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News > Mundane Astrology  > ABCs about Terror in Paris

ABCs about Terror in Paris

By: by Mark Lerner
ABCs about Terror in Paris | Mundane Astrology

Dateline: Monday January 12, 2015…On Wednesday morning January 7, 2015 – as the clock ticked off its minutes just past 11:20am CET – terrorists attempting to avenge the publication of cartoonist portraits of the Prophet Mohammed blasted their way into the main Parisian offices of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly French newspaper poking fun at national and world leaders. When the carnage was over, 12 people were dead, and 11 were injured from gunfire – the largest number being writers and cartoonists for Charlie Hebdo, including its defiant editor-in-chief.

As people everywhere know, this led to an outpouring of millions of people worldwide, expressing their outrage, particularly via the social networking form of #JeSuisCharlie or I am Charlie. Eventually, a second massacre occurred on Friday afternoon at a kosher grocery store in Paris – with four Jewish hostages dead at the outset. Later that day, the two terrorist brothers from the first murders on Wednesday (Said Kouachi and Cherif Kourachi) and the terrorist from the second murders on Friday (Amedy Coulibaly) – all Islamic radicals with allegiance to al-Qaida and/or the Islamic State – were killed by the French police.

Even now – one day after over a million souls gathered in Paris with their declarations for freedom and for not being afraid, and millions more marched in major capitals around the globe – there are deep concerns in France that other terrorists might be at-large, since it was determined that the three original terrorists knew one another and that the 26-year-old wife of Amedy Coulibaly (Hayat Boumeddiene) had fled to Syria, by way of Turkey, a week or so before the slaughters.

While I have written a lot during the past few years about the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares – from Aries to Capricorn, that started in June 2012 and will end in March 2015 – and where these potentially very caustic and frictional, 90-degree aspects have much to do with extreme upheavals within humanity, the more specific astrological signature at work here in France has been via the shadow side of the asteroid Juno.

Juno was the third asteroid discovered during the first decade of the nineteenth century (September 1, 1804), and it is the smallest of the original quartet of asteroid bodies (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta). When positive, Juno has much to do with the search for peace, harmony, respect, and emotional empowerment in primary partnerships. It is strongly associated with elegance, beauty, style, and rules over the fashion industry. In Mundane Astrology, Juno has jurisdiction over mediation and arbitration, negotiations between management and labor, diplomacy, and peace treaties. However, as the late, great astrologer Eleanor Bach wrote about Juno in her classic A Graphic Ephemeris of Sensitive Degrees: “…when things do not go well…she can become the Holy Terror the Greeks saw her as, that is to say, a terrorist. Terrorism is the weapon of the powerless, and the terrible anger, the outrage at powerlessness, can lead to outrageous violations. It’s not pretty. The abused child grows up to be a child abuser, the man who feels powerless within himself becomes the rapist, or wife beater, powerless countries resort to training terrorists. Juno is the mother of Mars. Is this to say powerlessness breeds rage? I think so…”

Eleanor Bach goes on to say the following: “…when the powers that be will not listen to the grievances of the powerless, when there is injustice – then her only weapon is terrorism, the weapon of the powerless. Then there are hijackings, kidnappings, hostage taking; the innocent become victims. The violated become violators…We really do need to start paying attention to Juno! Not only ours, but all governments would be wiser if they tried to root out the cause of terrorism, rather than to simply try to smash it or scare it away with their saber-rattling and righteous rhetoric. Grievances must have a hearing if we are to live in a civilized, humane society…Juno is a stormy goddess; the winds obeyed her. Violent storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are symbolic of her rage, her outrage at powerlessness…”

Eleanor – who brought forth the first asteroid ephemeris in 1973 – used to write for my astrological magazine Welcome to Planet Earth in the 1980s. When I first began my astrological studies in New York City in 1972, I used to go to her residence in the Chelsea neighborhood in lower Manhattan every month – where many would-be astrologers would mingle and eat her delicious desserts. She was a friend, a colleague, and absolutely brilliant.

As soon as I heard about the massacre of writers and other individuals at Charlie Hebdo and the media reported the assailants were Islamic terrorists, I remembered everything I had ever learned from Eleanor Bach about the shadow side of Juno. I also remembered that Juno had recently stationed at 18 degrees of Leo on December 15, and that the slaughter on Wednesday January 7 was occurring with the transiting Moon in Leo, making its first conjunction with Juno in the sky since it had stopped its direct motion in mid-December and begun moving in reverse for three months.

It turns out that whenever a celestial body has stationed in the heavens – to either go direct or retrograde – its potency is made even more dynamic when the Moon makes its first pass over that celestial body. Since the Moon has a 27.3-day cycle through the zodiac, it didn’t take me long to realize that the Juno station in Leo from December 15 was about to be potently energized (for good or ill or both) as the Moon crossed over its position on Wednesday January 7.

When you examine the Charlie Hebdo massacre chart (six charts are displayed at the end of this feature), you will see that the Moon was within 4 degrees of making its monthly conjunction with Juno as the killings occurred. By the time the conjunction of the Moon with Juno became precise, the news was shocking the entire country of France – not to mention a good portion of the population of the world.

From writing about Mundane Astrology events for 40+ years now, I understand how this works. Therefore, I started to check out the charts for the birth of the Fifth French Republic (October 5, 1958), the President of France Francois Hollande (August 12, 1954), and the sunrise charts for the three terrorists, Said Kouachi (September 7, 1980), Cherif Kouachi (November 29, 1982), and Amedy Coulibaly (February 27, 1982).

To make what could be a very long story much shorter, note the following: The birth of the Fifth French Republic – the current ruling chart of France – contains Juno at 22 degrees of Virgo. Francois Hollande is born with Juno at 21 degrees of Virgo. Said Kouachi – the older of the two terrorist brothers – was born with a Jupiter-Juno conjunction (Jupiter at 20 degrees of Virgo and Juno at 21 degrees of Virgo). Do you see the disturbing and horrible exactitude of this Juno line-up within the three charts?

Plus, the Sun on the day of the Charlie Hebdo killings was located at 17 degrees of Capricorn – which is the exact degree of Juno when the younger terrorist brother, Cherif Kouachi, was born. The third terrorist, Amedy Coulibaly, who also shot and murdered a French policewoman the day after the Charlie Hebdo killings, was born with a super-zealous and potentially. highly-confusing Juno-Neptune conjunction, in which his Juno at 1+ degrees of Capricorn was exactly square to the Fifth French Republic’s Venus at 1+ degrees of Libra. Furthermore, Amedy Coulibaly was born with four celestial bodies stretching from 19 Libra to 27 Libra (including Mars, Pallas, Saturn and Pluto) – all of which are activating the fate-destiny oriented Lunar Nodal Axis in France’s chart (23 degrees of Libra and Aries).

2015 began with a volatile Mars-Jupiter opposition, and then, two days later, the Sun squared Uranus and united with Pluto in the sky – triggering the recent violent and explosive, Uranus-Pluto square from December 14, 2014 (occurring within the aura of the Juno station of December 15!). The Uranus-Pluto face-off of December 14, 2014 was the sixth and next-to-last of seven Uranus-Pluto 90-degree sky configurations that have been exacerbating worldwide terrorist extremism over the past three years. It is also significant that Said Kouachi – the older of the two Kouachi brothers – was born with his Mars at 6 degrees of Scorpio (the exact placement of Jupiter when the Fifth French Republic was born). Said Kouachi was also born with a Leo Moon – fairly late in the sign – and the Moon was nearing its monthly return for him when the slaughter of innocents began at Charlie Hebdo newspaper headquarters. Oddly enough, it was mainly due to his identity card accidently being left in a getaway car that led to the terrorist brothers eventually being captured and killed themselves two days later, when the Moon was now in Virgo, uniting with Pluto in the Fifth French Republic chart and moving toward the French Juno placement in Virgo.

Many midpoints of celestial bodies were part of this entire horrific series of events in France over the past six days, but the most telling was that Mars (the traditional planet of warfare, inflammatory behavior, and bloodshed) at 28 degrees of Aquarius was within a quarter of a degree of a conjunction with the transiting Uranus/Pluto midpoint as the French police nearly simultaneously ended the lives of the three terrorists around sunset on Friday January 9.

In conclusion for the moment, ponder on this quotation from The Destiny of the Nations by Alice A. Bailey (who was over-lighted by her teacher, the Tibetan Master D.K.): “You will remember perhaps that some years ago I indicated that from France will come a great psychological or soul revelation which will bring illumination to world thought.”

Perhaps France is nearing that catalytic turning point when it will “…lead the world spiritually as she has effectively in past history from the more political and cultural aspects…” Only time and the future will tell.

Copyright 2015 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Fifth French Republic
Francois Hollande
Charlie Hebdo Murders
Said Kouachi
Cherif Kouachi
Amedy Coulibaly

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