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News > High Technology  > Star Wars: Reawakens my Star Wars Features from the 1990s

Star Wars: Reawakens my Star Wars Features from the 1990s

By: by Mark Lerner
Star Wars: Reawakens my Star Wars Features from the 1990s | High Technology

Dateline December 18, 2015 and Updated January 7, 2016: A new Star Wars movie, directed by J.J. Abrams had its Hollywood premiere that past Monday night (December 14) as the Moon in Aquarius was returning in the birth chart of George Lucas. Even though George Lucas (born May 14, 1944) sold the rights to the Star Wars films to Disney for $4 billion several years ago, the "Force" still goes back to his birth chart since he was the creator and originator of the entire Star Wars idea and its eventual high-tech empire.

Now with the Sun focused on the center of our galaxy (in late Sagittarius), Star Wars: The Force Awakens is being seen around the world, and many of the early reviews are very favorable. There will be several more movies, during the next few years, in the latest offering of this amazing saga of the universe, and the seeming never-ending battle between Good and Evil in the cosmos.

To read my original 5-part series on "The Secret of Star Wars" from the 1990s, click on the following link*:  You can also read my story in the Archives section (from 2005 on a re-release of Star Wars and a profile of George Lucas) of this present website. *The link takes you to my series that still exists on my original Great Bear website that was created in 1995 when email and web technology were just beginning.

In the meantime, May the Force be with you...always! Many Blessings, Happy Holidays and New Year's 2016...

Update January 7, 2016: Apparently, the new Star Wars movie is the top-grossing American film of all-time after only 20 days out in the theaters -- now having earned $760.5 million. [Avatar was the previous record holder.] Now the question is whether it will be the first film ever in the USA to gross over $1billion. Stay tuned!

Mark Lerner -- Publisher

George Lucas

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