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News > Mundane Astrology  > A Glimpse into a Rare Outer Planet Midpoint Merger

A Glimpse into a Rare Outer Planet Midpoint Merger

By: by Mark Lerner
A Glimpse into a Rare Outer Planet Midpoint Merger | Mundane Astrology

Dateline: Friday October 9, 2015. I have been working with and studying about the midpoints in the zodiac of the Sun, Moon, 8 planets, main asteroids, Chiron, and the Lunar Nodes for several decades. Midpoint analysis began in Germany between the First and Second World Wars, and it has been elevated to a fine art by many professional astrologers around the world during the last 50 years or so.

I am writing this feature to awaken you to the extraordinary power of natal, progressed, and transiting midpoints -- obviously adding dozens, if not hundreds, of zodiacally-active degrees that can drastically alter your life, the lives of your dear ones, and literally everyone on Planet Earth every day.

The particular focus for the moment concerns the Saturn/Uranus midpoint and the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Midpoints are essentially places in the zodiac where the principles and archetypes of celestial bodies interact -- for good or ill, or both. The midpoints of planets far away from the Sun move very slowly whereas, for example, the Sun/Moon midpoint will move relatively quickly. Because outer-planet midpoints move slowly, their influence can drag on and on -- energizing or triggering two points in the zodiac for weeks or longer. At the present time, and forming exactly tomorrow, the Saturn/Uranus and Neptune/Pluto midpoints make a conjunction at 10 degrees and 14 minutes of Aquarius and Leo -- with the Aquarius placement being the "closer midpoint" and the Leo placement being the "midpoint further away."

The research-type astrologers who study midpoints of celestial bodies -- and I am in that group -- consider both the Saturn/Uranus and Neptune/Pluto midpoints to be on the troubling-challenging-discordant end of the astro-psychic spectrum. Of course, in unusual situations, each midpoint can provide insight and even enlightenment. However, that is probably going to happen to fairly evolved human souls who are also probably sensitively tuned into metaphysical and/or astrological cycles.

The warning here is the following: Individuals born January 30 and 31, as well as August 2 and 3, of any year need to be extra careful, cautious and conservative while Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all projecting a lot of intensity on the Sun placements for all of these people. In addition, any marriages and businesses that began on these dates are also being "targeted" by these four major outer planets of our solar system. Plus, if you know your birth chart and understand the symbols of the celestial bodies, any planets, asteroids, Chiron, Nodes or the Moon at 10+ degrees of Aquarius and Leo (or perhaps within 1 degree either way) are being ignited now as well.

I have included a birth chart for Saturday October 10, 2015 at 6pm EDT in Washington, DC -- simply to reveal where Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are located. That chart is below and if you click on it, you will see Saturn in Sagittarius in the eighth house and Uranus in Aries in the first house; Pluto is in Capricorn in the tenth house and Neptune in Pisces is in the twelfth house. The houses don't matter and, the signs don't matter either. What matters is that you cannot see that the four celestial bodies are converging their force on 10+ degrees of Aquarius and Leo. In many ways that is the beauty and scary reality of midpoints -- unless you are working with a great textbook (in this case The New American Midpoint Ephemeris 2006 - 2020, available from for $21.95 and possibly shipping and handling), you won't know they are happening.

It is my fervent hope that anyone experiencing the potency of these midpoints will be to utilize them for the highest good.

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner -- Publisher    Earth Aquarius News

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Rare Midpoint Convergence

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