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News > Current News  > ABCs of the Orlando Mass Shooting: Updated

ABCs of the Orlando Mass Shooting: Updated

By: by Mark Lerner
ABCs of the Orlando Mass Shooting: Updated | Current News

Dateline: Sunday June 12, 2016 and Updated -- The Orlando Mass Shooting early today with an approaching First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase and Neptune station in Pisces claims 49 lives and 53 injured in worst terrorist, hate-crime shooting in American history. Here are the main astrological factors at this time.

One night after the senseless and shocking shooting death in Orlando, Florida of The Voice singer Christina Grimmie -- by a crazed 27-year-old individual -- Omar Mateen (born Nov. 16, 1986 and currently experiencing the Saturn Return cycle at age 29+) entered the Pulse nightclub with an AR-15 rifle and handgun, and killed 49 defenseless nightclub attendees, injuring another 53, before police killed him.

Three charts are provided at the end of this feature -- one for the start of the terrorism, another for Florida's entry into the Union, and a third for sunrise on the day Mateen was born in 1986 (using Orlando as the relocated city).

The chart for the beginning of the terrorism is filled with conflicts -- with a focus on hospitals, crisis and death. Neptune -- about to station officially tomorrow in Pisces -- is located in the twelfth house of hidden forces and hospitals while the Moon having separated from large-scale, biggest planet Jupiter in Virgo is about to square the Sun in Gemini, being a crisis-oriented, tension-creating First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase. In addition, the exact Equinox and Solstice degrees -- powerhouses themselves -- are Rising, Setting, Below and Above. And most telling with a horrible slaughter like this, Mars -- the traditional planet of warfare and bloodshed (when the red planet is negative) -- is retrograding in Scorpio and located in the eighth house, traditionally associated with death (when this house is negative). Note: Mars is also the fulcrum of a potentially discordant and provocative Finger of God "Yod Triangle" where Venus in Gemini is approaching a 60-degree sextile to Uranus in Aries, and then both of these celestial bodies are making off-kilter, 150-degree links to Mars.

An agent with the FBI is reporting that they interviewed Mateen at least a couple of times over the last three years, but could not confirm any definite ties to ISIS or Radical Islamic Terrorism. However, he supposedly made a 911 call before the shooting -- aligning himself with the leadership of ISIS, and that will be clearly investigated in the near future. Obviously, the American and International anti-terrorism organizations are going to have to toughen their research in the coming weeks, months and years to prevent lone wolves from carrying out these kinds of mass killings and carnage around the globe.

The chart for Florida's entry into the Union (March 3, 1845) is important as the Sun in Pisces is about to receive the first conjunction from Neptune in the last 164 years. Neptune -- when negative -- has a lot to do with fanatical religious beliefs, misplaced devotion, confusion, chaos, deception, obsessions and delusions, and it is a key planet when mass-collective-communal events are prominent.Jupiter -- often a planet representing Good Fortune, Providence, Faith, Foresight, and the Power of Positive Thinking -- can also signify hubris, pride, and arrogance. Jupiter always represents events and situations that are massive and enormous because it is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is currently transiting Chiron in Florida's chart for the first time in 12 years -- where Chiron equates with wounds and pains (when negative in expression) as well as the healing needed to treat those wounds and pains.

Although no exact birth time is available regarding Omar Mateen (of Afghan descent, born in NY, and residing in Fort Pierce, FL), his month-day-year of birth appeared in a section of Google an hour or so ago. Using a sunrise-type chart, we see a lot of ominous red flags. He is born around the time of a Full Moon -- that can shift a person away from enlightenment and toward lunacy and a split-personality, as we also have Donald Trump running for president, who is born at the time of a Full Moon and Total Solar Eclipse with giant Jupiter stationary as well as Neptune. What makes the Full Moon so challenging at Mateen's birth is that Mars in Aquarius makes a very frictional T-Square triangle with the Sun and Moon, and transiting Mars now is going to eventually station at the end of June right on Mateen's Scorpio Sun and exactly square to his Mars.The natal and current transiting positioning via the often volatile, rash, and ego-driven red planet are by far the major cosmic influences triggering the terror at the Pulse nightclub.

The fact that Venus is in a very close conjunction with Pluto in Scorpio at his birth may help to explain his father's comment to authorities that Mateen recently saw a gay couple kissing and that created a simmering outrage in his son. [Individuals who identify as LGBT go to the Pulse nightclub.] And Mateen having Venus united with Pluto in his natal chart while he was living in a state (Florida) that entered the Union with Venus conjunct Neptune could also signify his very uncomfortable feeling-emotional connection to the psychic environment of Florida.

It is noteworthy that at the June 4 New Moon that began this current solar-lunar 29.5-day cycle, the Sun was in a very close opposition to Saturn with squares to Jupiter and Neptune. Therefore, this New Moon 4+ week cycle has a Mutable Cross (crucifixion type energy-field) composed of the Sun, the two largest planets -- Jupiter and Saturn -- as well as distant Neptune, which -- when expressing itself on a low-level -- can signify fanatical religious acts based on obsessions, confusion, and chaotic misplaced emotions.

This horrific act of terrorism, as well as an alarming rise in other murders and mayhem in the last week or so, seem strongly related to the Mutable Cross at this New Moon and the upcoming (June 17) second of three highly destabilizing and disorienting Saturn-Neptune squares, from Sagittarius to Pisces -- which began on November 26, 2015 and will be complete on September 10, 2016.

Extra Note at 3:40PM PDT on June 12: This is the day every year when the Sun unites with America's Mars at 22 degrees of Gemini in our national chart from July 4, 1776. And the USA Mars is in an eternal struggle -- via a sharp-intense square aspect of 90-degrees -- to our natal Neptune at 22+ degrees of Virgo. In Esoteric Astrology, both Mars and Neptune are said to be "channels" for one of 7 Rays that compose all of Life in our solar system. That Ray is the 6th Ray -- which connects to devotion and idealism, and -- when misused -- religious/spiritual fanaticism. A major evolutionary leap to move Humanity from the rapidly-ending Piscean Age of 2,160 years to the New Age of Aquarius is our need to shift gears from the shadowy realms of religious intolerance, terror and ego-driven wars of the 6th Ray to the rainbow-like 7th Ray of Order, Synthesis. Synchronicity, and Intuitive Thinking.

Update on Wednesday June 15: The Christina Grimmie Murder, the Mass Shooting of 49 people (and injuries to 53 other individuals) and the 2-year boy being probably killed by an alligator at Disney World have all taken place in Greater Orlando over the last 5 to 6 days. Why? In addition to the paragraph above about the June 4 New Moon, it turns out that at the New Moon transiting Mars in Scorpio was exactly -- to the minute of arc -- squaring Florida's natal Mercury from March 3, 1845. This is putting Florida at the center of America's media attention right now in a terrifying light. And during this last 5 to 6 days, transiting Mars retrograding at 25 Scorpio has exactly squared Florida's natal and very powerful Venus-Neptune conjunction at 25 Aquarius. Christina Grimmie was born on March 12, 1994 at a New Moon located at 22 Pisces and, as she was murdered and last weekend turned into an horrific slaughter of innocents at the Purse nightclub, a First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase -- containing a lot of psychic tensions across the board -- occurred at 22 Gemini and 22 Virgo, triggering her birth chart in a very negative manner as well as setting off America's very troubling Mars-Neptune square from 22 Gemini to 23 Virgo. In addition, Christina Grimmie was born with the Fateful Lunar North Node conjunct Pluto in late-Scorpio, right where transiting Mars was located at the Gemini New Moon of June 4 and when she was tragically murdered by a crazed 27-year-old from another town in Florida. State charts matter and all of us need to understand our cosmic-astrological connections to the Daily Cosmic Kalendar cycles, the chart of our nation, and the state chart in which we live.

More to come when other information is revealed.

Copyright 2016 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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