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My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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Biorhythms: Six-Month Report

  • $19.99
  • Biohrythms

    Biorhythms have been studied since the late 1890s -- although the ancient Greeks were tuning into heart beats, pulse rates, breathing cycles, and other biological, solar, lunar, and cosmic cycles several thousand years ago. While many scientists label Biorhythms as inaccurate or not-substantiated by any rigorous testing methods, the 23-day physical, 28-day emotional, and 33-day intellectual cycles and waves that apparently begin on the day of your first breath in life are followed by millions of believers around the world. Now you can order a .pdf report for six-months, sent to you as email attachment, on your Biorhythms (starting on the first day of a calendar month of your choice). Plus, you should check out at least one of the complimentary sample reports provided below to read the Introduction, How to Use the Report, and to see the interpretations as well as to view the typical Biorhythm monthly chart/graph.Special Price of $19.99 per report for a Limited Time during the U.S. presidential election time-period.

    To view sample reports, click the following: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump.

Biorhythms: Six-Month Report | Astrology Reports
Biorhythms: Six-Month Report | Astrology Reports
Biorhythms: Six-Month Report | Astrology Reports
Biorhythms: Six-Month Report | Astrology Reports

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