NBC News. “We’re dumbfounded.”

At approximately 10:05pm this past Sunday night in Las Vegas, an apparent lone gunman began shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel at 22,000 music fans gathered at the Route 91 Harvest Concert approximately 500 yards away. Mass confusion and chaos occurred and it wasn’t until police SWAT teams broke into the Stephen Craig Paddock’s two-room suite that the carnage ended – apparently with the shooter’s suicide.

This is a preliminary report that will be updated as more facts come in. Right now the motive for this horror is not understood – although some pieces of the overall puzzle are coming into view. Stephen Paddock’s life as a big-time gambler; his fairly secret ownership of a large stockpile of weapons; his accumulating a fortune through real-estate purchases; as well as his father being on the FBI Most-Wanted list for many years in the 1970s.

Because the time of the start of the shooting was given out fairly soon, the chart for that moment is reasonably accurate. Yesterday, at two websites, Stephen Craig Paddock’s month-day-year of birth (April 9, 1953) was indicated. The place of birth is still uncertain.

This special feature contains the charts for the Vegas Mass Shooting, the chart for Stephen Paddock (using Las Vegas and Sunrise – since his birth time and place are not known), the chart for the State of Nevada entering the Union, and for the incorporation of Las Vegas as a city. All four of these charts – as well as their links to America’s main birth chart for July 4, 1776 and the ongoing transits and progressions relative to Stephen Paddock’s birth – tell quite a story. However, please keep in mind that on any given day around the world, perhaps up to 250,000 souls incarnate into human bodies (according to global population statistics). Therefore, anything mentioned in this feature about the chart of the shooter might also be associated with thousands of other people who were born on the same day, but who did not have the fate-destiny patterns and psychologically disturbed behavior that made this particular individual commit his act of mass bloodshed, violence, panic and fear.

I want to say the following at the outset – almost to get this out of the way because it is so alarming – this shooter’s birth chart has connections to President Kennedy and his alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, as well as the day of President Kennedy’s murder on November 22, 1963. Suffice it to say that the shooter has the identical Jupiter in Taurus placement as President Kennedy (even the same degree of the zodiac) and just as Lee Harvey Oswald was born with Sun opposite Saturn (Libra to Aries), Stephen Paddock was born with Sun opposite Saturn (Aries to Libra). There are very powerful and sometimes highly-challenging paternal and authority issues occurring for those souls incarnating with Sun opposite Saturn. This shooter also was born with the Sun (close to Venus retrograde united with Juno) opposite a Saturn-Neptune conjunction – therefore making his Sun-Saturn polarity far more complex and hard to decipher.

The Vegas Mass Shooting Chart

At 10:05pm when the shooting began, the USA Mars degree (21+ Gemini) was rising, and transiting Saturn in Sagittarius was setting. In my feature on the Total Solar Eclipse (still on our website), I explained that Saturn making a station at the end of the eclipse week was a big factor in creating ongoing havoc and turbulence throughout America. Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and Louisiana just as Saturn (and Juno) made simultaneous stations at the end of the Total Solar Eclipse week. In addition, Saturn was located opposite the USA Mars and squaring the USA Neptune. This fact – as well as the reality that President Trump’s natal Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius was exactly afflicted by transiting Saturn at the same time – led me to understand how dire the weeks and months following the Total Solar Eclipse would be throughout the nation.

A transit chart by itself often tells an enormous story. I am not going to tell that whole story at this time, and I offer readers the chart at the end of this feature so you can make your own astute interpretations. However, it turns out that the rising degree (21+ Gemini) for the start of the shooting was also Stephen Paddock’s Secondary Progressed Sun placement and Saturn exactly setting at the time of the shooting reveals that he was lashing out at authority figures, but misplacing his anger/frustration (from huge gambling losses) at the people attending the music concert on the ground below. He was also plagued with fear and loss – almost definitely due to the vast sums of money he had just lost during his three-day visit to Las Vegas casinos. Note: He arrived at the hotel on Thursday Sept. 27 when Pluto (the planet of death, the underworld, extremes, repressed emotions, obsessions and lone-wolf potential behavior patterns – when this planet is negative) was stationary, the Moon was conjunct Pluto in the sky, and King of the Gods planet Jupiter was in exact opposition to outsider, shocking and often aloof Uranus.

It is notable that Pluto itself was in the eighth house – traditionally related to death – at the time of the shooting. Furthermore, Saturn and Chiron were locked into a fairly strong square of 90-degrees in the sky and Stephen Paddock was born under the same square aspect. You will also see an opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces in the Vegas Mass Shooting chart; Stephen Paddock was born with Venus retrograde in Aries (closely conjunct Juno in Aries) with both of these celestial bodies opposite a Saturn-Neptune retrograde conjunction in Libra. The shooter was also experiencing his monthly Lunar Return in Aquarius on the night of the mass slaughter of innocents. Thus, something that often occurs when someone dies was happening during this terrible disaster in Las Vegas – several sky configurations were returning to how they existed when the perpetrator was born.

The Sunrise chart for Stephen Paddock

Even if a birth time and place are not known for a person, you can learn a lot about that soul’s life-purpose and overall expression from creating a sunrise-type chart based on the month-day-year of birth.

There are so many complex solar, lunar and planetary alignments at Stephen Paddock’s birth that help to explain his behavior, but at this time I am only going to list the ones that I feel are significant and you can put together the story like pieces of a giant enigma.

Sun at 20 degrees of Aries = the USA Chiron placement and opposite the USA Juno placement.

Sun opposite Saturn-Neptune conjunction.

Venus Retrograde conjunct Juno opposite Saturn-Neptune conjunction.

Yod or Finger of God Triangles composed of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn-Neptune; Mercury, Chiron, and Pluto; Ceres, Pluto and Chiron.

Pythagorean 3-4-5 Triangle composed of Mercury, Ceres, and Saturn-Neptune; Jupiter, Pluto, and Chiron.

Vesta conjunct the Lunar North Node.

Sun (with Venus Rx and Juno), Uranus, Saturn-Neptune, and Chiron forming an elaborate Grand Cross in cardinal signs.

Notes: From the early information coming from news sources about Stephen Paddock’s life and behavior patterns, it is significant that Venus (a key planet associated with partnership issues and social values) is retrograde, united with Juno (empowerment or dis-empowerment in relationships; he was divorced twice and there are important facts still to come from his female partner currently in Japan) and with both of these feminine planetary archetypes closely opposite Saturn-Neptune, also both retrograde.

His Sun directly united with the USA Chiron and opposite the USA Juno – the most precise polarity in America’s birth chart – is a big factor in his odd, maverick-like, and inscrutable behavior, as well as his dis-empowerment issues regarding loved ones and key relationships.

The USA Moon is in Aquarius, and the shooter’s Moon is there, too, and the Moon in the sky was in Aquarius. This triple association is important.

Stephen Paddock being born with Vesta closely united with the Lunar North Node reveals a major need for taking safety-security measures – which, in his situation, resulted in accumulating over 40 guns and rifles, as well as explosives. Therefore, he had major psychological issues concerning protecting his own safety-security and/or denying that protection to the people he killed and wounded. Vesta also has much to do with investments, insurance matters, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, and secret organizations (i.e. FBI, CIA, NSA, KKK, etc). It was quickly revealed yesterday that Stephen Paddock’s father had been a notorious bank robber who was for many years on the FBI’s Most-Wanted list.

Stephen Paddock’s natal Saturn-Chiron square and the current Saturn-Chiron square in the heavens this year often relates to strange events concerned with Time (both chronological time and other-dimensional time or “Twilight Zone” type factors). Therefore, the whole issue of why did he arrive at the hotel under intense Pluto vibrations, did he lose a vast fortune while gambling over those three days, did he take out his personal frustrations, anger, and hatred against authority figures and the distant-criminal father figure of his childhood by shooting innocent people at a mass gathering of music fans – all of this does relate to Saturn-Chiron in their tense-conflicting sky cycle now that mimics the same one he was born under 64+ years ago.


Midpoints in the zodiac between any two celestial bodies are highly important in natal, transit, and progressed chart analysis. There are also two ends to each midpoint complex – a near one in the zodiac and the one on the other side of the zodiac. Because there are many dozens of them, you will often find numerous ones that help to explain people’s motivations and why events happen. Here is a sampling so far:

The Mars/Chiron midpoint was rising at the exact time the shooting took place.

The Pallas/Chiron midpoint on Oct. 1 was on the shooter’s Sun.

The Sun/Jupiter and Ceres/Juno midpoints at the shooting were opposite and conjunct his Sun.

The Saturn/Chiron midpoint at the shooting was on his Lunar North Node/Vesta conjunction.

Stephen Paddock was born with the Mercury/Mars midpoint on his Sun.

His natal Sun/Neptune midpoint was conjunct his Chiron.

His Mercury/Jupiter midpoint was opposite and conjunct his Neptune.

Charts for the State of Nevada and the Incorporation of Las Vegas

Charts for states and cities are often very important in understanding the astrology of why something happens in those places and not somewhere else.

What is most significant linking Nevada (born Oct. 31, 1864) to Stephen Paddock is that their Saturn placements in Libra are only 1 degree apart. [He was born three Saturn cycles of 29+ years after Nevada entered the Union.] This also means that Nevada’s Saturn activates his Neptune, Venus and Juno. And Saturn, when negative, has a lot to do with karma, fate, limitations, restrictions, frustrations, pessimism, depression, antipathy for authority figures, and chronic problems (in his case gambling vast sums of money, and undoubtedly often losing those sums and the fear-panic that can go along with that kind of obsession-addiction).

It is also significant that the fate-destiny oriented Lunar Nodal Axis for Nevada in Scorpio is exactly square to Stephen Paddock’s Vesta-North Node conjunction in Aquarius. Furthermore, Scorpio Moon for Nevada is square to Stephen Paddock’s Moon in Aquarius, and therefore the mass shooting happened when the transiting Moon was squaring Nevada’s Moon. In Mundane Astrology, the Moon always has a lot to do with mass events, mass consciousness, and the public.

In the chart for the Incorporation of the city of Las Vegas (March 16, 1911), we note that Mercury in Pisces is almost identical to the Stephen Paddock’s Mercury, and Venus in Aries is only 2 degrees from his Sun – showing his allure to gamble big-time in Las Vegas and his thought-process believing he could out-smart the usual manifestation in gambling (big losses almost always neutralize big wins – eventually). In addition, Venus opposes Juno and both are squaring Neptune in the Las Vegas birth chart, and Stephen Paddock was born with Venus-Juno united both opposite Neptune. Therefore, the T-Square triangle of Venus-Juno-Neptune for Las Vegas is deeply connected to Stephen Paddock’s own Venus-Juno-Neptune placements – and in the same signs and degree areas as well.

Jupiter at 15 Scorpio for Las Vegas, and conjunct the Las Vegas Lunar South Node indicates why so many people lose a lot of money (shadow side of Jupiter) in that city, and this Jupiter placement is exactly opposite Stephen Paddock’s Mars in Taurus – a Mars that rules his Sun placement in Aries. You may also want to be aware that transiting Chiron now at 25+ Pisces is exactly uniting with the Las Vegas Sun placement, and this kind of conjunction only happens every 50 years. Chiron certainly connects with Twilight Zone activities, people being thrown “outside of chronological time” due to very bizarre-strange events, maverick-type individuals (remember the shooter was born with his Sun on the USA Chiron), and also wounds and the need to heal those wounds.

Ultimately, much more of this story will be told in the weeks and months ahead. However, it seems clear that the shooter himself felt “wounded” from the criminal-aloof father figure in his family and that somehow with his own Sun on the USA Chiron, and Chiron on the Las Vegas Sun now, he acted-out a horrific wounding – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and historically – on the people he killed and maimed, the city of Las Vegas, the State of Nevada, and the nation.

Updates will be provided when necessary.

Update Oct. 4: Police have moved the start of the shooting earlier by around 3 minutes to 10:05PM. This actually makes the beginning of the bloodshed and violence more exactly connected to the USA Mars placement at 21+ degrees of Gemini.

Special Update and Observations Oct. 5: Based on new information about the extent of weapons and explosives owned by Stephen Paddock, it is clear that his Vesta-Lunar North Node conjunction (which can become magnified negatively for a percentage of those people born with this configuration) manifested as a very abnormal paranoia and obsession with safety-security measures. Since Vesta is also strongly associated with investments, we see how he developed a deranged over-protection of his homes as well as the suite he was staying in at the hotel on October 1. It is noteworthy that the transiting Sun was exactly in a trine, 120-degree alignment to his Vesta during the shootings -- revealing his ability to perpetrate the mass-slaughter and mayhem, but not to escape from it himself due to a security guard fairly quickly coming toward his suite, the smoke generated from his firings setting off a smoke-alarm, and the SWAT team arriving on the 32nd floor of the hotel. These are all archetypes associated with this rather important asteroid.

Anyone who becomes a Big Risk-Taker must have a powerful Jupiter in the natal chart. Jupiter, as indicated earlier in this feature, was located in the first earth sign of the zodiac Taurus in his birth chart, often associated with financial resources. In addition, his Jupiter is part of various and inscrutable Yod or Finger of God triangles in his birth chart as well as a 3-4-5 Pythagorean Triangle,  and a T-Square formation with the Moon and Pluto. His youngest brother Eric has reported the shooter's mathematical mind-set, and -- regarding gambling -- this has so much to do with calculation of odds and percentages of slot-machine paybacks, etc. [The shooter was born with a very close 60-degree aspect between Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus -- and these two planets were in the Yod triangle with his Saturn-Neptune retrograde conjunction in Libra.]

What amplifies everything to an enormous degree -- concerning his definitely malfunctioning Jupiter (i.e. hubris, arrogance, looking down on humanity instead of being kind and generous) -- is that the last Jupiter-Saturn union in the zodiac which occurred on May 28, 2000 was located on his Jupiter -- with virtually no orb. Therefore, the 20-year cycle of these two largest planets in our solar system had been building up inside of him for the last 17+ years -- directing him to gamble larger and larger amounts of money, creating more of an obsessed and alienated consciousness within.

By the way, Sun-sign Aries individuals can become terrific pioneers, leaders, and be strong-willed and have a fiery temperament directed carefully for good purposes, but this zodiacal sign is associated with potential lone-wolf behavior as it is the first sign of the twelve and it not really group/socially/community oriented. Hence, his heightened sense of Me-First and his apparent hatred for large gatherings of happy souls enjoying an outdoor music concert. He spent so many long hours in high-stakes gambling rooms, casinos, and hotels that people having fun outside and feeling free to express themselves however they wanted became his diabolical target. More to come as further revelations are given out by news media sources...

Update Oct. 8: The birth chart for Stephen Craig Paddock now has an official birth certificate time (11:05am) and place (Clinton, IA) -- sent to us courtesy of astrologer Andries Cats. Also -- to go along with Stephen Paddock having his Sun on the USA Chiron, and Chiron transiting now the Las Vegas Sun, the shooter's Chiron was very closely square the USA Chiron. People who have powerful Chiron traits often live outside "chronological time" in the Twilight Zone. Casinos do not have clocks and are very "chironic" in that respect. While many dominant Chiron individuals are healers, mentors and shamans, they often experience terrible physical, emotional. and psychic wounds -- many of which cause intense pain and are potentially impossible to remove. This is a direct reference back to the mythos of Chiron in ancient Greek mythology.

© 2017 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, All rights reserved.

Vegas Mass Shooting
Stephen Paddock
State of Nevada
City of Las Vegas
USA July 4, 1776

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