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News > Environment  > A Snow Disaster in Massachusetts: February 2015

A Snow Disaster in Massachusetts: February 2015

By: by Mark Lerner
A Snow Disaster in Massachusetts: February 2015 | Environment

Dateline February 16, 2015: In 1922 (exactly 100 years after the incorporation of Boston as a city), one of America’s finest poets wrote the following within a poem (Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening) every child of the 1950s learned by heart – “Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here, To watch his woods fill up with snow…Between the woods and frozen lake, The darkest evening of the year…The Woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” (Robert Frost, U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1931, 1937 and 1943, Education at Harvard and Dartmouth in New England, born March 26, 1874 in San Francisco and died January 29, 1963 in Boston).

While the shamans, high priests and priestesses, and astrologically-oriented astronomers of ancient tribes, towns, and city-states were tuned into the potency of Astro-Meteorology and Mundane Astrology, they did not have the extraordinarily advanced “tools of the trade” that modern astrologers now have to analyze and understand the solar, lunar and planetary effects on weather patterns and rural-urban locations here on Earth. My good friend and colleague Jim Lewis – who passed away about 20 years ago – did our field an enormous service via his invention of Astro*Carto*Graphy ®, back around 40 years ago.

For example, many people just becoming interested in astrology and perhaps having a “chart done,” think that by seeing and having a basic interpretation of the natal chart, learning about their major transits (recent past, present and near future), and absorbing something about “progressing the natal chart” (via a variety of techniques) that this will suffice. However, every state of the union has a birth chart, every town and city has a founding and incorporation date, and every chart, of any kind, shifts its four main angles (Rising, Setting, Midheaven, and Fourth House Cusp points) and the house placements of all the celestial bodies during any relocation north, south, east and west. Thus, you could be living in the wrong state, town, city or time-zone, and not know it, astrologically speaking.

For over 41 years now, I have worked with state charts, town-city charts (when dates are available) as well as relocation techniques (not to mention midpoints or the middle points between any two celestial bodies or a celestial body and an angle or node) – plus many other advanced astrological guidance systems. What I want to present today are some keys to comprehend why the state of Massachusetts and its primary city of Boston have become the focal point for this current Blizzard of 2015.

The following is not at all an exhaustive search – only a wake-up call and catalyst so you can follow up with your own research. Thus, please see each item as a kind of astro-psychic neon light flashing you stimulating information. [Note: Four charts are presented at the end of this feature, and one map of the Secondary Progressed chart for the town of Boston is also included within the text down below.]

While the state of Massachusetts contains Boston, it was the town of Boston that was born first on September 17, 1630 (New Style Date). The State of Massachusetts entered the Union on February 6, 1788, and Boston became an Incorporated City on March 4, 1822. [The times given for Massachusetts and the town of Boston come from Marc Penfield’s work Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere. He has done some rectification and/or accessed files from the American Federation of Astrologers. I have no time for the Incorporation of Boston as a city, but the month-day-year is correct and I have set up the chart for Noon, but put the Sun symbolically on the Ascendant.]

Here are the astro-reasons I have uncovered that help us understand why Boston and Massachusetts are suffering under this historic avalanche of snow at this time.

Only three American states were born during February – Oregon and Arizona (on February 14, 1859 and February 14, 1912, respectively) and Massachusetts (on February 6, 1788). Therefore, Massachusetts is the only state that has its natal Sun located at 17+ degrees of Aquarius. On January 21, 2015 – one day after an Aquarius New Moon at 0+ degrees – the planet Mercury made a station or halt in the heavens at 17+ degrees of Aquarius (in order to begin a three-week retrograde cycle), right on the Sun placement for Massachusetts.

Think about what is in that last sentence. There are 360 degrees in the zodiacal circle. There are 50 states in America. Generally speaking, the Sun in any birth chart signifies the heart, core-power, and life-energy of that entity. Mercury, by transit in the sky, has always ruled over wind and air (via its rulership of Gemini), health or illness (via its rulership of Virgo), plus communication and transportation as well as temperature fluctuations. In addition, Aquarius – the Sun-sign for Massachusetts – is a fixed-air sign, potentially representing unmoving, stagnant, blocked and “stubborn” wind patterns and movements. Stations of celestial bodies or their stopping points in the zodiac are some of the most powerful astrological influences that can occur.

Now realize – when you look at the chart for Massachusetts – the state came into being with a quadruple conjunction of the Moon, Mercury, Pluto and the Sun – all within 5 degrees of the zodiac in Aquarius. In fact, the Sun/Mercury midpoint = Pluto (the key planet of extremes, as well as the coldest orb in our main solar system, being approximately 3 billion miles away from the Sun). Remarkably, the Moon in the town of Boston’s chart is at the same precise degree of the zodiac (12+ Aquarius) as the Moon for Massachusetts. There are 157+ years separating the births of the town of Boston and the state of Massachusetts, but – somehow – they both have the exact same Moon placement – considering that there are 360 degrees in the zodiac and the Moon takes 27+ days to make one full orbit around the zodiacal circle.

Thus, even before Mercury stopped on January 21, right on the Massachusetts Sun, the Messenger of the Gods planet had already returned to its natal placement in that chart (and united with the Moon and Pluto), and then during the last week of January (when the snow started to accumulate), Mercury retrograded back over the Massachusetts Pluto, Mercury and Moon, and it will go back over these natal placements again for Massachusetts during the last two days of February and the first few days of March. [By the way, the next Full Moon is on March 5, only 1 day different from the Incorporation date of Boston – March 4, 1822. And the Full Moon of March will almost exactly illuminate the Massachusetts natal Venus at 14+ degrees of Pisces.]

The bottom line concerning Mercury in the sky recently was not just that it stopped right on top of the Massachusetts Sun, but that it is crisscrossing over its own placement three times in about six weeks as well as making three conjunctions with the Massachusetts Pluto and Moon, as well as the town of Boston’s Moon.

When I started learning astrology in 1972 from the great teachers Dane Rudhyar, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Evangeline Adams, Charles Carter, Alan Leo and others, working with Secondary Progressions (and other forms of progressed charting) was crucial. Now many new students in our field barely become acquainted with the important elements of these progressed techniques.

Be aware that the Progressed Venus right now for Massachusetts is 15+ degrees of Leo – exactly opposite the natal placement of Pluto (15+ degrees of Aquarius) for Massachusetts, which is also the Massachusetts Sun/Mercury midpoint. This type of polarity from a Progressed planet to a Natal planet would only occur every 300+ years or more. Therefore, Venus activating the Massachusetts Pluto (remember this planet has a lot to do with extremes and uncontrollable cold waves) is essential to know in this current Blizzard scenario.

Furthermore, if the time for the founding of the Town of Boston is correct, then the present Progressed Saturn placement for Boston is at 15+ degrees of Scorpio. This is the exact Ascendant or Rising Degree for the Town of Boston founded 384+ years ago. Saturn – like Pluto – has always been strongly associated with cold and is the traditional ruling planet of both Capricorn and Aquarius, the key zodiacal signs in charge of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. [See Below – the Town of Boston astrology chart, in its Secondary Progressed format, revealed on a map of the United States, for February 2015, and the arcing line running almost precisely through Boston is the Saturn Ascendant line.]

It is even significant that Jupiter now in the sky is located at 16+ degrees of Leo – making a precise 60-degree alignment to the Massachusetts natal Jupiter at 16+ degrees of Gemini. Jupiter is often considered a planet of benevolence, providence and good fortune, but it also rules Big-ness in any form, which would include an immense amount of snow. And the natal Jupiter for Massachusetts is part of a Pythagorean Triangle (or 3-4-5 type triangle, composed of a square, trine and 150-degree aspect) – including Pallas at 16+ degrees of Virgo and the Moon-Mercury-Pluto-Sun conjunction, focused mainly at 15+ degrees of Aquarius. Any Pythagorean Triangle in a chart is rare to begin with and has an aura of mystery and intrigue surrounding it. [The Boston Tea Party and the Assassination of President Kennedy both occurred during very rare and exact Pythagorean Triangle formations in the zodiac.]

Even though no time is yet known for the Incorporation of Boston as a city on March 4, 1822, in making a Secondary Progression of this chart for the current time-period of early 2015 we find that Progressed Venus at 25+ degrees of Leo is exactly conjunct the natal placement for Mars (25+ degrees of Leo), which is also within 1 degree the South Lunar Node for the City of Boston, and the Progressed Ceres is at 24+ Aquarius – right on the City of Boston North Lunar Node and directly opposite the natal Mars, Progressed Venus, and natal South Lunar Node.

This leads to some other very slow-moving astrological vibrations that are connected to key transiting midpoints of major planetary pairs. For example, the current Saturn/Pluto midpoint (representing extreme cold, delays and chronic problems, when these two celestial bodies are negative) is at 23+ degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius, which is exactly the very sensitive, karma-and-dharma energy-field for the Massachusetts Lunar North and South Nodes.

Two very slow-moving, revolutionary, and disturbing midpoints are Uranus/Neptune and Uranus/Pluto. The current Uranus/Neptune midpoint, focused at 24+ degrees of Pisces-Virgo, is exactly energizing the Town of Boston’s natal Sun-Mercury placement. The current Uranus/Pluto midpoint, focused at 29+ Aquarius-Leo, is exactly activating the state of Massachusetts natal Saturn placement.

And even regarding the Incorporation of Boston as a city chart, the current Saturn/Uranus midpoint (having a restrictive and shocking quality when negative), focused at 8+ degrees of Aquarius, is exactly on top of its natal Ceres placement.

A slightly faster moving midpoint than the ones listed above is Mars/Pluto. However, it can really pack an emotional wallop if it strikes a key natal celestial body or configuration. You can now add more fuel to the midpoint fire as the Mars/Pluto transiting midpoint has been moving through the 12 – 17 degree area in Aquarius, where the natal Moon-Mercury-Pluto-Sun quadruple conjunction is located, from January 26 to February 9.

It is the combined intensity of these powerful, transiting midpoints – hitting strategically important celestial bodies in the state chart for Massachusetts and the two Boston charts – that adds weight to why the citizens of this Commonwealth and key American city are suffering under the Blizzard of 2015.

Question for Skeptics: Might a sporting event help to confirm for you the validity of the state of Massachusetts birth chart as well as the founding chart for the town of Boston? On October 27, 2004, the Boston Red Sox finally won the Major League Baseball World Series that had eluded them since 1918 -- neutralizing 86 years of heartbreak for their devoted fans. On that magical night, transiting Neptune -- the planet of "miracles" according to one of my astrology books -- was located at 12+ degrees of Aquarius. Remember that degree? It is the precise location of the Moon -- which rules the Public in Mundane Astrology -- in the charts for the state of Massachusetts and the town of Boston. In addition, Mars -- the key planet of sports and competitive gaming -- was at 20+ degrees of Libra, returning to its natal placement in the chart for the town of Boston as that amazed populace woke up the following morning and prepared to welcome home their victorious heroes who had won the fourth game of the series in St. Louis. Speaking of Mars, the New Moon leading into the World Series in 2004 arrived on October 13 -- energizing 21+ degrees of Libra, right where Mars was positioned in the chart for the town of Boston and where transiting Mars would be two weeks later when the World Series was over. And within minutes of the Red Sox victory to seal the championship there was a Total Lunar Eclipse at that month's Full Moon, one of the most enlightening of all celestial configurations.

P.S. I just heard on the CBS Evening News broadcast that only a “paltry” couple of inches of snow are due for Boston and Eastern Massachusetts tonight during yet another snowstorm and frigid cold conditions moving through Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and New England. The weather forecaster mentioned that 90 inches of snow had fallen over the past few weeks in the Boston, Massachusetts area. That translates into 7 and one-half feet of snow. Who knew that Robert Frost’s poetic masterpiece from 1922 would resonate so poignantly in 2015 and in the city where he died in 1963.

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All right reserved.

Town of Boston
Boston Incoporated
Town of Boston Progressed

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