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News > Mundane Astrology  > A Battle over Gaza: Israel at War

A Battle over Gaza: Israel at War

By: by Mark Lerner
A Battle over Gaza: Israel at War | Mundane Astrology

Dateline Sunday August 3, 2014: The Israelis have been fighting again with the terrorist group Hamas – violently and with large numbers of deaths on all sides (over 1800 Palestinians and 60 Israelis so far), particularly for the state-less Palestinians of Gaza caught up in the deadly crossfire. The most recent struggle began with the catalytic kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and was ramped up when an Israeli retribution took place – the burning alive of a Palestinian youth in retaliation.

Once those two events entered the current history books – and readers might remember that I wrote very voluminously last year about 2014 beginning for the first time with a Capricorn New Moon conjunct Pluto (for the first time in 247 years!) as billions of humans around the Earth made their New Year’s wishes – ever since those four youths were senselessly and horribly murdered several weeks ago, the flames of war have engulfed the so-called Holy Land.

Since Palestine is still striving for nation-hood, the main chart to examine is that for the founding of Israel back on May 14, 1948. That astrology chart is put forward at the end of this article.

This is not meant to be a full analysis of the ongoing transits creating havoc in Israel and Gaza, but just to remind you that when hellish events affect anything or anyone – born at a moment of time on Earth – there are often several challenging alignments at work, and not just one.

In this horrific situation, you have the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter – making its first unions in 12 years with the Israeli Vesta (safety-security themes) at the end of Cancer and the Israeli Moon (homeland; masses; roots; the public) in early Leo. Eventually, Jupiter will move on to make three passes over the Israeli Pluto and Saturn (in a conjunction in Israel’s birth chart) – this to take place during the next 8+ months and wherein Jupiter will station at 12+ degrees of Leo during a retrograde cycle in April 2015 within 3 minutes of arc of Israel’s Pluto. [Note: Jupiter often represents good fortune, providence, benevolence and the power of positive thinking, but in its shadow side can signify overdoing in total excess, reckless abandon, and hubris.]

In the meantime, two of our solar system’s heavy-weights – often tilting the scales of harmony away from balance and toward hopelessness, pessimism, depression and pent-up frustrations – are simultaneously making very tense, highly uncomfortable aspects in the Israeli transits. Saturn now in Scorpio* has been squaring its leonine natal position in Israel’s birth chart – and Saturn has just made a station on July 20 (during the upsurge of the recent hostilities) exactly in this square pattern. Pluto in Capricorn has been moving back and forth in an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Israel’s natal Pluto in Leo – and it is this natal Pluto that will receive the full force of transiting-stationary Jupiter in March-April 2015. [*Earlier in 2014, Saturn made a station at 23+ degrees of Scorpio – falling short of a precise opposition to Israel’s 23+ Taurus Sun by less than half of one degree. By late October 2014, Saturn will finally form the exact polarity, something that hasn’t happened in 29+ years – potentially another red flag being raised over this seemingly constant war-torn area of the world.]

The red planet Mars has not been a minor role-player either as this celestial body crisscrossed over Israel’s Rising Sign of Libra several times in 2014 – and Mars was accompanied by Vesta (safety-security and turf-war archetypes), Ceres (land and nature, plus its discovery position from 1801 is exactly Israel’s Sun at 23+ Taurus), and the fate-destiny oriented Lunar Nodal Axis. As the hostilities in Gaza gained momentum in the last few weeks, Mars exactly passed over Israel’s Ascendant for the third time in the last nine months. On the scary day of September 11, 2014 (marking the thirteenth anniversary of the World Trade Center catastrophe of 9-11-2001), Mars reaches 28+ Scorpio – exactly moving into a sharp, fixed-power square to the Israeli natal Mars at 28+ Leo.

Since the State of Israel came into existence with revolutionary, shocking, and unpredictable Uranus at its discovery placement in the zodiac from March 13, 1781 (24+ degrees of Gemini), this nation in the heart of the Middle East will almost always be a tinderbox inflaming the countries around it to rise up in rebellion and upheaval. And even the most recent Uranus station – at 16+ degrees of Aries – happened on July 21, which was just one day after Saturn made its halt in the heavens at 16+ degrees of Scorpio – forcing these two deeply-adversarial celestial bodies to be in a close-to-precise, 150-degree clash. Thus, in many ways, the nearly simultaneous stations last month of Saturn and Uranus – occurring as the warfare heated up between Israel and Hamas – represent a heavenly war that is being played out for all of humanity to see and somehow deal with if any kind of fragile peace and intelligent breakthrough (a higher-octave power of Uranus) can result in the weeks and months ahead.

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.


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