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News > Current News  > ABCs of Trump's Victory & Inauguration

ABCs of Trump's Victory & Inauguration

By: by Mark Lerner
ABCs of Trump's Victory & Inauguration | Current News

Note: The first part of this feature was written the day after Donald Trump won the Election and key sections of it came from an email I sent to a long-term Republican friend. The latter part composed today (January 19, 2017) includes a brief mention of the Inauguration Chart for Noon EST on January 20, 2017. This Inauguration Chart has already been discussed by me many times during the last year within articles in EAN and on Coast to Coast AM radio. At the end of this story, you will see the birth charts for Donald Trump (with an exact birth time) and for Mike Pence (birth time unknown). In the near future, I will discuss how the Inauguration Chart and the new president's birth chart work together -- or not -- and how both of them will influence America and the world over the next 4 years. 

As far as my originally getting the Trump victory correct a long time ago, I did write concerning a potential Hillary Clinton win in the Electoral College unless there was an “Act of God,” well that was Trump!

Mythologically, from his first emergence coming down an “escalator” from a high “Tower” and constantly flying around the heavens in his Own Private Trump Jet, he has been the most exact representation – warts and all – of the ancient King of the Gods, the Roman Jupiter.

His being born at a Total Lunar Eclipse – and all of that combination of what I wrote about him as an “Enlightener-and-Frightener” – plus his being born within 3 hours of a Jupiter station has come to pass because he is more a “Force of Nature” than certainly a politician.

And the waves from the extreme left (Bernie) and the waves from the extreme right (Trump) were the early-warning-signals that the nation’s political way of doing things was nearing an end.

Hillary’s morning birth time – still not verified officially – is now, in my mind, an absolute – the morning time, as her mother said, although Hillary had apparently told one of my writers (for Welcome to Planet Earth magazine) 25 years ago that she was born at night.

Knowing for sure Hillary is born around 8:02am instead of 8:02pm fits her rise and her fall very neatly.

At any rate, one thing I had been feeling for quite a while even though I didn’t exactly write it that way was that Trump and Bernie were both larger-than-life and certainly highly-unexpected “vehicles” for the revolution that has ousted the Business of Politics in Washington, DC as we have always known it. Thus, the Cosmic Handwriting was on the Wall, and now a very startled nation’s capital is beginning to realize it.

4 years ago Mitt Romney said that Russia was our greatest enemy, and he was dismissed as a loon by the left. Then and over the past 4 years it has seemed as though he was “right.” But what was forgotten in all this anti-Russia sentiment was the need for interpersonal contact between the world leaders as those world leaders are currently in their positions of power.

For America to somehow work with Russia, China, Japan, Europe as a whole and definitely the Middle East, one needs a kind of Reagan-Gorbachev type breakthrough, and hopefully a Trump-Putin rapport of some kind, and perhaps even more sports emissaries (like former NBA Basketball star Dennis Rodman) to Kim Jong-un of North Korea might ameliorate some of the world’s hot-spots.

America’s natal Moon-Pallas union in Aquarius is low in the USA birth chart, and as you correctly pointed out Trump was nominated with that Aquarius Moon and close to a Full Moon (also on the USA Pluto and he is a Plutocrat, even though a highly unusual one).

Also – transiting Mars last night went into 0+ Aquarius, which will be the Sun on January 20, and Trump is born with a rising Mars and his Gemini Sun on the USA Mars.

We will see if this eventually leads to the USA involved in some kind of “hot war” since George Herbert Walker Bush (also Sun right on the USA Mars) got us into Iraq War #1 over the Saddam Hussein seizing of Kuwait.

I was born in Queens, NY, just like Trump, and I always felt there was a kinship between him and George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as all three were born in the summer of 1946 (Trump in June, Bush in July, and Bill Clinton in August).

I felt that Hillary and Bill so connected to Pallas at birth and the strength of Pallas now might carry them to victory – unless the Act of God happening (in this case, figuratively AND literally, by Trump), but Trump had Ivanka, who I believe is actually his main Soul-Mate, which I pointed out is his Sun in Scorpio “daughter” (think Pallas here) and I did write and saw that Ivanka was Trump’s feminine pathway to blunt Hillary. In addition, Mike Pence’s Ceres at 17 Scorpio neutralized the Sun’s placement yesterday on Hillary’s Venus.

The whole thing was, is and will be an extraordinary example of how two revolutionary waves – one from the left and the other from the right – BOTH destroyed the political power system as we knew it.

It is great – to me – that the horrible elitist media has been devastated by their lack of understanding, their misplaced belief in polling, and – of course – the horrific corporate-advertising greed behind all their constant programming.

So I am excited to see what will happen and I do see so much of the astrology as vindicated. I also wrote that whoever would “win” would “lose,” and I still feel that to be true.

Trump will be happy not being at The White House all the time, and instead flying around a lot (a la Jupiter running Mount Olympus from ancient Greek mythology), meeting with world leaders more frequently than any other previous president, and he will be very happy to spend lots of time at Mar-a-Lago (originally built as a future “winter retreat” for future U.S. presidents when it was built during the Roaring 20s), and, of course, in Manhattan.

The irony of Hillary trying to “break the figurative and actual glass ceiling” at the Javits Center in Manhattan last night was a clear act of hubris on her part. The irony is that Jacob Javits was a Moderate Republican, trying to be Liberal at times, and Hillary came from Republican roots and attitudes, but her campaign was run from Brooklyn. She felt her victory was so absolute that she wanted to out-Trump Trump in his own bastion of power (Manhattan) and for this observer, originally from Queens, like Trump, these kinds of acts and behavior patterns – within the boroughs of NYC – are very noticeable, even if the nation and world doesn’t see them.

Trump personally is not nearly as extremely conservative as he sometimes sounds via his words, and I believe his being born, like you, at a Full Moon (in his case a Total Lunar Eclipse) will allow him to do some fairly moderate and even “liberal sounding” realities – like finding ways to take money away from nation-building around the world and rebuild America’s falling-apart infrastructure. [Several of Bernie’s goals and plans – despite his Marxist-Socialist beliefs— were and are also Trump’s goals and plans.]

So there is my response for now, even though there are dozens of astrological cycles that were crucial in the shocking rise of Trump and there will be extraordinary tests awaiting this next administration due to the major alignments arriving soon regarding the movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – as well as all the other quite significant celestial bodies in our solar system.

Many Blessings always, Mark

Update on January 19, 2017: With the Inauguration now less than 24 hours away, I have included charts for the Inauguration, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence. I will have a lot more to say about where America is headed over the next 4 years based on these charts in the near future. For the time-being, all affirmations for the safety, security and forward advance of our nation are welcome and recommended. Sending out positive thoughts, prayers and Goodwill to the people of our country and to humanity far and wide will help us evolve. No matter what our personal political views may be, how we think and what we do around the time of the Inauguration will set in motion various, profound spiritual waves that will have major repercussions on all levels of our consciousness and being as a species traveling aboard Spaceship Earth and in the Solar System.

Copyright 2016 and 2017 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Inauguration 2017
Donald Trump
Mike Pence

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