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News > Mundane Astrology  > The Disappearance of Flight370

The Disappearance of Flight370

By: by Mark Lerner
The Disappearance of Flight370 | Mundane Astrology

Dateline: Tuesday March 18, 2014…Ten days ago, on Saturday March 8, 227 people, a crew of 10 and 2 pilots took off at 12:41AM local time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – heading for Beijing, China. Around 26 minutes into the flight – while approaching Vietnamese air space – communications from the flight began faltering, so that over the next 15 to 20 minutes or so, the Boeing777 jet disappeared off radar screens. Ever since, the world has been watching, waiting and confused about what happened to all those individuals and who (or what) might have been responsible for the jet vanishing with no trace of debris, explosion or crash into sea or land.

A professional astrologer, who had been traveling in the area, sent out an email that included a chart for the 12:41AM time – along with his interpretation of what might be going on. I received this about 5 days ago. I didn’t read his description, but decided it was about time to put in my own two-cents regarding the astrological themes happening when this plane began its climb into aviation history. [Note: The goal here is not to figure out what actually happened, but to provide you with clues about meaningful astro-zodiacal factors that can assist you in making your own interpretations.]

As soon as I looked at the chart, I was stunned by the following (considering that, according to one reference, there might be 88,000 flights occurring on any given day): The Moon in Gemini was exactly setting while Neptune in Pisces was exactly below. The four main angles of a birth chart are very sensitive positions and for two major celestial bodies to be precisely on two of the angles was an immediate eye-opener.

The Moon setting in Gemini certainly signified the world-wide media and press attention to the disappearance of the jet. Neptune directly below represents (a) the confusion and chaos caused by the jet’s vanishing act, and (b) the possible idealistic-zealous or fanatical religious view of someone or a contingent of individuals desiring to hijack the plane, in order to make some statement to the world.

My next interest moved to incorporating Dane Rudhyar’s enlightening An Astrological Mandala – with its re-interpretation of the Sabian Symbols for every degree of the zodiac.

The Rising Sign at 8 degrees of Sagittarius: “Within the depths of the Earth new elements are being formed…Keynote: The alchemical fire which both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life.”

The Setting Sign at 8 degrees of Gemini (plus, the Moon placement): “Aroused strikers surround a factory…Keynote: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationship.”

The IC below at 6 degrees of Pisces (plus, the Neptune placement): “A parade of Army officers in full dress…Keynote: The dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large.”

The MC above at 6 degrees of Virgo: “A Merry-Go-Round…Keynote: The first experience of the dynamic intensity of life processes and of the possibility of using them to reach a characteristic ego-satisfaction.”

The reason I believe these four degree symbols help us understand the jet’s disappearance is that there are so many tens of thousands of flights on any given day that the precise degrees on the four angles of any plane taking off will be very specific for the purpose and destiny of that flight.

When you add up the fact that Malaysia has a rather repressive government and that the main pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (age 53) was a strong supporter of the main opposition leader (who supports social justice and anti-corruption policies), then the symbology of the four degrees on the angles start to come to life.

Even if Captain Shah did not deliberately send this jet into a terrestrial black hole – for some hidden reason and agenda that we may never know – someone else on board might have interfered, via a hijacking attempt, perhaps with similar motives or for some other terrorist-type plot.

Here are several other astro-zodiacal factors that you might want to consider in any evaluation of what happened to Flight370:

In 2004, a celestial body was discovered far out in space in what is called the Kuiper Belt. Now a number of these bodies have been found in the last decade or so – with Eris and Sedna being two of the more significant ones. However, the one I am referring to was named Orcus – another designation for Pluto, the god of the underworld in Roman mythology. It is intriguing that Orcus had stationed – paused to stop and go into reverse – in December 2013 at very close to 6 degrees of Virgo; therefore, just at the Midheaven or above angle of this plane’s birth chart. The actual zodiacal placement of Orcus was 4+ Virgo – still close to the Midheaven as the flight took off and within 1 degree of being opposite Neptune at 5+ Pisces below.

To have far-out and often uncontrollable celestial bodies like Neptune and Orcus on the vertical angle of a birth chart is to conjure up the probable end result – that for whatever reason, Flight370 probably wound up crashing into the water (Neptune) while the passengers and crew wound up going into an underworld (Orcus) or “overworld” of heaven preceded by hell.

Since I work a lot with midpoints – the middle points in the zodiac between any two celestial bodies or angles – looking through several dozen of these was also important. The Ceres/Pluto midpoint at 7+ Sagittarius was exactly rising and these two celestial bodies will be the destinations of the Dawn spacecraft (Ceres) and New Horizons spacecraft (Pluto) next year – bound to be extraordinary as these advanced, hi-tech marvels photograph the so-called “dwarf planets” in our solar system that may hold the key to what created the asteroid belt and how our place in the galaxy is constructed at its farthest location. In addition, in the moments before the flight took off, the following midpoints were energizing the Ascendant: Pluto/Lunar North Node; Vesta/Pluto; Mars/Pluto … with this trio of midpoints adding more weight to the extremist and explosive nature of what was about to happen shortly after take-off.

From the setting end of the birth chart, we find that the Pallas/Chiron midpoint was at 6+ Gemini while the Sun/Pallas midpoint was at 8+ Gemini – both of these midpoints surrounding the setting Moon at 7+ Gemini. Pallas, involved in both midpoints, is the key asteroid most elevated in this birth chart, signifying (when negative) a problem that cannot be solved and/or the wicked genius involved in creating such a problem. Pallas does have a lot to do with knowledge, wisdom, strategy, engineering, and computer programming; thus, it being elevated (and also conjunct the zodiacal placement of the first-magnitude star Regulus, the little king of the constellation of Leo) and also involved with the horizontal angle of the birth chart (via two midpoints) seems very telling in this jet’s vanishing act.

Adding potency to the vertical dimension of the birth chart are the Jupiter/Vesta and Jupiter/Lunar North Node midpoints both at 5+ Virgo (the Midheaven degree). Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, will always represent something Big and Large-Scale while one of the key meanings for Vesta is safety-security issues. Meanwhile, down below, the Venus/Uranus midpoint at 6+ Pisces is only 1 degree from the IC and Neptune placements. Venus can equate with peace and harmony while Uranus, when negative, stands for short-circuits, shocks to the system, and revolutionary upheavals.

Another midpoint structure is immensely important and might be missed at first glance. If you take Jupiter in Pisces in the 8th house and Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th house, their midpoint is 16 degrees and 52 minutes of Virgo – just 10 minutes of arc away from the opposition point to the Sun at 17 degrees and 02 minutes of Pisces. This is crucial as the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn are the largest three bodies in our solar system, and now we see that the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint is hooked up with the Sun. You should recall, from some of my previous articles where midpoints are discussed, that there are two ends in the zodiac for any midpoint: the near midpoint and the far midpoint, as a midpoint is really an axis across the zodiac with two ends. Thus, the Sun is located within 10 minutes of arc of the far midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn in this birth chart. This helps to explain why this one flight is so weighty and profound to the world, why so many countries are looking for it, over so many thousands of square miles, on land and sea – because of the rare intermingling of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.

In traditional astrology, the 4th, 8th and 12th houses of any chart signify mysteries, secrets, the unknown and occult or hidden forces. In this birth chart, Neptune, Chiron and the Sun are below in the 4th house, Jupiter (conjunct its own Heliocentric North Node at 10+ Cancer, by the way, adding another mammoth factor) in the 8th house, and Saturn in the 12th house all together signify a gigantic wave of negative energy coming from an evil magician’s wand – creating a disappearing act, in this case, a Boeing777 jet with 239 souls aboard.

One other point at this time: I often mention parallels and contra-parallels when writing the Cosmic Calendar. Parallels and contra-parallels have been a part of astrology for several thousand years, but they have become more important to work with in the last 20 years or so – as many more professional astrologers utilize Declination or the number of degrees north and south of the Celestial Equator as a reference system, along with the zodiacal coordinates (found by using the Ecliptic or the apparent Sun’s path in the sky).

There was one major parallel happening as Flight370 took off and disappeared: Venus parallel Saturn at 16+ south degrees, an alignment that had just become exact in the few hours before the jet left Kuala Lumpur. A parallel is similar to a conjunction in the zodiac. Therefore, Venus in early Aquarius and Saturn in late Scorpio – with no major zodiacal aspect between them – are creating a Big Chill effect for the people on board the plane via a parallel that is only 1 minute of arc from exactitude.

It is also intriguing that the brightest star in the sky – Sirius, the famous Dog Star – which has a zodiacal placement at 14 degrees of Cancer (about to be opposed by Pluto at 14 Capricorn, for their first polarity in about 247 years) also has a declination at 16+ south degrees. In other words, the parallel of Venus to Saturn – signifying a cold and perhaps fearful condition (Saturn) to the peace and harmony (Venus) of the bulk of the passengers and crew on Flight370 – is associated with the energy-field of Sirius.

I was going to close with the above as an ending, but I also noticed that the very far-away celestial body Sedna – discovered just after Orcus in 2004 – was almost exactly opposite Saturn in the Flight370 birth chart. Saturn at 23+ Scorpio and Sedna at 23+ Taurus are forming a major polarity, and this axis in the zodiac is not only stressing the 8th sign of Scorpio (deep or mysteries waters), but some of the possible meanings of Sedna, named for an Inuit goddess of the sea, who has a chilling effect on human beings caught in her psychic web of pain. Sedna has much to do with Mother Nature’s presence in the swirl of oceanic currents and the lives of sea creatures world-wide. The fact that this Saturn-Sedna polarity activates the 12th and 6th houses of this chart suggests that whoever or whatever took over this plane may have been someone previously sick, imprisoned or deranged (or a combination of all three).

It would be wonderful to end this story in an upbeat manner, but – for the moment and until some answers float to the surface – we are all left wondering what really did happen on board Flight370 and will we ever know the truth?

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Malaysian Flight370

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