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News > Environment  > Two Major Quakes in Nepal

Two Major Quakes in Nepal

By: by Mark Lerner
Two Major Quakes in Nepal | Environment

Dateline Tuesday May 12, 2015...When the first series of devastating earthquakes hit Nepal (the main one registering at 7.8 on the Richter Scale) on April 25, I immediately began creating charts, and included research on two key asteroids (Nemesis and Fortuna), which were rising (Nemesis) and setting (Fortuna) at the time of the disaster. But due to unusual circumstances on the home front here in Oregon, I did not publish my findings.

Now with the 7.3 earthquake in Nepal, and numerous and intense aftershocks (similar to what happened 2+ weeks ago), you will see the charts for both major quakes as well as asteroid-type charts, so any of you working extensively with asteroids can locate many of them in the skies over Nepal.

During the April 25 earthquake, the Sun was overhead, Juno was exactly rising (an asteroid associated strongly with atmospheric forces that can be highly discordant and this earthquake also created gigantic waves of disturbance in our stratosphere), and the largest asteroid -- Ceres (now being photographed for the first time ever by the DAWN spacecraft) was setting. The asteroids Nemesis and Fortuna were rising and below, respectively -- with both asteroids connected to challenging themes (particularly when Fortuna relates to Bad Luck rather than Good Luck).

During today's major quake, Mars and Saturn (the two traditional malefic planets in ancient and medieval astrology), about to exactly oppose each other on May 14 for the first time in several years, are above and below, along with an approaching Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces setting and the asteroid Freia almost exactly rising. Note: In Norse Mythology, Freia or Freyja is associated with love and beauty (and therefore associated somewhat with the Roman Venus and the Greek Aphrodite), but the wikipedia also lists "war and death" as themes connected with her various powers and attributes.

At some point, I plan to put forth additional charts on the severe and catastrophic earthquakes now rocking this part of the world. Stay tuned as we all send healing thoughts and prayers to the victims and families affected in Nepal and the surrounding areas. Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Nepal Quake April 25
April 25 Quake with Asteroids
Nepal Quake May 12
May 12 Quake with Asteroids

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