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News > Current News  > ABCs of Massacre in San Bernardino, CA: Plus Updates

ABCs of Massacre in San Bernardino, CA: Plus Updates

By: by Mark Lerner
ABCs of Massacre in San Bernardino, CA: Plus Updates | Current News

Dateline Thursday December 3, 2015…and now with 4 Updates & 8 charts: Less than 3 weeks following the terrorism that struck Paris and only 5 days after a lone-wolf, asocial individual in his late 50s killed three people and injured several at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado, the worst mass slaughter of people occurred yesterday in America – since the murder of 27 children and school teachers three years ago this month at Sandy Hook, CT – in San Bernardino, CA.

While the motive(s) are still being sorted out by the police and FBI, the approximate timing of the shootings and the two people who committed the massacre are known.

The husband-wife murderers – Syed Rizwan Farook (age 28) and Tashfeen Malik (age 27), both apparently of Pakistani descent, and Syed being an American citizen while Tashfeen was here on a Fiancee Visa/Green Card – struck down 14 innocent and unsuspecting souls, injuring 21, with guns and rifles at a non-profit county social service center (assisting people with disabilities).

It is now being reported that their rented home and garage in nearby Redlands, CA was filled with thousands of rounds of ammunition, 12 pipe-bombs, and many tools for making explosives. Although one or two of his co-workers indicated that Syed appeared to be quiet and reserved, it is also now known that his parents went through a horrendous divorce many years ago, and that his mother accused his father of severe physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Syed, it appears, was also radicalized via various online contacts and sources related to revolutionary Islamic Jihad.

The odds are that this is an unusual hybrid case combining workplace anger/violence and terrorism. Clearly, the two perpetrators of this mindless act of horror had the weapons to commit many more acts of terror on our citizens.

For the time being, I have included three* charts at the end of this feature. The main one is for the approximate time of the start of this calamity. The other two charts are for the birth of America on July 4, 1776 (using the 4:47pm time that gives 8 degrees of Sagittarius Rising) and for the moment when the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded on January 28, 1986. *Eight charts are now included with the State of California and the last Full Moon of November 25 calculated for San Bernardino, as well as the Sunrise-type charts for Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and the chart for the Discovery of Uranus on March 13, 1781..

The way I see this is the following: While most acts of violence here in America are perpetrated by men, and the killings at workplaces are almost always by lone individuals, the approaching Venus-Juno union in the sky yesterday at 28 degrees of Libra, exactly square to the U.S. Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn, tells a giant segment of this story.

Venus and Juno both relate to marriages and partnerships, and they are feminine goddess figures. The brutality of Syed’s father (and his apparent alcoholic rages) worked its way deep inside Syed Farook, and I am sure his own birth chart will show some major mis-alignments of Venus and Juno, either to one another or to Saturn and/or outer planets.

Juno, in particular, when in its shadow and negative form, signifies rage by the weak, small, and dis-empowered. It is no accident that this horrible event (a) included a married couple, and (b) happened on the one day in 2015 when Venus and Juno were merging together, and simultaneously squaring the planet in America’s birth chart that rules the underworld of extremism, repressed emotions, and hidden hells/terrors – Pluto.

Keep in mind, too, that it was only this summer (July) that our New Horizons Spacecraft sped by Pluto and its five moons, sending back to Earth for the first-time remarkable close-up photos of a far-distant group of celestial orbs still geologically active – stunning our scientists and astronomers. [Note: This focus on Pluto, think Plutocracy here or government by the extremely wealthy, is also associated with billionaire Donald Trump running for president.]

Adding to the intensity, mystery and sadness of the events yesterday in San Bernardino was that Venus and Juno, as well as the key planet of volatility and bloodshed, Mars, and the Lunar North Node (a major fate-destiny point in the zodiac) were all located in the eighth house – the traditional house of death in ancient and medieval astrology.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, located at 21+ degrees of Virgo, was still within the area of the eighth house as the assailants (who had left their 6-month-old daughter with Syed Farook's mother) came back to the social center in their rented black SUV and sprayed 60 to 75 rounds of ammunition throughout the Christmas party, indiscriminately** killing and injuring whoever happened to be there.**Reports now indicate that most of the victims were probably people known to Syed Farook due to his employment with the San Bernardino County center, and that no children were killed.

But isn’t supposedly Jupiter the King of the Gods planet and revered as benevolent, providential, wise and warmhearted? Yes, but only when Jupiter is acting positively. Jupiter can equate with many wonderful qualities, but it also always represents anything or anyone that is Big – and “bigness” can be very detrimental when evil is running amok in human society.

Jupiter was exactly squaring the U.S. Mars at 21+ degrees of Gemini – revealing the murderous, blood-filled carnage – and because the U.S. Neptune is located at 22+ degrees of Virgo, the transiting Jupiter placement was and still is approaching its first union with America’s Neptune in the last 12 years. Neptune can have some amazing qualities, but when negative, it strongly connects to religious or ideological fanaticism, a confused-chaotic state of thinking and feeling, and Neptune is usually associated with acts that influence the masses or the collective sphere of the public.

The Mars-Neptune close square that exists in the USA birth chart is a major reason – in addition to America being born with Mercury retrograde opposite Pluto, and Juno opposing Chiron – as to why our nation is plagued with constant wars, violence, and horrors inflicted on various minority groups.

Also – the fact that Saturn had just squared Neptune in the sky on Thanksgiving, and that the Sun had squared Neptune and united with Saturn in the sky this past Sunday contributed very much to the eventual acts of terrorism that took place yesterday under a crisis-oriented Virgo Moon opposing Neptune and squaring Saturn in the sky. Plus, not only were the horrible events in San Bernardino occurring with an approaching Venus-Juno conjunction, but they were occurring with an approaching, distress-causing Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (energizing Sagittarius and Virgo, mutable signs that, when negative, can connect with intolerance, fiery aggressive actions, and seeing things in a highly conflicted manner, where the Big Picture of Sagittarius clashes with the microscopic world view of Virgo).

The reason I want you to see the charts for America and the Challenger Explosion is that America is born with 8 degrees of Sagittarius Rising. Saturn just crossed over that placement as this slaughter took place, and 29+ years ago, Saturn was on America’s Rising Degree when the Space Shuttle exploded, killing all on board, and causing so much deep-seated grief in our nation.

It is also very odd that when the Challenger exploded, the Moon in Virgo was squaring Saturn in Sagittarius – the same exact Moon-Saturn placements that happened yesterday. Eventually, it was determined that the very cold temperature (Saturn) affecting the questionably-designed fuel lines and containment units (Moon in Virgo) on the rocket booster that morning in Florida, led to the catastrophe. And for this husband and wife team to commit this kind of atrocity is definitely a result of years of rage compressed by the coldness and brutality emanating from at least one if not more very negative-abusive parental figures. [Note: When fathers behave badly, it is usually signified by negative Saturn placements and/or mis-alignments in a birth chart or via incompatible astrological contacts between the father and child. Once in a while, it is Jupiter – normally warm and kind – that is the offending planet when it is poorly placed zodiacally and by aspect. Both Saturn and Jupiter are the key father-oriented archetypes in astrology.]

Update early December 4, 2015:
The time that the shootings began has been moved backward from 11:14AM to 10:59AM based on specific police reports shown on NBC-TV. I have also added the chart for the State of California, and it is very significant that California entered the Union on September 9, 1850 when Juno and Venus were very close together from the end of Libra to the beginning of Scorpio, and the Venus-Juno conjunction that occurred during the Wednesday mayhem was almost exactly on California's natal Juno -- thereby exacerbating the entire shadow dimension of this important asteroid that connects to rage and terrorism by the seemingly dis-empowered and belittled. Mars -- always strong when violence and bloodshed are happening --  has also just returned to its natal placement, for the first time in two years, in the chart of California at 11+ degrees of Libra, and transiting Pallas (often associated with problem-solving and strategy sessions) at 11+ degrees of Capricorn was precisely squaring California's Mars (perhaps signifying that in the killers' warped lack of judgment that they were somehow "solving problems" via horrific acts of carnage). The current position of the wounded-healer, maverick, and pain-associated celestial body Chiron at 16+degrees of Pisces is also within one-quarter of 1 degree of opposing California's Sun at 16+ degrees of Virgo. As I have explained in many other articles regarding violent acts in American states, the chart for the state undergoing the disaster is always being ignited by several discordant solar, lunar and planetary alignments.

Update afternoon December 4, 2015:
Every New and Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox, and Eclipse chart carries enormous power, I looked back at the last Full Moon that took place on November 25, 2015 (just one day before Thanksgiving, when Saturn squared Neptune in the sky, itself a very disconcerting aspect that can pit the more secular-materialist culture of the West (Saturn) against the more pronounced religious and spiritually-imbued culture of the East (Neptune). Using that Full Moon and calculated for the city of San Bernardino, the chart reveals an Ascendant or Rising Degree of 27+ Aries and a Descendant or Setting Degree of 27+ Libra. The significance here is that California's natal Juno is located at 28+ Libra and the conjunction of Venus and Juno on the day of the shootings took place at 27+ Libra -- exactly on the Setting Degree of the most recent Full Moon chart in San Bernardino. Plus, the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury are all located in the traditional house of death -- house number eight. This Full Moon chart is now also included at the end of the feature. It is noteworthy that California entered the Union at a time when Saturn and Uranus were in a conjunction at the end of Aries -- in opposition to Juno in the California chart, and close to the Rising Degree of this Full Moon chart. It is now being reported that the wife of Syed Farook may have posted an allegiance to the leader of ISIS (on Facebook via an alias) almost exactly at the time the shootings began. This is raising the question of whether she helped to radicalize her husband. 

Update December 5:
Thanks to an email from Carole Hemingway, the is reporting that Syed Farook was born on June 14, 1987 while Tashfeen Malik was born on July 13, 1988. The information apparently comes from Syed Farook's 2013 Driver's License and Tashfeen Malik's passport. If these dates are correct, we see that what I originally shared earlier in this article about Syed Farook being born under a Venus-Juno conflict is completely correct as he had these two celestial goddesses almost exactly square. In addition, his chart reveals many radical Uranian tendencies as the Sun conjunct Chiron closely opposes Uranus -- and this polarity almost exactly ignites America's confusing-chaotic Mars-Neptune square. [His chart also shows a powerful association with the intense and volatile T-Square triangle of Mars and Uranus opposing one another and both squaring the Sun in the chart for the Discovery of Uranus on March 13, 1781.]  Also -- I originally suggested in this feature -- in a section I subsequently removed

because it appeared for a day or so that Tashfeen Malik was born in 1986 rather than 1988 -- that Syed's wife would have a natal Saturn-Uranus conjunction in late Sagittarius trine the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in late Aries existing in the chart for the State of California. This is now accurate as well. Ominously, her fate-oriented Lunar Nodal Axis exactly aligns with California's 17 degree Virgo Sun and the current placement of wound-and-pain cometary-body Chiron. The fact that Syed Farook was born with an exact Mercury-Mars conjunction in watery-emotional Cancer while Tashfeen Malik was born with Mars at the end of watery-emotional Pisces (square to her Saturn-Uranus conjunction) signifies their potential for exploding into anger based on inner frustrations -- and then having the ability to express that anger through lethal weapons. Their Sunrise type charts are included below. [Note: Some news reports continue to write that Tashfeen Malik is 29 years old rather than 27 years old. Hopefully, this discrepancy will be determined soon. If she was born in July 1986 rather than in 1988, her birth chart would be filled with as many difficulties and disturbing celestial placements as the ones occurring in July 1988.]

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

San Bernardino Shootings
Challenger Explosion
State of California
Full Moon of November 25
Syed Rizwan Farook
Tashfeen Malik
Discovery of Uranus

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