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News > Solar & Cosmic  > Eclipse-Catastrophe Develops Over Weeks & Months

Eclipse-Catastrophe Develops Over Weeks & Months

By: by Mark Lerner
Eclipse-Catastrophe Develops Over Weeks & Months | Solar & Cosmic

Important Eclipse Reminder & Astro-Danger: This Eclipse will influence America, our government, the presidency and the world for weeks, months and years -- not just during the 2+ minutes of totality. This feature explains how the August 21 cosmic-event will affect everyone way after the magic/wonder of the Sun, Moon, Earth alignment has happened. Plus, info on Hurricane Harvey is included at the end because this "disaster" is occurring simultaneously with Saturn and Juno stationary in the sky with Mercury retrograde, and this is part of why the Total Solar Eclipse is much more influential than the 2+ minute experience of Totality.

Opening Note: The words “catastrophe” and “disaster” come from Latin-Greek etymological roots meaning “to go against the stars.”

Dateline: Saturday June 24, 2017 with Jupiter Rising in Libra and the Moon having just united with Mars in Cancer on the USA Sun from July 4, 1776.

I have been preparing to write this astronomical and astrological story pertaining to the Total Solar Eclipse happening on August 21, 2017 for many years. Now the event is on the verge of occurring in less than two months and there is a great need to clarify the practical, down-to-earth aspects of what may manifest while this heavenly spectacle ensnares the eyes, imaginations and realities of tens of millions of people on the go across 14 states in the continental USA.

I have thought about what is contained in this feature long and hard. Never wanting to be a chicken little saying “the sky is falling,” my working as a professional astrologer for 44 years always reminds me of the necessity to share information logically, sensibly and reasonably. Therefore, I don’t believe in predicting doom and gloom – mainly because astrological cycles and alignments are indicative of potentials and possibilities, depending on many unknowable factors (pertaining to people’s upbringing, environmental influences and psychological variances) that don’t necessarily show up precisely in a birth chart or a list of future cycles (known as transits and progressions). Plus, as the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce used to say in his 14,000+ trance-readings, human beings have “free will,” even if they don’t think or believe that they do.

If you want the pertinent and scientific-mathematical facts* related to the Total Solar Eclipse (henceforth abbreviated as TSE), I suggest getting copies of Astronomy magazine. The recent May and July issues – if you can get them – have TSE information and diagrams that are very helpful, and I am sure the August issue, to be published very soon, will be chock full of everything, seemingly, you need to know about this TSE.

*For example, it is reported by Michael E. Bakich – a senior editor for Astronomy – that the Moon’s umbra or shadow during totality will have a 67-mile diameter while it races between speeds of 2,979 mph (maximum) and 1,450 mph (minimum) across the continental USA. And the maximum length of totality time-wise – close to 2 minutes and 40 seconds – will occur around Giant City State Park, Illinois and Beaufort, Missouri, although some other areas in the path of totality will also have a maximum time very close to that 2 minute and 40 second duration. [By the way, during some Total Solar Eclipses the duration of totality might last up to 7+ minutes while for others the duration of totality is only for seconds. In any year, there can be a minimum of 2 solar eclipses and a maximum of 5 solar eclipses, but those eclipses could be partial, annular, hybrid or total. So you have to do the research to find out the entire picture. Obviously, from an astronomical and astrological perspective, any total eclipse – of the Sun or Moon – is usually going to be more awesome and meaningful than one that doesn’t have totality present.]

The big “however” factor in all this – which concerns me to an enormous degree – is the physical-emotional and concrete-material shadowy realm that could engulf not only the tens of millions of Americans (not to mention visitors from other countries) in the direct path of totality, but our entire nation, government, defense department, safety-security agencies and international relations.

It was pleasing and yet disturbing to note that our local newspaper in the greater Eugene area of Oregon – The Register Guard – ran a front-page story on June 3 entitled “State warns of eclipse strain,” with a subtitle reading: “An influx of up to 1 million visitors probably will mean crowded stores, traffic jams and reduced gas supplies.” When I saw this, I knew that my own concerns were being recognized – not only in our state of Oregon (where the TSE begins its eastward march through the USA), but I am sure around the country.

Questions that should or will be answered in the coming months:

Did astronomers, scientists, amateur astronomy organizations and even not-so-grounded astrologers over-hype and commercialize this forthcoming TSE – not realizing they could be creating a colossal, national traffic-communication-electronic-emergency nightmare by making too many people aware of the sensational, rare nature of this celestial event and putting them into harm’s way? After all, to the ancient shamans, scribes, and tribal chiefs, an event like the celestial magnitude of a TSE was something magical, mysterious, possibly dangerous and divine – more to be savored, understood and witnessed carefully by perhaps a single, wise individual or a small group, not necessarily everyone. [In this regard, contemplate the famous line in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, uttered by the nobleman Cassius: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”]

Might the fact that the path of totality of this TSE by coming from the Pacific Ocean and off the coast of Oregon activate – in ways we don’t yet understand – the delicate-fragile “Ring of Fire” plate-tectonics that might eventually produce the massive NW earthquake anticipated by seismologists?

Since the Full Moon of July 8 energizes transiting Pluto in Capricorn and Pluto’s discovery degree in Cancer from February 18, 1930, and there is an initial Leo New Moon conjunct the always volatile red planet Mars on July 23, plus a Partial Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon occurs on August 7 (activating the middle of Leo and Aquarius, zodiacal power points in their own right) – are we actually building up, week-by-week before August 21, to something much greater than even what the TSE by itself will deliver as either something marvelous or disastrous?

In addition, with the Mercury-Mars midpoint on the TSE degree as the path of totality sweeps across the American continent, could overwhelmed local communities consider requesting help from the National Guard to quell unforeseen, large-scale crises that civil, county and state police departments cannot control? [More favorably – at the TSE – both the Sun and Moon in Leo are making harmonious trine alignments of 120-degrees to the planet of excitement and revelation, but also shock and surprise, Uranus in Aries. However, remember this rather dubious question – in retrospect – from Paul Newman’s Butch Cassidy to Robert Redford’s The Sundance Kid in that epic film: “But we got surprise on our side’ right?” I think we all know how “surprise” worked out relative to them and the Bolivian Army at the end of the movie.]

Okay, so far, so good. Now – to convey important ideas – here is a straight-forward listing of all my concerns, how various charts for nations (and President Trump) are impacted by the TSE, and to present a closing let’s all hope-for-the-best statement.

Biggest Worries regarding People on the Move: Yes, as The Register Guard article reported three weeks ago, the on-the-go public must anticipate “crowded stores, traffic jams and reduced gas supplies,” but let’s be practical as there can be increased potentials for accidents, road rage, crime, people becoming overheated and not having enough water and running out of crucial supplies, plus the possibility – in some areas of totality – of cloudy conditions, thunderstorms and therefore an obscuring of the astounding event everyone is expecting to be amazingly visible.

Let’s add to this list – since hotels and campsites in the path of totality and nearby will be filled to capacity, if not overfull – the possibility of electrical power-outages (remember these are the so-called “Dog Days” of August), cell-tower overloads or failures, mechanical breakdowns, not enough batteries and/or back-up generators working correctly. And what about all these daily reports during the last few months of the Great American Opioid Crisis now spiraling into an epidemic of overdoses, deaths, and clinics/hospitals being inundated with these distraught individuals and their families.

What about children and teenagers not necessarily listening to their parents and elders about the precautions to take just before and just after the totality of the TSE not to look at the Sun – in order to avoid the possibility of eye damage or even blindness from the short-wave visible light vibrations.

Biggest Worries regarding the USA, our Government and International Relations: When President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, all of the major celestial bodies apparently were moving in direct motion. Some astrologers saw this as very favorable for the incoming president and his administration. However, they didn’t realize that the asteroid Vesta – which strongly rules safety and security measures – was retrograde at the bottom or root-point of that inauguration chart. Now in the TSE chart, as calculated for Washington, D.C., you will see that Vesta is the closest celestial body overhead (at the power-point known as the Midheaven) and is in opposition to Neptune (an outer planet that has a negative manifestation associated with confusion and chaos, often on a mass scale).

I have written for decades about many of Vesta’s archetypes – including home and hearth, safety and security, insurance rates and coverage, investments, sisterhoods and fellowships, plus organizations connected to secrecy like the CIA, FBI, NSA as well as ancient temple magic and occult groups. So, you need to think here about cyber-security, too, not just because of the apparent Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, but what hackers and terrorists, nationally and from foreign countries and organizations, might want to inflict on the American continent and to our people, natural-resource centers, landmarks, power stations, waterways, hospitals, downtown areas, and the list goes on. Therefore, the prominence of Vesta at the four-year start of the Trump-Pence administration, and the TSE as calculated for our nation’s capital is worrisome and not something to be ignored.

You can also view a map of the continental USA where the rising-setting, above-below lines of the celestial bodies are located. Thus, not only will America be catapulted into great uncertainty along the line of totality and in the nearby areas, but most of our states will receive impacts due to various solar, lunar, planetary or asteroid lines of energy intersecting those locations. Hawaii – which entered the Union on August 21, 1959 – does receive a tangential influence from this TSE because it occurs on the same date and Sun placement for the Aloha State. A Ceres-Pluto opposition occurs on the day of the TSE, about 8+ hours before, and adds to the potential for widespread turmoil, especially on the partnership front and in terms of parent-child relationships. It is noteworthy that the transiting Jupiter/Pluto midpoint – potentially signifying, if necessary, the mobilization of federal governmental aircraft and anti-riot patrols – is on the Rising

Degree in Washington, D.C. when the TSE is at its greatest influence on the Earth.

Chart Alignments and Sky-Cycle Worries: Without going into all the details, the USA birth chart for July 4, 1776 and President Trump’s birth chart for June 14, 1946 show major transiting difficulties throughout August, during the prominent time-period of the TSE and especially in the several weeks thereafter – extending into the Labor Day weekend and beyond when tens of millions of children, teenagers and young adults are starting their fall educational agendas.

Mercury (so connected to communication, transportation, education, health and business matters) stations to shift into reverse on August 12 in Virgo and will not go direct until September 5. Therefore, the TSE occurs on August 21 when Mercury is retrograde and so many people know that – depending on one’s state of awareness and consciousness – the Messenger of the Gods planet in reverse may equate with a wide variety of headaches, problems and crises. Meanwhile, the day before the TSE, the Moon makes its monthly rendezvous with the red planet Mars (heightening the intensity of the TSE on the following day) and, during the four days after August 21, the planet Saturn is slowing down its retrograde motion until it stations to go direct on Friday August 25.

Nevertheless, if you look at an actual ephemeris that shows the day-to-day motion of the Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, the 4 main asteroids, and Lunar Nodes, you will quickly see that Saturn is virtually motionless at the TSE and during the entire week or so afterwards.

This Saturn station at 22 degrees of Sagittarius will be within 1 minute of arc – which is 1/60 of one degree of the zodiac – away from President Trump’s Moon. He will experience Saturn precisely on his Moon just before and after the TSE, but really for an extended period of time over about two weeks. President Trump has also been experiencing an opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius to his Sun in Gemini since he was inaugurated, and now there will be a colossal culmination of this profoundly distressing Saturnian transiting presence for him in August-September. Note: The fact that President Trump was born at a precise Total Lunar Eclipse and the TSE on August 21 is a Total Solar Eclipse is not an insignificant occurrence, and it could suggest he may not be ready to handle the national/international alarm bells constantly ringing during August-September and possibly extending for many months thereafter.

The USA birth chart for July 4, 1776 and President Trump’s birth chart are not only being hit by strong Saturn (this planet is opposing the USA Mars, exactly on August 10 and September 9, and squaring the USA Neptune from mid-July through early-October), but transiting Vesta is intensifying its influence on several celestial bodies in both charts. This adds to the concern that various safety-security challenges could occur throughout the country. [America is also experiencing a rare square from Uranus in Aries to its natal Pluto in Capricorn – starting June 14 and returning on September 22. This is an upheaval and deep-distress type aspect, and it will come around again next year in April. Twice in 2016 and continuing into April 2017, Uranus made rare squares to America’s natal Mercury in Cancer. This highly-disturbing 90-degree connection may have related strongly to last year’s topsy-turvy election forecasting as well as the cyber-security threats appearing to come from foreign-based hackers.]

An Even Greater Worry: Astrologers have studied eclipses for thousands of years – going back to observations by the astronomer-astrologers of ancient Babylonia and Chaldea in the Middle East during the time-period of 800 B.C. While they didn’t have the technical know-how and modern scientific instruments we have today, one of the greatest concerns of these sky watchers was when the red planet Mars would eventually unite with the eclipse degree. Since Mars has a cycle through the zodiac of approximately 2 years, the transit of this planet over the eclipse location might take up to 24 months to occur. However, with the TSE on August 21, we will only have to wait 13 days until September 3 when Mars “ignites” the TSE zodiacal placement at 29 degrees of Leo.

The word “ignite” is important because while Mars does have many favorable characteristics – such as honor, strength, courage, personal will, idealism, athletic prowess, leadership skills, pioneering, agricultural work of seed-planting, passion-desire expressed without violence, military might utilized for protection rather than destruction – it is also deeply associated with anger, rash and reckless behavior, egocentric attitudes, fevers, inflammation, zeal-fanaticism, fires, bloodshed, warfare and anything of an acute nature.

What may be one of the rarest additional planetary connections to a TSE ever is that retrograding Mercury reaches the TSE degree on September 2 and continues to stay at this degree for at least the next 6 days. This includes a Mercury retrograde conjunction with Mars at 28+ Leo on September 3 within 10 minutes of arc (1/6 of one degree of the zodiac) of the TSE placement. Realize, too, that since Mercury won’t go retrograde again until December 2, 2017, the Mercury placement on the TSE degree, as well as the Mars passage on this same degree, will remain influential for around three months, not just for a brief time in September.

By the way, December 2 – when Mercury makes its last station and shift retrograde of 2017 – is the anniversary of the day in 1942 when the First Nuclear Chain Reaction occurred in Chicago, Illinois, and I have researched this event and entire development of atomic-nuclear energy as related to profound astrological alignments since 1982. [See my special research and focus on Nuclear Energy and Astrology on this website.]

The chart for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction – which I see as the birthing point of everything nuclear-atomic, including the increasing concerns about a nuclear exchange between nations and a ratcheting-up of nuclear rhetoric and fears – is being strongly “tested” by stressful aspects happening at the TSE* and with the Vesta, Mercury and Saturn movements and zodiacal placements just before, at and after the TSE. *The TSE eclipse degree (28+ Leo) is right on the fate-destiny oriented Lunar North Node in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction birth chart from December 2, 1942– and Chiron (the wounded healer cometary-body associated with physical and psychological pain, Rainbow Bridges, soul-personality alignment, catalysts, mavericks, ETs, shamans-mentors, mental telepathy, déjà vu, UFOs and the Space-Time Continuum) in that chart is also right where the TSE will occur.

Another birth chart being strongly affected by the upcoming TSE is the horoscope for the Discovery of Pluto on February 18, 1930. Not only is transiting Pluto this year and in 2018 at 18 degrees of Capricorn – making its first ever opposition to its discovery placement at 18 degrees of Cancer – but the TSE at 29 degrees of Leo is almost exactly opposing the Sun at 30 degrees of Aquarius at the time Pluto was first discovered on photographic plates by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in Flagstaff, Arizona.

It is also very unsettling to know that the birth chart for North Korea (September 10, 1948 according to The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion) reveals that country’s natal Saturn at 28+ Leo – within 1 minute of arc (1/60 of one degree of the zodiac) of the TSE degree placement. Will this simply mean fears (a shadow side of Saturn) are increasing this August-September concerning North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and its ability to wreak havoc militarily connected to our tens of thousands of American troops stationed along the DMZ between North and South Korea, as well as any possible missile tests worrying South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and that part of Asia – as well as our growing fear that they could develop a long-range missile soon that is capable of striking the continental USA. After all, the pathway of totality for this TSE starts in the Pacific Ocean – a not-so-subtle “warning” to America that a “Total Shadowing of Fear” is coming to our land-mass via the form of this TSE and its supposed magnificence.

In other words is the arrival of this first TSE to go across the entire continental USA in 99 years a fantastic astronomical event that will capture the imagination of our nation or is it more of a dire psychic-spiritual warning for us to be prepared for upcoming internal and external violence, upheavals and disasters that could befall us from the heavens and from invisible, nefarious forces hoping to “terrorize” our way of life, the freedoms and supposed democratic principles that underlie the foundations of the American Republic? [Note: The next major TSE to strike America occurs on April 8, 2024 – coming up from Mexico, through Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont,

New Hampshire, Maine, and eastern Canada.]

The Saros Cycles: Each eclipse is part of series of eclipses that start at either the North or South Pole and traverse the Earth over an approximate time-period of 1300 years. The astrological influences are explained in a professional and crystal-clear manner by my time-twin – Bernadette Brady of Australia – who discussed all of this in her terrific book The Eagle and the Lark: A Textbook of Predictive Astrology. This TSE belongs to Saros Series 1 North and to the first eclipse in the cycle that began on January 4, 1639. Especially notable to me is that back in January 1639, Mercury was located at 18 degrees of Capricorn (where Pluto is currently placed this summer) and Uranus – still undiscovered until 1781 – was located at 28 degrees of Libra (where Uranus is exactly opposite at 28 degrees of Aries this summer). Pluto now at the TSE on Mercury from January 4, 1639 (a deeply transformational, death-rebirth type cycle that only occurs every 247 years) and Uranus now at the TSE in opposition to Uranus from January 4, 1639 (often an indicator of shocks and surprises, creating anxiety and stress) could signify that this August 21 TSE does not have a very friendly and calm link back to the astrological energy-field of this particular Saros Series.

Bernadette Brady puts forth the idea that the first chart of the eclipse series carries a dynamic energy-field that can influence all future eclipses in the series. It is notable to me that other eclipses in this series occurred in 1927 (when Charles Lindbergh made the first solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, from NY to Paris), 1945 (when FDR died, World War II ended, and the first atomic bombs were detonated), 1963 (when the Total Solar Eclipse that summer united with President Kennedy’s natal Saturn, and psychic Jeanne Dixon saw the American Flag at half-mast over The White House and she tried to warn the president of an ominous future event, and which was the year of President Kennedy’s horrific assassination in Dallas on that infamous November 22), 1981 (when President Reagan nearly died from an assassination in March and President Anwar Sadat of Egypt was assassinated in October), and 1999 (when the year ended with greatly exacerbated fears over Y2K and the possibility that computers and high-tech devices would fail, leading to massive catastrophes around the world and affecting our infrastructure, communications, transportation systems, banking industry, and people’s home-work computers and mobile devices).

Thinking along Favorable Lines: Despite my concerns now expressed in the above paragraphs about the August 21 TSE and its aftermath into September, and also due because transiting Saturn in late-Sagittarius is returning to where it was in 1929 during the Great Stock Market Crash (the last of three cycles this year to occur during the time-period of Thanksgiving) and that Saturn will conjunct the Sun at 1 degree Capricorn as the Winter Solstice takes hold for a three-month influence on December 21, 2017 (a very rare alignment that could indicate the Northern Hemisphere is in for one of the coldest and difficult winters in many decades), let me end this article on a positive note.

The Tibetan Master D.K, inspiring Alice A. Bailey writing in Esoteric Astrology, a book published in 1951, discussed the fact that the first-magnitude star Regulus (the so-called “Little King” of the constellation of Leo and close to the TSE eclipse degree) is deeply associated with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. The star Sirius and its solar system are said to be one of the greatest sources of Love-Wisdom directing our Earth’s Hierarchy of enlightened Masters. On page 300 of Esoteric Astrology, Alice Bailey writes “The influence of Sirius, three in number, are focused in Regulus, which is, as you know, a star of the first magnitude and which is frequently called ‘the heart of the Lion’.”

The reason Regulus is all-important is that it has been located in our zodiac in the last 100+ years around the 30th degree of Leo (very close to the TSE placement) even as it moves forward ever so slightly into 0+ degrees of Virgo due to the so-called Precession of the Equinox – that Earth-Sun interaction that is forcing star-groups’ apparent heavenly placements to move forward in our modern zodiac of signs. In addition, Regulus is very close to the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun’s motion through the zodiac) whereas Sirius is about 40 degrees south of the ecliptic. And closeness to the ecliptic means that Regulus – one of the four main stars pointing in the four compass directions to our ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Babylonia, Greece, China, India and other cultures that all watched the starry heavens – is able to “channel” high-level divine and cosmic energies from Sirius to the Earth after being “stepped-down” by our Sun.

In another section of Esoteric Astrology, it is given out that in the distant future the Full Moon every year in August (with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius) will become a spiritual attunement to the enlightening energies coming from Sirius – attempting to guide Humanity to its higher evolution and to become a much more sensitive caregiver to the three kingdoms (animal, plant and mineral) that require our stewardship to reach their fulfillment.

For those lucky people who don’t have to brave clogged roadways to experience the TSE – because they actually live in the path of totality and can view the TSE at home carefully – you may be living in state capitals such as Salem, OR*, Lincoln, NE, Jefferson City, MO, Nashville, TN or Columbia, SC. [*In the state chart for Oregon – entering the Union on February 14, 1859 – the TSE is directly striking the fate-destiny oriented South Node of the Moon in late-Aquarius and squaring Oregon’s Uranus in late-Taurus. Ouch! Oregon’s natal Moon at 18 degrees of Cancer is being opposed during the TSE by Pluto at 18 degrees of Capricorn. As the first state receiving totality on the West Coast and being sandwiched between the much-larger populations of California and Washington, Oregon’s highways are about to be swarming with out-of-state license plates.]

I find it interesting from both an historical perspective and in terms of activation of key power-points within the American landscape that these places will become irradiated with the solar-lunar-earth line-up at the TSE – Jackson Hole, WY (a beautiful area where many billionaires congregate for economic policy symposiums every year), Leavenworth, KS (the place of one of America’s most significant prisons and where Fort Leavenworth is located, home to the U.S. Army Command), Fulton, MO (where Winston Churchill gave his famous 1946 speech with these lines: “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent…” while President Harry Truman was with him at Westminster College), Hopkinsville, KY (the birthplace of Edgar Cayce and close to where Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, was born), and Charleston, SC (where the first shots were fired starting the Civil War at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861).

Hopefully, many of the concerns and dangers raised in this feature will be neutralized by an alert public, and people spreading the word to be ambassadors of Goodwill during the weeks preceding and following the August 21 TSE. May the guardian angels and divine teachers who protect the states directly affected by the path of totality guide all of us to a late-summer and fall that is filled with stories of kindness, understanding, and compassion.

P.S. Sunday June 25: Upon awakening this morning, just a day after writing the above feature, I saw the Sunday edition of The Register Guard – with a major front-page headline reading “Eclipse Apocalypse.” Like their big story from June 3, there are now increased warnings to the public in Oregon of the potential eclipse nightmare about to happen regarding our highways, scenic areas, small towns, hotels, campsites, grocery stores, gas stations, airports, drastic temporary surge of population, etc. For example, it is mentioned that the small town of Madras in the more desert-terrain of Eastern Oregon – only having a local population of 6000+ residents – may see the arrival of 100,000+ travelers in and around the TSE. Plus, their small airport will be receiving dozens of private and chartered aircraft beyond the normal number of planes already positioned there. Now extend this entire scary scenario to all the states, small towns and large cities in the path of totality on August 21 to truly understand the scope of this looming catastrophe.

The Astronomy issue for August is out and fabulous – with a plethora of geo-cosmic information, data, location details and comprehensive maps regarding the TSE on August 21. To consider subscribing to this terrific magazine, call their toll-free subscription and sales telephone line 1-800-533-6644.

Update Sunday July 16: An important story on Bloomberg today is entitled "A Solar Eclipse Could Wipe Out 9,000 Megawatts of Power Supplies" -- referring to the TSE of August 21, 2017 as well as the rest of the continental USA experiencing the dimming effects of the partial aspects of this Sun-Moon-Earth line-up. The article is a warning about the "solar farms and rooftop panels" where the "power generation to supply about 7 million homes" could be wiped out. There are additional warnings concerning states such as California, Texas, North Carolina and New Jersey -- due to how much solar energy is utilized in those areas. In addition, concerns are raised about spikes and fluctuations in "wholesale power prices." This is a reminder that various financial markets in the USA will be trading while the TSE is happening and there needs to be some kind of anticipation by the leaders, managers and staff at these markets in case buyers, sellers, and computerized-trading become highly suspect and abnormal.

Tuesday July 18:
Another national chart that will be impacted by the TSE is that for Israel (born May 14, 1948) as the TSE zodiacal placement of 29 Leo is on Israel's Mars. Even though the Path of Totality is nowhere near Israel, this country's energy-field can be deeply influenced, and Mars is often a volatile, violent and inflammatory cosmic influence. Be aware that -- as mentioned earlier in this feature -- North Korea's Saturn = Israel's Mars, and both nations are directly affected by the August 21 Sun-Moon-Earth line-up.

Important Update August 25:
In this article -- written in late June -- I pointed out very clearly that because Saturn would be virtually stationary during the entire week of the TSE, this potency of Saturn would be a vital part of a potential "disaster scenario" facing America. Now that Hurricane Harvey is about to hit the coasts of Texas and Louisiana as a class 3 devastating storm (including possible tornadoes, 100+ mile-per-hour wind gusts, massive flooding and rainfall), you will understand why I was so concerned about the shadow side of Saturn. Weather forecasters are also anticipating that the storm will stall (a theme also associated with Saturn when negative) and this stalling action will dump dozens of inches of rain over much of this region. Two more crucial ideas -- Juno is also stationary at this time and while this asteroid, when helpful, can energize peace, harmony, and empowerment in primary partnerships, it is also an atmospheric-related asteroid that, when negative, can result in scary environmental disturbances such as hurricanes, floods, and catastrophic downpours. In addition, if you take another brief look at the map in this feature showing the next Total Solar Eclipse that happens in April 2024, that path of totality comes up through Mexico and runs through Texas. Therefore, Hurricane Harvey -- striking at the end of this TSE week -- may be reminding all of us of the tie between one gigantically influential eclipse and the next one arriving in just 6+ years.

Copyright 2017 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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