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News > Current News  > A Chance for You to Choose the Next U.S. President

A Chance for You to Choose the Next U.S. President

By: by Mark Lerner
A Chance for You to Choose the Next U.S. President | Current News

Dateline: Monday February 1, 2016 just hours before the Iowa Caucuses occur and with Updates on February 2, 9, 13, 21, March 9 & 16 and April 1 & 30: I have been writing about and researching U.S. presidential elections since I accidentally became an Editorial Writer for the Michigan State News when I was 18 years old as a sophomore college student at Michigan State University. This was in 1968 – when I was a Social Science Major and became somewhat of a local celebrity in East Lansing, Michigan because I had my picture in the daily newspaper with my articles – most of which were on politics, the student revolution in America and Europe during the highly-turbulent months of that year – when Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, the two political conventions during the summer were shocking-violent-crazy events, the Soviet Union put down a Liberal revolt in Czechoslovakia, and former Vice-President Richard Nixon narrowly defeated Minnesota Senator and standing Vice-President Hubert Humphrey to become President that November.

Four years after this time-period, I started my astrological studies in the summer of 1972 – a year when I voted for the first time in the November election between challenger George McGovern and the sitting President Richard Nixon. Ever since I have been carefully calculating electoral vote potentials across our nation to determine who will become the president and vice-president every four years. I have used all kinds of techniques – including America’s main birth chart for our Independence from Mother England (July 4, 1776) as well as the charts for the candidates, their astro-connections to when the Democratic and Republican Parties were created back in the 1800s, as well as utilizing the astrological signatures for when they announced their campaigns, when they won the vote at the national conventions, and based on carefully examining the Election Night chart and the horoscope for the Inauguration some 2+ months later.

Our Interactive Feature and How You can become one of 10 Winners!

Right now we have a whole bunch of scenarios of who might be on the ticket for the two major parties – with the possibility of a third party candidacy as well. I decided today – Monday February 1, 2016 and just hours before the Iowa Caucuses – to invite all of you, who read Earth Aquarius News and subscribe to my Daily Cosmic Kalendar – to write in to my email address with your initials and with what ticket (presidential and vice-presidential candidates) will win election to the presidency and vice-presidency during the upcoming November.

To make this more of an interactive-dynamic undertaking and to offer you an incentive to write in, I will give the first 5 people who correctly name the winning ticket Complimentary 1-year subscriptions to my Daily Cosmic Kalendar (valued at $85). Note: If you are already a subscriber and correctly name the winning ticket, then we will add a year to your current subscription. And for the first 5 people who correctly name the winner for president (while not selecting the correct vice-presidential choice), you will each receive a Complimentary 6-month Sky Log Report (value $40 and sent to you in PDF-format via email, on your major transits and progressions, and based on your exact birth data). Important Clarification: You must email to us your choice no later than Sunday May 1, 2016 by 11AM PDT.

With the above rules, realize you don’t have to order anything to be a winner in November – once the election results are tabulated and made official in the first few days of January before Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017. What’s important though is the following: (a) The sooner you send in your prediction, the greater your chance of being the first 5 in each category (correct presidential and vice-presidential ticket, as well as correct presidential choice only); and (b) You are only allowed one write-in and cannot change your choice later on when the results of more primaries and caucuses come in. Use your intuition, political knowledge, dreams and visions of the future, logic and common sense -- along with whatever level of astrological expertise you have attained to make your picks. Therefore, the 2016 National Election Clock is now ticking and the sooner you send in your choices, the better chance you have of winning with us.

In addition, I will not only keep updating this feature as more caucus and primary results come in, but I will maintain an ongoing list, at the end of this article, with each person’s presidential and vice-presidential choices, so all of you can see who has already “voted” with us, and what candidates they believe will wind up as winners this fall. Note: Only your initials and choice for presidential and vice-presidential ticket will be listed at the end of this article. Your email address and where you are living will not be listed.

I am also providing you with three horoscopes – the Election Night chart for November 8, 2016 (beginning approximately at 9PM EST when the main network anchors in New York City and along the East Coast begin to share the nationwide results and race to declare a winner); the Inauguration Day chart for Noon EST on January 20, 2017; and the main USA birth chart* (used by the greatest number of practicing astrologers) calculated for July 4, 1776 and, from our standpoint, beginning at about 4:47PM EST in Philadelphia, PA with Sagittarius Rising). *Note: Other days and other horoscopes have been utilized by professional astrologers and researchers since 1776 itself. This article is not meant to begin again the controversy over the validity of this horoscope, and I utilize many other charts (the first shot at the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775, George Washington’s first inauguration as President on April 30, 1789, and the birth of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787) to understand the fate and destiny of our nation.

Here is also a listing of the month-day-year of births of the major candidates as well as a couple of “dark horses” who might be chosen, in tight races where no one candidate as a majority of the delegates, at the national conventions this summer (with the Republican convention starting on Monday July 18 in Cleveland and the Democratic convention starting on Monday July 25 in Philadelphia, and with the probable roll-call votes for each presidential candidate on July 20 and July 27, respectively).

Trump: June 14, 1946

Paul: January 7, 1963  (suspended campaign)

Kasich: May 13, 1952

Rubio: May 28, 1971 (suspended campaign on March 15 after losing Florida)

Cruz: December 22, 1970

Christy: September 6, 1966 (may be suspending campaign Feb. 9)

Fiorina: September 6, 1954 (suspending campaign as of Feb. 9)

Carson: September 18, 1951 (suspended campaign in late February)

Huckabee: August 24, 1955 (may be suspending campaign; officially suspended)

Bush: February 11, 1953 (suspended campaign after loss in South Carolina on Feb. 20)

Santorum: May 10, 1958 (suspended campaign)

Clinton: October 26, 1947

Sanders: September 8, 1941

O’Malley: January 18, 1963 (may be suspending campaign; officially suspended)

Dark Horses for the Democrats could be Al Gore (March 31, 1948) and Joe Biden (November 20, 1942) and for the Republicans could be Mitt Romney (March 12, 1947). I have heard rumors that the Governor of Nevada – Brian Sandoval, born on August 5, 1963 – might be a choice by Donald Trump for the vice-presidential position on his ticket. Also – Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina – who is born on Inauguration Day, January 20, 1972 – just gave the Republican State of the Union address a couple of weeks ago to counter that given by President Obama. Of course, whoever wins the presidential slot on the ticket could choose someone who has been running against him or her during the primaries.

By the way, if I were running the Republican Party, I would be trying to rally everyone for a John Kasich-Marco Rubio ticket as you must win Ohio and Florida in terms of their electoral votes and Kasich is the current governor of Ohio while Rubio is the Latino current senator of Florida. Plus, they are born 19 years apart, come from different generations, could battle the Democrats for the minority vote, and Kasich spent 9 terms in office as a Representative in the U.S. House – so both have good national political experience and by taking Ohio and Florida in November could give the Republicans leadership in both the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. [The New York Times just endorsed John Kasich as the best person to vote for if you are a Republican. This amplifies my point about the electoral vote necessity for November.] And for void-of-course Moon adherents, please note that this evening's Iowa Caucus results were all being tabulated and reported to the public under a void Moon in Scorpio...

To get going with your political prognostication as early as possible, please email me your winning presidential & vice-presidential ticket choice to: 

Update on the morning of Tuesday February 2: We have our first predictor -- C.S. chooses Bernie Sanders for President and Elizabeth Warren for Vice-President. What's your Winning Ticket for the U.S. national election? The sooner you send in your choice, the greater your chance of being a Winner, and all ticket choices must be emailed to us no later than 11AM PDT on Sunday May 1, 2016.

Update on Wednesday February 9: Trump and Sanders won easy victories yesterday -- revealing the right and left revolutions going on in the American electorate, fed up with the old politics as usual. Not that John Kasich came in second in N.H. and see what I wrote about him in the paragraph above on February 1 -- starting with "By the way, if I were running the Republican Party..." We look forward to seeing your ticket choices now that the potential presidential "winners" are less in number than the group that started 10 days ago.

Update on Saturday February 13: With the unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the national election process has just become much more intense and potentially divisive. The odds increase vastly that more voters will now be pushed to make their voices heard in Senate races as well as in the November presidential election as the candidates remind Americans how much is at stake if a future Supreme Court were to declare some established laws unconstitutional or rule in one extreme way or another during the 2017 - 2020 time-period. Antonin Scalia was born on March 11, 1936 and took his seat on the Supreme Court one Saturn cycle ago (29+ years) on Sept. 26, 1986. At his passing today, Chiron -- the healing-mentor-shaman comet-like body that connects strongly with wounds, pains, bridge-building, keys opening doors to higher consciousness, the maverick and catalyst archetypes, psychic sensitivity and the Twilight Zone while also linking the orbits of Saturn and Uranus -- was conjunct his Sun in Pisces, a cycle that only happens approximately every 50 years.

Update on Wednesday March 9: Second predictor -- JJC chooses Donald Trump for President and Brian Sandoval for Vice-President.

Update on Wednesday March 16: President Obama attempts to defy the Senate as he nominates Merrick Garland (the current Chief Justice on the Washington, D.C. Appeals Court) -- born on November 13, 1952 under a close Grand Trine in water signs (Sun, Pallas and Uranus), a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra, Moon in Libra, and Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius.
Synchronistically, Merrick Garland's Pallas in Pisces is exactly on former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's Sun while Merrick Garland's Chiron is right on Justice Scalia's Lunar North Node in Capricorn. Another tie is Merrick Garland's Venus in Sagittarius close to Justice Scalia's Jupiter, and Merrick Garland's Saturn-Neptune union is "the answer" to Justice Scalia's Saturn-Neptune opposition. Where all this goes over the next 9 months is anyone's guess, but it will become a central part of the presidential campaign and what the American people are looking for in a 9th Supreme Court justice. And a third predictor -- MKP chooses Donald Trump for President and John Kasich for Vice-President.

Update on Friday April 1: Fourth predictor -- BA chooses Hillary Clinton and Julian Castro.

Update on Saturday April 30: Fifth predictor -- VS chooses Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

Copyright 2016 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Election Night 2016
Inauguration Day 2017
America July 4, 1776

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