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News > Mundane Astrology  > A Mass Shooting in Roseburg, Oregon

A Mass Shooting in Roseburg, Oregon

By: by Mark Lerner
A Mass Shooting in Roseburg, Oregon | Mundane Astrology

Dateline: October 1, 2015 about 90 miles from Roseburg, Oregon (with closing updates): It is the early evening following another horrific and senseless mass shooting of innocent individuals in America. The gunman, deceased, has been declared to be about 20 years old, but his name and birth data are not yet available. The approximate time of the gunfire appears to be 10:38AM PDT, and two charts are provided further below -- the Transit chart for the shootings, and the State of Oregon chart from February 14, 1859 when Oregon entered the Union.

When tragedies occur in a State of the Union, the state's birth chart is always strongly affected. Look at the following list of alignments happening now for Oregon:

The void Moon in late Taurus at the time of the shootings was approaching a conjunction (within 1 degree) of the Oregon Uranus (shocks; radical and unexpected actions; the multi-media). And Oregon's natal Uranus at 29+ degrees of Taurus is exactly squaring Oregon's fate-destiny oriented Lunar Nodal Axis at 29+ degrees  of Aquarius and Leo. This is a main reason -- along with the strong contingent of planetary placements in revolutionary Aquarius for Oregon -- of why this state is so iconoclastic, unqiue, eccentric, and avant-garde over the decades.

Earlier today, Mars and Uranus made a caustic and potentially explosive, 135-degree sky configuration, and this volatile combination of celestial influences could very well eventually describe the shooter's provocative and disturbing emotional and mental frames of being.

Oregon entered the Union when Mars in its home sign of fiery Aries had just risen (and therefore is located in the State of Oregon twelfth house of secrets, hidden enemies, and the unknown) and where Mars squares Venus in Capricorn -- a Venus in Capricorn that is nearly exactly conjunct the power line of the Midheaven. Today, at the exact time of the gunfire, the Venus/Mars midpoint in the sky was precisely conjunct the Midheaven in Roseburg while the Moon/Saturn midpoint (often symbolizing ill-at-ease, fearful, and frustrating circumstances, even associated with death) was exactly at the fourth house cusp below.

Additional, alarming transits right now to the State of Oregon birth chart are Jupiter in Virgo (signifying anything Big) making a precise, no-orb, off-kilter 150-degree link to Oregon's Ceres in Aquarius (the need for nurturing, comfort and sensitive-maternal type support), and the Sun in Libra about to square Oregon's Venus and oppose Oregon's Mars (thereby triggering the State of Oregon's natal Venus-Mars sharp 90-degree square). The bigness and the enormity of this tragic event in our state is shown in its greater magnitude -- affecting the nation and our conscience concerning the lack of real gun control from a federal standpoint -- by Jupiter in the sky making a square to Oregon's natal Jupiter. These kinds of squares only happen twice in a 12-year time-period..

Oregon's natal Moon at 17+ degrees of Cancer is the precise placement for the discovery of Pluto on February 18, 1930. A number of shocking mass killings have occurred in our state over the years, and next spring transiting Pluto will station in April  at 17+ degrees of Capricorn (for the first time since it was discovered) almost exactly opposite its discovery degree -- which just happens to be Oregon's Moon position. Therefore, a lot of Plutonic archetypes -- some very sinister and foreboding -- are about to be released worldwide in 2016 - 2017 as transiting Pluto "illuminates" its discovery placement via a "Full-Moon type polarity."

I believe that unrequited love (a broken heart and rejection by a significant other) may have played a major role in what motivated this individual to commit such a horrendous crime of murdering students who thought they were completely safe in a school-college setting. The reason I think this set off the shooter's rage is the presence of the Venus/Mars midpoint exactly overhead at the shootings, Scorpio being the rising sign, and that Mercury was approaching a union with Juno today at 5+ degrees of Libra, and where this powerful conjunction is exactly making an off-kilter, 150-degree contact with Pluto at 5+ degrees of Taurus and rising in the State of Oregon birth chart.

When the shooter is revealed* and his birth data know, a third chart will be provided -- along with additional interpretation. We send out heartfelt prayers and healing thoughts to the families of the deceased, injured, and traumatized. *Various sources at 7:15PM PDT are reporting the shooter was Chris Harper-Mercer, age 26, with a "mixed race ethnicity" (from a MySpace listing).

Update (Evening of October 1): Chris Harper-Mercer was born on July 26, 1989 (time unknown) -- according to several sources. He may have been born in England, but the chart I am using for this short interpretation is a sunrise type relocation chart as though he was born in Roseburg, Oregon. The following list reveals his stark connection with the State of Oregon birth chart: Oregon's Sun is exactly opposite his Mars-Lunar South Node conjunction; Oregon's Vesta is opposite his Mercury; Oregon's Venus is on his Saturn; Oregon's Juno is on his Pluto; Oregon's Jupiter is on his Ceres; Oregon's Mars is almost exactly square his Neptune. Plus, transiting Venus made its annual conjunction with his Mars in Leo today -- confirming much of what was hinted at in the earlier portions of this article. And during the several days before today's tragedy transiting Mars made its first conjunction with his Venus in the last two years. Thus, hatred rather than love was fueling his rampage -- a hatred of himself, the world around him, and his incapacity to live a positive, magnanimous, heart-centered Solar Leo life. Additional Update on October 2: It appears that the shooter lived for several years in Torrance and other towns in California with his mother. He was probably living in an apartment in Winchester, OR at the time of the shootings with his mother. His father, Ian Mercer, says he is as shocked as everyone else. What is also telling, astrologically, is that at his Solar Return this year, the shooter was experiencing simultaneous stations of both Venus and Uranus -- two planets that were in a tight, so-called "harmonious" trine of 120-degrees at his birth. However, trines often allow a free-flow of whatever forces, qualities and interests an individual develops personality-wise, and Venus trine Uranus in earth signs at birth can easily represent a value system (Venus) and social skill-set (Venus) that is radical, revolutionary, lone-wolf, asocial, against traditional rules and norms of behavior, eccentric, and shocking (Uranus). And the stations of Venus and Uranus at his birthday in 2015 -- revealing the extra-potency of Venusian and Uranian archetypes -- were both where the planets turned retrograde, imprinting their combined and completely unpredictable essence into his state of mind and emotions.

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

State of Oregon
Umpqua CC Shootings
Chris Harper-Mercer

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