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News > Current News  > A Burst of New Terrorism in Paris: Updated

A Burst of New Terrorism in Paris: Updated

By: by Mark Lerner
A Burst of New Terrorism in Paris: Updated | Current News

Dateline Friday November 13, 2015 and Updated Sunday November 15: Shock waves are still rolling in as the massacre of 129 people (and over 350 injured) in Paris appears to be over. Note: The French Police are looking for an eighth attacker, the other 7 having being killed or who died by suicide.

At this point -- since probably everyone reading this article knows from TV and the multi-media about the places hit by terrorists and the response by the French police and military forces -- I am providing a chart for the approximate start of the bomb explosions outside the stadium where France was playing Germany in a soccer match. In addition, this time of about 9:20pm in Paris may have been the approximate time that shootings occurred at a restaurant, a bar, and at the nightclub/theater where the greatest carnage happened while an American musical group (Eagles of Death Metal) were playing before hundreds of concert-goers.

This chart reveals Neptune (confusion and chaos when expressed negatively) in the eighth house -- a traditional house of death in ancient and medieval astrology. Over the next several hours, as many people were murdered, Chiron (wounds and pains), the South Lunar Node of the Moon (fate and destiny; mass consciousness), Vesta (safety and security themes, secret organizations) and eventually Uranus (shock-waves and anarchy when expressed negatively) all moved through the eighth house in Paris. Simultaneously, two planets beyond Pluto, in the most distant reaches of our solar system, Eris and Sedna were moving overhead -- possibly signifying the most extreme nature of this horrific mayhem engulfing such a major capital of the Western world.

Today has also been the day that the asteroid Vesta in late Pisces made a station -- shifting from retrograde to direct motion. However, when celestial bodies have no motion they are exceedingly potent. And Vesta is strongly associated with safety and security matters, as well as secret organizations, including groups that have evil intentions across the board.Vesta was not only super-powerful due to its lack of motion, but it was overhead and conjunct the Midheaven in Paris when the first suicide bomber triggered his explosive device outside the stadium, and Vesta was making a conjunction with the transiting Lunar South Node -- a key energy point of fate/destiny and which tends to magnify earthly events throughout the collective consciousness of the mass of humanity.

I have also provided the chart for modern France -- based on the formation of the Fifth French Republic back in October 1958 when Charles de Gaulle was still President of the nation. Using today's placement of Vesta and the Lunar Nodal Axis and comparing it to the Moon in late Gemini when the Fifth French Republic was formed, it is clear that Vesta and the Lunar Nodal Axis are almost precisely square the Moon in France's chart. Plus, transiting Mars (symbol of potential volatility, bloodshed and murder) has just entered Libra for the first time in two years -- and approaching a conjunction to Venus in early Libra in the birth chart of France. It is also significant that when modern France came into being on October 5, 1958, Vesta was the lone celestial body rising in the first house of national Self-Expression. With Vesta (safety and security themes) now so powerful due to its lack of motion and its union with the Moon's orbit (the South Lunar Node), it is in synch with this current cosmic happening that France has declared a State of Emergency and closed all its borders. Vesta is associated strongly with "turf wars" and battles over land and territory.

Juno is another factor -- which when negatively expressed -- has a lot to do with terrorism/rage by the weak and oppressed, and today Juno at 21+ degrees of Libra is uniting with the Lunar North Node for France.

In our Mundane Astrology section, the third feature at the moment concerns the wave of terrorism in Paris during January 2015. That article includes a birth chart for the current French President Francois Hollande.

More information will be added to this story in the next couple of days.

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All right reserved.

Terror in Paris
Fifth French Republic

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