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News > Mundane Astrology  > Astrology of a Senseless Mass Murder

Astrology of a Senseless Mass Murder

By: by Mark Lerner
Astrology of a Senseless Mass Murder | Mundane Astrology

Dateline Sunday May 25, 2014…As if the memories of tens of millions of soldiers and civilians lost in a myriad of earthly wars were not enough during this Memorial Day weekend, an horrific exclamation point played itself out this past Friday night in the beach-side community of Isla Vista, California -- near to the campus of the University of California in Santa Barbara. This time it was something that could have been prevented -- if the perpetrator's family, the doctors and/or psychiatric counselors treating him, Santa Barbara City College roommates, the local police as well as the international audience tuning daily into YouTube had been more observant.

22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the son of a British-born assistant director of The Hunger Games, had literally planned out his scheme of mass murder in a nearly 140-page rambling manifesto as well as a 7-minute video he posted himself on YouTube that appeared on that website on Friday (taken down then yesterday after the slaughter of 6 people and the injuries afflicting 13 others). Wearing sunglasses and appearing in his black BMW, this young adult of wealth and privilege (but the child of divorce when he was in the first grade, apparently suffering from Asperger Syndrome*, born in London and arriving in the USA around age 5) proclaimed that he would take out his lifelong feelings of loneliness, alienation, clumsiness with women, still being a virgin and possibly experiencing many episodes of bullying over the years by killing sorority girls as well as stabbing his own roommates. Here are two of his chilling quotations:

"Tomorrow is the day of retribution. That day I will have my retribution against humanity…against all of you."

"You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one…the true alpha male."

*Asperger Syndrome is associated with difficulties related to social interaction, and potentially disturbing, intense, verbal and non-verbal expression. It is often confused with Autism, but is very different in its influence, and is still being researched for a potential cure and a variety of treatments.

Elliot Rodger was born on July 24, 1991 in London (time unknown). The birth chart at the close of this feature is actually calculated as though he were born in Isla Vista, California -- where the violent rampage took place -- and using a Sunrise type chart. Even though we don't have the assailant's birth time and only the time he went on the 10-minute killing spree in his BMW (9:27PM PDT Friday night with 22+ Sagittarius rising, the Moon placement for the next Full Moon on June 12), the professional astrologer can reveal a lot about this man's mental problems and deep-seated motives.

In many ways, this is an example of the power of Leo, the Sun, and Jupiter (potentially the most powerful sign of the zodiac, and the two largest celestial bodies in our solar system) running amok and expressing themselves on a self-indulgent, delusional, and virulent inhumane path.

He was born just a day into Solar Leo and while the Sun had just made its annual union with Chiron -- the wounded healer, maverick comet-like body. While millions of great souls come into the material plane with this kind of possibly shamanic, sagacious conjunction, Chiron -- like all other celestial bodies -- has its negative side of suffering, pain, and twilight zones of strange behavior, outside the norm. Then add on the fact that both of these celestial bodies are opposing Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (with the Sun-Saturn opposition applying and within 2 degrees of exactitude) and you have a waiting-in-the-wings set-up for anger against father figures, and authority-executive type individuals. Plus, he was born when Jupiter was in Leo as well, and -- via his gradually evolving Secondary Progressed chart -- the Sun and Jupiter were on the verge of uniting.

The above paragraph explains his veering toward pride-hubris, egocentricity (the planets are revolving around me, the center of the solar system, the Sun in Leo…) and his statement that you…"will finally see that I am in truth the superior one…the true alpha male…"

It is also incredibly telling that -- as the eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar explained in his ground-breaking book from the 1940s The Lunation Cycle -- the New Moon before Elliot Rodger's birth was (a) a Total Solar Eclipse and (b) located at 18+ degrees of Cancer -- precisely where transiting Jupiter was this past Friday when Rodger's went berserk and acted out his planned massacre. [Dane Rudhyar associates the New Moon before Birth with deep-seated issues from childhood as well as past-life influences of which we may know nothing in this lifetime.]

Beyond the shadowy, dysfunctional Jupiter, "Tyrant of the Gods" archetype at his birth and in his calamity-inducing, mentally-deranged killing spree (over-accentuated by driving his car and using that, too, as a vehicle for destruction of others), there are many celestial configurations in his birth chart pointing toward his numerous psychological-sociological problems -- including the Moon in hardworking, industrious Capricorn and yet approaching unpredictable and shocking Uranus as well as confusing-chaotic Neptune (when this planet behaves negatively), Jupiter separating from a sharp square to Pluto in fixed, power signs and approaching an opposition to its feminine companion in Roman mythology Juno, bringing up vast dis-empowerment issues in key relationships, and an overly-analytical Venus-Mars union in Virgo, prone to criticism of others, and exacerbated by their exact Secondary Progressed conjunction when he was two years old and then magnified when he was eight years old when he experienced a very rare Progressed Venus station and turn retrograde, something that would have continued for 42 years into the future from that time-period. [Pluto by transit in Capricorn had also been going back and forth over his very volatile Uranus-Neptune conjunction and midpoint while Uranus by transit in Aries had just made several squares to his natal Uranus in Capricorn – igniting his need to be different, radical, and shocking in his out-of-the-box behavior patterns. Neptune in Pisces, over the last year or so, had also taken a toll on his sanity via a once-in-a-lifetime polarity to his Venus-Mars union in Virgo – with this 180-degree opposition going to still affect him, had he lived, on and off for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.]

Just as giant Jupiter -- the largest planet in our solar system -- was on top of his New Moon before Birth degree of 18+ Cancer, which was also his fate-oriented Lunar South Node, where a Total Solar Eclipse had occurred back on July 11, 1991 (13 days before his birth), the transiting Moon in Aries this past Friday night was also a piece of this terrible disaster as the lunar orb was squaring his natal Moon in Capricorn and creating a temporary Pythagorean Triangle, a mysterious and hard-to-decipher 3-4-5 triangle composed of 90-degree, 120-degree and 150-degree aspects, and, in this situation, violently setting off his Venus-Mars union in Virgo trine to his Moon in Capricorn -- with the quickly-moving, fiery Moon in Aries being the flame of internal rage that lit up this explosion of social mayhem.

[It is noteworthy in this regard that even without knowing his precise time of birth, it is clear that Elliot Rodger was in the grip of a Progressed Moon in Scorpio, usually considered by astrologers of the past few centuries the most difficult of the 12 lunar Progressed 2+ year cycles. And that Progressed Moon in Scorpio was approaching his Natal and Progressed Pluto, the ancient god of the Underworld, phobias, secrets, and repressed emotions. The fact that America is currently going through a Progressed Moon in Scorpio lunar cycle may signify an awful resonance regarding this new addition to the modern saga of young people gone mad.]

It is also ironic and sad to realize that had his family, doctors, and the police -- who had visited him on April 30 and somehow came away thinking he was calm and "polite"-- all done their higher jobs of preventing these murders from happening, then Elliot Rodger would have experienced on his upcoming birthday (July 24, 2014) the following sky-pattern aspects at his Solar Return: The Sun united with Jupiter; the Moon conjunct Venus as well as Venus trine Neptune; Mercury trine Saturn; and -- from the challenging astro-psychic spectrum -- Mercury square Uranus, the Moon opposite Pluto, and the Sun 135-degrees to Chiron – all of which would have influenced him during the 1-year time-period from July 24, 2014 to July 23, 2015.

The amazing synchronicity of the Sun being with Jupiter exactly in the sky for his upcoming birthday while, in his Secondary Progressed chart, the Sun and Jupiter were also uniting this year is astounding, especially from a statistical perspective. And it also a reinforcement of the off-kilter Leo-Sun-Jupiter theme that made Elliot Rodger think he was the Center of our Universe when he was only a misguided, self-centered child who --like so many other youths of our day and age -- have an assortment of physical, emotional, and mental disturbances, but which, fortunately, don't lead to a slaughter of innocents.

Final Notes: It turns out that the asteroid Psyche was located at 2+ degrees of Leo at Elliot Rodger’s birth – right next to his Sun and closely opposite his Saturn. This created a triple conjunction of Chiron-Sun-Psyche 180-degrees to Saturn at his birth – giving an additional emphasis of soul-searching, his longing for happiness and soul-communion with a female companion that never occurred, and, might we say this, “psych-ing himself out negatively,” via far too much self-analysis. As he committed this mass act of terrorism, transiting Psyche reached 18+ degrees of Aquarius – less than 1 degree from opposing his natal Jupiter at 19+ degrees of Leo. Here is added weight to his lifelong Jupiterian problems, and, it should be noted, that Jupiter is the main planet of integration or non-integration in one’s social milieu, cultural life, and generational expression.

Potent midpoints at birth and by transit can often paint extraordinary pictures about the nature of major earthly events. In this regard, you should note that as Elliot Rodger’s rampage began in Isla Vista at 9:27PM PDT on May 23, the transiting Mars/Neptune midpoint (fanatical acts when very negative) was rising. Furthermore, the transiting Mars/Uranus midpoint (representing violent physical and/or emotional explosions when negative) at 12+ degrees of Cancer and the Saturn/Neptune midpoint (a potential cause of sickness and depressing-confusing behavior) at 13+ degrees of Capricorn were short-circuiting his natal Uranus-Neptune conjunction and midpoint. The transiting Saturn/Uranus midpoint (combining frustration with rebellion) at 2+ degrees of Aquarius was focusing its rays down on his natal Saturn and opposite his Chiron-Sun-Psyche triple conjunction while the heavy-duty, fear-inducing, transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 16+ degrees of Sagittarius was almost precisely on his natal Neptune/Pluto midpoint – a midpoint that moves at the slowest rate of all planetary midpoint combinations.

One last astrological combination of midpoints amplifies everything I have written in this story about the Sun’s and Jupiter’s non-magnificent obsession going on in Elliot Rodger’s mind, feelings, subconscious, and emotions in this lifetime – his natal Sun/Jupiter midpoint at 10+ degrees of Leo was being exactly opposed by the transiting Neptune/Pluto midpoint at 10+ degrees of Aquarius. Thus, this terrible page in the history of humanity reveals how birth charts – even without an exact time – can be understood, especially by adding the wide-ranging transits, progressions, and midpoint structures that are impinging on our life circumstances all the time, whether we know it or not.

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Elliot Rodger

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