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News > Current News  > 2016 Election Special Updated: EAN Tracking Poll

2016 Election Special Updated: EAN Tracking Poll

By: by Mark Lerner
2016 Election Special Updated: EAN Tracking Poll | Current News

Dateline: Wednesday March 2, 2016  & Updated March 3, 5 & 15, April 19 & 27, June 3 & 8, July 5 & 27, Sept. 27, Oct. 18 - 20  & Oct. 27, Oct. 28, Nov. 5, Nov 7 & Nov. 8: One day after Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses, I am starting a weekly tracking poll that will be more of an ongoing blog of astrological ideas about the national presidential campaign -- not only about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but the other candidates, too.

For example, when Hillary Clinton barely won the Iowa Caucuses on February 1 over Bernie Sanders, the transiting Moon was moving through Scorpio -- her Sun-sign. And when she won handily in South Carolina on February 27 over Bernie Sanders, the Moon was back in Scorpio. As Donald Trump won 7 of the 11 primaries and caucuses yesterday on March 1, the Moon was moving through Sagittarius -- his natal Moon sign and where the USA Secondary Progressed has just entered for the next 2+ years.

On the morning of Tuesday March 15 when the Republican Florida primary is held, the Moon will be leaving Gemini for Cancer, and Senator Marco Rubio -- who desperately needs to win that primary and who is now behind Donald Trump in the state's polling -- is a Sun-sign Gemini. Will the two days before the Florida primary, when the Moon energizes Sen. Rubio's Sun-sign, give him a boost in his home state? His problem is that Donald Trump is also a Sun-sign Gemini and lives in Florida part-time. 

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump 2016

Two charts are included at this time -- with the Donald Trump birth chart based on his exact time, and with the Hillary Clinton birth chart a speculative one for 8:02AM. Note: There have been two different birth times for Hillary Clinton floating around for a couple of decades -- one for 8:02PM and the other for 8:02AM (this latter time more aligned to her mother's recollections).

Other Presidential Candidates 2016

I will have much more to say about these charts and the upcoming transits and progressions in the weeks and months ahead. Also -- check out the other, interactive Featured Story about the candidates which includes charts for Election Night, Inauguration Day, and America's birth chart for July 4, 1776.

Update March 3: I have included charts for Mitt Romney (giving a speech right now in Utah) and Bernie Sanders. The birth time for Mitt Romney (March 12, 1947) is apparently very reliable while the birth time used for Bernie Sanders is somewhat speculative. Mitt Romney may be subtly positioning himself to be chosen at the Republican National Convention this July if no one (including Donald Trump) has enough delegates during the first ballot to win the presidential nomination. For second, third and other ballots at a national convention, the door is wide open for anyone to win the nomination -- even someone who did not gain votes in the primaries and caucuses. In the meantime, the Bernie Sanders chart (September 8, 1941) is presented for many reasons, but at the moment I want to share that he was born with three stationary celestial bodies -- Uranus stationary retrograde on September 5, Mars stationary retrograde on September 6, and Saturn stationary retrograde on September 10. To be born around the time of three planetary bodies motionless is very rare and, for Senator Sanders, this provides extra power in his life via Uranus, Mars, and Saturn. More to come on all the candidates...Stay tuned to this online channel of higher inspiration in the weeks and months to come.

Important Update on Saturday March 5: I am adding charts for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – with the Ted Cruz time speculative and with the Marco Rubio time for sunrise (as no birth time has been listed in the media yet for him).

I will get right to the heart of the subject now. As I look at the various birth configurations of the candidates, the Election Night chart, the Inauguration Day chart, the USA chart, and various upcoming cycles (via transits and progressions), I believe the following makes the most sense (at the moment):

Donald Trump has the strongest connection of everyone running relative to the USA birth chart for July 4, 1776. This is one reason why he has been very successful in his life, and why he has great popularity – whether you personally like him or not – around the nation as a whole. But here is the key – he was not only born on the day of an either illuminating or lunacy-producing Full Moon, but that Full Moon was heightened by (a) there being a Total Lunar Eclipse, and (b) Jupiter in the sky turning stationary direct within about 3 hours of his birth.

The “Donald” is in this campaign more as an “enlightener” of the unsettled nature of America than because he must be our next president. However, because the country has become so split-personality oriented, Trump – as a Sun-sign Gemini (the Twins of potential duality and polarity) – also carries the right kind of divisive vibration and he also expresses himself in very contrarian-contradictory ways every day and in almost every speech.

Now I believe that the 45-year-old Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who the Republican Party establishment has detested for many years because he is really a “Tea-Partier” out to revolutionize and/or destroy the traditional side of Republicanism, has been running not so much to actually become president right now, but to gain the national name-recognition needed for him to truly become president in 4 or 8 years – when he will still be very young presidentially.

To me, it seems that the 45-year-old Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is actually very anxious to be president now – hence his going for the nomination despite the fact that former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio’s mentor, told him that he was running for president, and then Senator Rubio defied his mentor. The great number of Republican Party officials coming in to support Marco Rubio does not appear to be saving him, and if Senator Rubio loses the primary in Florida to Donald Trump on March 15, this will leave Ted Cruz as the only viable alternative to Donald Trump. [By the way, I just read that Senator Cruz is opening an additional 10 centers in Florida to gain more votes on March 15 for himself. Why? He wants Marco Rubio to lose his home state to Donald Trump – forcing Marco Rubio out of the race. After all, Senator Cruz just won his own home state of Texas as well as Oklahoma and Alaska, and has 4 wins in primaries and caucuses while Senator Rubio only has a caucus win in Minnesota.]

Okay…so get this. On Election Day, the Sun will have just been making its annual union with Hillary Clinton’s Venus in Scorpio – a very auspicious alignment. But Senator Cruz has the same Venus in Scorpio! Hillary Clinton has a natal Venus in conflict with Mars and Pluto in Leo, and Ted Cruz has his Venus directly opposite a Juno-Saturn conjunction in Taurus. Therefore, both of their natal Venus placements are challenging, but the yearly solar passage over a person’s Venus is still a big deal and, potentially, very fortuitous. [Note: One reason Ronald Reagan won the presidency twice is that during the time of each November election in 1980 and 1984, the transiting Sun was moving near or on his natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Since Donald Trump has no natal Scorpio planets, he needs a running mate who has a good amount of Scorpio energy, and Senator Cruz has three celestial bodies in Scorpio, including Mars – where the Moon will be exactly positioned on Inauguration Day 2017.]

Thus, if Donald Trump were – from a politically-savvy and perhaps intuitively-dynamic perspective – to choose Ted Cruz as a running mate, then on Election Day, a Trump-Cruz ticket could have more national strength to possibly defeat Hillary Clinton, no matter who she runs with on her ticket and especially if Bernie Sanders is not on her ticket, thereby disenfranchising millions of Bernie Sanders supporters. On Inauguration Day, Venus in Pisces will be trine the natal Venus placements for both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, but the transiting Moon at 10 degrees of Scorpio will be exactly on top of Ted Cruz’s Mars.

It is for the above reasons, that – for the moment and barring giant changes in the months ahead – it makes sense that Trump would be well-advised to pick Cruz as his running mate to be a more effective nominee for president this fall and to counter the very-strong Scorpio placements that Hillary Clinton has going for her at birth. It is also noteworthy to consider the following: Donald Trump is born with a powerful Uranus -- as it is conjunct his Sun. Ted Cruz also has a powerful Uranus -- as it conjuncts his Moon. On Election Night, at approximately 9PM EST, the usual time when the national election for president is "called" as a victory for one party, Uranus is the most elevated planet. Uranus represents outsiders, iconoclasts, eccentrics, radical-change agents, revolutionaries and usurpers of traditional power as well as anarchist-type, strong individuals who are going against the established order. While Hillary Clinton would represent the radical shift of a first female president, she is now signifying (a) the continuation of Obama-type principles, and (b) reinforcing the 8 years when she and President Bill Clinton were already residents of The White House. On Inauguration Day, Juno and Saturn are united within two degrees and the only candidate running who has that celestial signature is Ted Cruz.

[Note: Bernie Sanders has a strong Uranus, as it one of three stationary bodies, along with Mars and Saturn, that dominate his birth chart. And therefore if the Democrats were to forge together a Clinton-Sanders ticket, despite their differences, it could unite the Democrats and give them a lot of dynamism to defeat a Trump-Cruz ticket. And even though it might seem unlikely at this point that Trump would choose Cruz and Clinton would choose Sanders as running mates -- because of their very different views on so many subjects and national themes -- remember that John Kennedy chose Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan chose George Herbert Walker Bush to be vice-presidential running-mates, and both Johnson and Bush had vociferously fought against Kennedy and Reagan in their respective campaigns of 1960 and 1980. Sometimes a political party has to unify its forces in order to have a better chance to defeat the opposition.]

I have my own personal likes and dislikes regarding all of these candidates, but right now I want this story to be have a reasonably objective viewpoint, and particularly via utilization of the important astrological tools we have available. [My suggestion in the companion Featured Story on our website that the Republicans would have been wise to have chosen John Kasich of Ohio and Marco Rubio of Florida was totally logical for the Republicans to win back Ohio and Florida from the Democrats.

However, the contentious nature of this campaign has brought in the two extreme outsiders -- Trump and Cruz -- who, by the way, are both connected strongly to shadowy, distant and outermost-planetary Plutonic archetypes, and it was in the summer of last year, right around the time that plutocrat-billionaire Donald Trump entered the presidential race, that we saw close-up photographs for the first time of a surprisingly, geologically-active Pluto, taken by the New Horizons spacecraft. And this year and continuing into 2017, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is making its first-ever opposition (illuminating polarity) to its discovery placement in Cancer from February 18, 1930. Pluto is the only one of the three outer planets to have been discovered in the USA (in Flagstaff, Arizona). Therefore, this year's presidential race is totally in synch with Cosmic Cycles and the re-emerging importance of Pluto --  which will also make its first return to its placement in America's birth chart in 2022 - 2023. [Pluto and its main, largest moon Charon are pictured in this paragraph to reveal their respective sizes in comparison to the continental USA.]

Update on Tuesday March 15: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are headed for big nights and several wins each, although in the early percentages, it looks like Gov. John Kasich will gain a victory in his home state of Ohio (where he would gain all the delegates) -- while Senator Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign after losing badly in his home state to Donald Trump (gaining all of Florida's 99 Republican delegates).
Bernie Sanders had gained momentum last week via an upset win over Hillary Clinton in Michigan, but tonight his only prospects appear to be in Illinois and Missouri -- for outright wins while he will still pick up delegates and will continue his presidential campaign anyway because of his ability to raise money around the nation as well as the states having primaries and caucuses down the road may be more favorable to him than Hillary Clinton.

Update on Tuesday April 19: Following a string of victories by Bernie Sanders in various caucuses and primaries during the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton won tonight's New York Democrat Primary by about a 16% margin while Donald Trump bested his two opponents, John Kasich and Ted Cruz, by hefty margins. For the time being, it looks as though Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will still be their party nominees -- unless forces beyond "normal controls" intervene. Now it is on to more primaries in the Northeast next week.

Update on Wednesday April 27: After Clinton wins 4 of 5 states on Tuesday April 26, she begins increasing her probable march to being the Democratic nominee for president at July's Philadelphia convention -- although Bernie Sanders will fight on in his revolutionary socialist agenda (popular with large numbers of young people in particular), and he still has a slim chance to overtake her, if he can also persuade so-called Super Delegates to shift over to him at the convention. In the meantime, after winning all 5 states in the northeast yesterday, Donald Trump keeps moving closer to getting a potential majority of the Republican delegates for their Cleveland convention in July, happening one week before the Democrats. However, in a desperate move and following a two-day Cruz-Kasich Stop Trump alliance, Ted Cruz is today naming Carly Fiorina (born Sept. 6, 1954) as his choice for a VP nominee were he to win the Republican nomination. Since she ran Hewlett-Packard (headquartered in California) for many years, Ted Cruz is hoping a female running mate, with business experience, an outsider to politics and familiar to Californians might help him stop Trump's victory parade in that crucial voting state on June 7. We'll see whether Republicans and Independents voting in the weeks to come stay with Trump or switch over to a questionable Cruz-Fiorina ticket.

Update on Friday June 3: The Republican Primary is "decided" with Donald Trump the apparent winner, and the rest of the excitement for that party having to do with who will be his running mate, and what crazy shenanigans (and/or protests) will occur during their convention in Cleveland starting the week of July 18 -- which includes a Full Moon on July 19 right on the USA Pluto placement at 28 Capricorn. Meanwhile, while it looks pretty much for sure that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democrats -- who meet in Philadelphia the following week -- the upcoming California primary still looks contentious between her and ever-animated and driven rival Bernie Sanders. When the Democrats meet starting on July 25, there will be a somewhat crisis-oriented Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (July 26) and their week ends on July 29 when the revolutionary, eccentric planet Uranus makes a station in Aries close to exactly squaring the USA Mercury at 25 Cancer. Prepare for a very "revolting" July!

Update on Wednesday June 8: Even though Bernie Sanders was able to win the North Dakota caucus and Montana primary, and come close in New Mexico and South Dakota, Hillary Clinton won convincing victories in the New Jersey and California primaries yesterday. Now the Democrats need to figure out how to unite at their convention and for the fall presidential campaign. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's recent critical and inflammatory comments about a judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit threw the Republican stalwarts into damage control while his anticipated wins in yesterday's voting provided all the delegates he needs for the Cleveland convention to be some kind of Trumpian experience starting on July 18.

Tuesday July 5: With national polls still showing a Clinton-Trump race within 5 to 10 percentage points, FBI Director James Comey declared today (with the Sun in Cancer having just returned to its natal placement for America and in exact square to the USA Saturn in justice-ruling Libra) that while he would not recommend any prosecution or indictment of Hillary Clinton that she and her aides were "extremely careless" in a rather major way in how they handled emails and potentially confidential, national-security, governmental information. Even though no legal indictment is forthcoming, today's words by a widely-respected FBI Director are bound to stir up Hillary Clinton's high unfavorable ratings and aid advertising for both the Republican and Libertarian tickets in the fall. It gives Donald Trump extra support -- as Bernie Sanders has been pointing out in his campaign for over a year -- that the former first lady, two-term senator and Secretary of State has a problem with judgment in many respects. And it doesn't help that one of the closest aspects in her birth chart is Mercury in Scorpio square to Saturn in Leo -- a fixed, power 90-degree connection that, from the negative standpoint, can create a lot of karmic reverberations due to keeping secrets and being too intellectually arrogant.This definitely puts into play the dozen or so "toss-up states" which will decide who becomes the next president.

Wednesday July 27: With Hillary and The Donald the official major party nominees, the race for the presidency moves into its dynamic phase -- particularly this Friday July 29 when the Democratic National Convention has closed and Hillary-Kaine go out campaigning on a day when revolutionary, surprising, shocking, outside-the-box and eccentric Uranus in Aries is motionless, shifting from direct to reverse, while closely square to the USA Mercury in Cancer from July 4, 1776. Be aware that the first scheduled presidential debate is supposed to occur on Monday September 26 -- when the Sun makes its annual union with Jupiter in Libra and underworld-ruler and planet of extremism Pluto pauses to station in Capricorn, going from retrograde to direct.

Tuesday Sept. 27: One day after the first Clinton-Trump debate, most of the news media give the victory to Hillary Clinton, but despite the questions about Donald Trump's unconvincing performance in the second half of the back-and-forth "verbal counter-punching," it remains to be seen if there was anything disastrous that happened. After all, President Obama bounced back strongly in debate #2 versus challenger Mitt Romney four years ago after a first debate loss. Therefore, all three presidential debates this time may be significant -- plus, many of the toss-up states are still very close.

Update Tuesday October 18 & Thursday October 20, 2016: Important NoteMy presidential projections over the decades are totally based on astrological analysis and not on my own political preferences and ideology. This is a preliminary report and will be updated, confirmed or amended by Monday evening November 7 – the night before Election Day. Charts for Election Night, the Inauguration, and the USA are contained at the end of the companion article entitled: A Chance for You to Choose the Next U.S. President.

Barring a serious, unreported illness, natural disaster that prevents the voting from happening on Election Day, short-circuiting of the computer systems tabulating state-by-state winning tallies or Act of God, Hillary Clinton will be elected the next U.S. president on November 8, 2016 with probably over 300 electoral votes.

The main reason she will win – even though she is widely disliked and the American people have many doubts about her judgment – is that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, are both born when the asteroid Pallas is stationary, and Hillary Clinton’s natal Pallas is conjunct America’s Moon-Pallas union in late Aquarius. In addition, when the election is being held, the transiting Moon is moving between Pallas in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces in the sky. And Neptune is the planet that is rising just before the Sun on her day of birth – considered to be a key celestial signature, known as “the planet of oriental appearance” – and Neptune will also be elevated at the time when the presidential election is likely to be “called” by the major TV networks, between around 8pm and 9pm EST.

Pallas has much to do with knowledge, ideas, genius, problem-solving, strategic thinking and innovation. When President Bill Clinton was inaugurated on January 20, 1993, the Sun was conjunct Pallas – ushering both he and Hillary, Pallas-strong individuals, into The White House. Since the presidential election of November 1992 and the accompanying presidential inauguration of January 1993 both happened 24 years ago – this November of 2016 and January of 2017 – the planet Venus will be returning to where it was back in 1992 & 1993. Venus is the key ruling planet of women in general, being the only truly feminine planet of our solar system. And since the inauguration on January 20, 2017 will be precisely 24 years following the one on January 20, 1993 (or 3 exact Venus Return cycles of 8 years each), Venus at the upcoming presidential inauguration will be exactly (within 1 minute of orb or 1/60 of one degree of the zodiac) where it was at 18 Pisces from 24 years ago.

Also – on this upcoming Election Day, the Sun will be making its annual union with Hillary Clinton’s Venus in Scorpio. And during the first couple of years of the Hillary Clinton administration, the USA Progressed Sun and Progressed Pallas, which have never united in our 240+ year history, will gradually form a precise rendezvous (May 2019 at 15 degrees of Pisces). The Moon’s presence in Scorpio on the day of the inauguration – Hillary Clinton has the Sun in Scorpio, with Chiron, Venus, and Mercury in this sign of the zodiac – is another celestial signal of her becoming the first female president for America.

Having written the above, none of this lessens the major astrological alignments between Donald Trump and the USA birth chart from July 4, 1776. Even his running mate Mike Pence’s birth chart (with some strong Scorpio placements to go with the same Sun-sign, Gemini, as Donald Trump) as well as his daughter Ivanka’s being a Sun-sign Scorpio (and having the same Moon, Sagittarius, as her father) are important astrological and zodiacal factors in keeping him within a few percentage points in many of the so-called “toss-up states,” despite many of the setbacks and disturbing revelations about some of his past behavior. And the fact that America now has a Progressed Sagittarius Moon has also been a subliminal support system helping Donald Trump defeat some 16 other Republican challengers earlier this year. Donald Trump is also nearing a success-oriented and expansive Jupiter Return in Libra – which occurs every 12 years for each individual – but the election happens a few weeks before his Jupiter officially comes back, indicating that he is at the tail end of Jupiter’s old 12-year cycle when Americans are voting in early November.

All of this may contribute to a very uneasy if not foreboding energy-field for America once the election is called on the night of November 8 or the morning of November 9 (with the Moon conjunct Neptune, a planet that on shadowy levels has much to do with confusion, chaos, and disillusionment).

Due to the birth of the Republican Party in 1854, transiting Neptune in Pisces is now – for the first time ever – dangerously crisscrossing over the Sun-Venus retrograde conjunction in that political party’s birth chart. Thus, as a Plutocrat – who declared for the presidency last summer when the New Horizons spacecraft flew past distant, underworld-ruling Pluto, revealing that planet as surprisingly highly-active geologically – and with having revolutionary, shocking, and anarchist-oriented Uranus conjunct his Gemini Sun, Donald Trump has been an enormous wrecking ball destroying what was left of the Republican Party following several years of gradual dissolution by the hands of Tea Party adherents like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who came in second during this year’s Republican primaries and caucuses.

With America’s upcoming Pluto Return in late-Capricorn going to happen in 2022 and with Jupiter and Saturn coming together at 1 degree of Aquarius* in December 2020, just a month before a future presidential inauguration in January 2021 when the Moon is void-of-course, it feels that America is on a razor’s edge path, potentially leading to large-scale social strife internally and increasing inconsistency/frustration relative to international relations.

Using Hillary Clinton’s morning birth time (just past 8AM, based on her mother’s recollection), she has transiting Saturn moving down her birth chart, in what many consider an obscure zone, whereas when she was Senator from New York and Secretary of State, transiting Saturn was elevated in her birth chart and she reached a peak of professional power.

This brings up a serious question about Hillary Clinton’s health and well-being, plus that of her husband, during a second cycle in The White House. [Fortunately, for Hillary, she chose Tim Kaine as her vice-presidential running mate, and the transiting Moon in Pisces will be on his Sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces at the election. He also has transiting Saturn not only moving up his birth chart, but making a return in Sagittarius over the next year or two. He apparently will play a major leadership role in this next administration.]

Meanwhile, the odds are great that Donald Trump will “win” by losing in the presidential race – where he is likely to become a powerful multi-media voice over the next four years gathering tens of millions of Americans as a chorus of nay-sayers to whatever Hillary Clinton is doing as the next president.

*Jupiter and Saturn, as the two largest planets in our solar system, play prominent roles in a wide assortment of human fields of endeavor – especially important in the social, political, economic, educational, multi-media, religious, philosophical, and environmental realms worldwide. We have had Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, approximately every 20 years, in earth signs since 1841 (except for one anomalous series of Libra alignments in 1980-1981). However, once Jupiter and Saturn merge in Aquarius in December 2020, the emphasis on the air element will replace the emphasis on earth that has existed for the last 180 years. The shift from earth to air replaces a materialistic, financial and land-power-corporate energy-field with one much more associated with ideas, communications, and advances in high-technology. The accentuation on air will continue for nearly 200 years – vastly changing the trajectory and evolution of humanity on Spaceship Earth.

What all this adds up to is that the time-period from 2017 to 2021 is more of a conclusion phase to an overly-focused drive toward material-financial accumulation over the past 180 years – where earthly power, added by corruption, manipulation and secrecy, has been the overriding direction of humanity. And, in America, there is likely to be one of the deepest and perhaps foreboding schizophrenic-type political-social-financial shifts in consciousness during the four years ahead – where the alternating, enlightening-and-frightening symbolism of the Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred on the day of Donald Trump’s birth on June 14, 1946 and his stationary, hubris-filled and yet often precognitive Jupiter, the ancient King of the Gods in ancient Rome, may have the last thunderous and scary laugh.

For what few have realized is that this year’s presidential contest has been akin to a medieval morality play where the main two protagonists have been more villain than hero, and only understanding Who or What has been the behind the orchestration of this theatrical drama will give us a vague sense of hope for America’s transformation into a more soul-infused nation in the decades ahead.

Update October 27: Near the start of my last update, I indicated that Hillary Clinton will win the election with over 300 electoral votes -- unless a variety of not-likely scenarios were to occur preventing her election. However, I should have added in that list -- very disturbing revelations about how the Clinton Foundation works. I just posted on Twitter and Facebook this morning, with Venus Rising where I live, the following: "Prez. Election tightens in toss-up states. Hillary supporters must vote. Otherwise: (Orange Angry Looking Emoji) ! as DJT has strong ties to USA chart." Donald Trump has potentially a more fervent base of supporters than does Hillary, although his support is less than Hillary's. But the key to who wins this presidential election is determined by the votes counted in the toss-up states, and if DJT were to almost sweep these states on Nov. 8, we could be looking at a national popular vote "win" for Hillary but a very narrow electoral vote win for Trump. It is still unlikely and most astrological cycles favor Hillary, but not all of them.

Update October 28: FBI Director Comey writes a letter to Congress that there are some new emails the FBI is investigating that could relate to Hillary Clinton and her years as Secretary of State. This is making a lot of breaking news today and could increase Trump votes in the crucial toss-up states. The likelihood is also that both campaigns will now go into a spending frenzy for advertising and pressure-filled, get-out-the-vote efforts during the last 10 days before the election. I always thought the vote would potentially become close by Election Day due to Trump's strong links to the USA birth chart, transiting Jupiter in Libra* approaching its return in his birth chart a few weeks after Nov. 8, as well as the question of whether Hillary Clinton would really receive enough votes from former Bernie Sanders and President Obama supporters. *And as this day ends, Donald Trump goes to Iowa, a key toss-up state, where Hillary Clinton had been earlier today, and talks to a large crowd, with the Moon exactly making its monthly conjunction with his natal, stationary Jupiter...Happy Halloween Weekend, Everyone! Trick or Treat...

Update Saturday Nov. 5: While an advanced Princeton University tracking poll is giving Hillary Clinton an "over 99% chance" of winning the presidential election (based on the state-by-state tally of electoral votes) -- a spokesman for the Princeton team doing this ultra-sophisticated research was on the Lawrence O'Donnell show last night on MSNBC -- the American people are very nervous due to the multi-media reporting a close national race in terms of the popular vote. And with the Moon approaching Neptune in the sky in Pisces on Election Night and then forming an exact union the day after -- exactly on the South Node of the Moon in the sky -- there is an almost 100% likelihood of calls of fraud, recounts and malfeasance in vote-counting by whichever campaign is on the losing end of the tally. Plus, an apparent loss by Donald Trump may not result in an actual concession by him -- even if all the networks indicate that Hillary Clinton has won. Furthermore, there are signals from the now-rapidly disintegrating Republican Party in Congress that they will block almost every national bill she will want to pass and possibly prevent any Supreme Court nominee from being placed on the highest court -- not to mention even being considered. Transiting sky cycles between the Election and Inauguration, and throughout 2017, are very difficult -- revealing a 0% chance that either president, Hillary or The Donald, will have a political honeymoon time-period by the stalemate in Congress and the great divide affecting the nation.

Update Monday November 7: I have written quite a lot about why the presidential election should result in a Hillary Clinton win in the electoral college and -- as long as the voter turn-out for her is very strong in the key toss-up states -- then my next report will occur probably on Wednesday November 9. For anyone who has not read my reasoning -- based entirely on astrological cycles and not my personal preference -- please make sure you carefully review everything I have written in this feature starting with the October 18 - 20 update. Something I do want to write about later this week -- assuming there is a clear victory via electoral votes -- is the over-arching spiritual purpose behind the campaigns that have occurred in 2015 - 2016, and what they signal about where America is headed in the next 10 years.

Update Election Night 9:30PM EST: It could be a long night as the power of Donald Trump's birth chart connected to the USA horoscope from July 4, 1776 is being revealed. If trends continue as they are now, he may win Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina -- must-wins for him to get to 270 electoral votes or higher. Many states that were supposed to go to Hillary Clinton are either too close to call or too early to call. So, she may still win a good number of the states that were already anticipated to be in her column. However, she was expected to win Virginia, and that may not happen. Plus, Michigan may wind up being a see-saw battle. The astrology cycles always pointed mainly toward a Clinton win, but only if the Obama-Clinton coalition of very strong minority voters turned out -- especially in the toss-up states. In addition, there was an understanding that many white voters -- particularly male -- might not be broadcasting, ahead of time, their true allegiance and if a sizable percentage of men in the toss-up states vote DJT, then Hillary Clinton may not be the victor. At this moment, I hesitate to write that Trump will win this presidential contest -- remembering the old Chicago Tribune erroneous headline from November 1948 "Dewey Defeats Truman." However, the anti-Washington, D.C. and "throw the rascals out of power" Americans are definitely voting in large numbers -- showing the country that the revolution started by Bernie Sanders on the left and Donald Trump on the right might wind up creating a shocking change in the executive branch of our government. P.S. I plan to add to this update in a few hours...Second update at 12:18AM EST tonight puts Donald Trump on the verge of probably the greatest upset win in presidential politics. Wisconsin, Arizona and New Hampshire (and possibly Michigan) could give him the electoral college clear victory. It was always uncertain whether the Obama coalition -- so strong with minority votes -- would hold up in many of the toss-up states and Trump has natal Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all very strong in different ways. Thus, as an ultimate outsider (value-wise and planet-wise) and not a politician, he has apparently arrived on the doorstep of The White House and where the country goes now almost no one knows. It looks like Pennsylvania is a potential win for Donald Trump, too...The Moon with Neptune in Pisces in the sky, on the South Node of the Moon (the lunar orbit), here as November 9 dawns, is a good example of the massive confusion and chaos now affecting world financial markets -- as well as the amorphous depression that will be felt throughout the Democratic and Liberal realms of the our society.

There will be much more to come on all of these subjects in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned in to Earth Aquarius News.

Copyright 2016 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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City Rating List

20 Cities from the USA & the World are Receiving a Cosmic Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down. The City Rating List gives you the current answer...

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