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Mars Rising at Jan. 15, 2014 Full Moon

The red planet Mars was rising (on the Ascendant) along the USA East Coast – particularly over our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. – as the Full Moon of Capricorn on January 15, 2014 reached exactitude. Mars is often the ruling planet of wars, hostility, volatility, mayhem, violence – as well as angry rhetoric and increasing temperamental behavior. Although President Obama did speak about the omnipresent NSA information gathering system – first brought into the public consciousness last year by Edward Snowden (who has since fled to Russia) – on Friday January 17 with a major address to the nation, our country has been fortunate to avoid any kind of attack, cyber-wise or otherwise. However, even today (January 21, 2014), the NYTimes online, on its front page, has indicated that the USA is ready to help the Russians with high-tech security to help safeguard the Sochi Winter Olympics – which begins, ironically and perhaps unfortunately, as Mercury starts a three-week retrograde cycle on February 6. Keep in mind that Mars is a major ruling planet of athletics and highly-competitive sports. Another way the rising of the red planet may be influencing our East Coast at the present time is through the uproar and contentiousness regarding NJ Governor Chris Christie’s staff apparently creating unnecessary traffic jams over the George Washington Bridge last fall – just before the Governor’s re-election campaign – with the desire to punish the Democratic Mayor of Fort Lee because he didn’t support Republican Chris Christie in the November 2013 election. A brutal snowstorm is about to sock the Tri-State area (NY, NJ and Pennsylvania) today as well as reach into parts of New England, so the Mars volatility-anger-mayhem factor still appears to be on the ascendancy in this area of our nation.

P.S. on January 26, 2014: Since writing the above 5 days ago, the former Governor of Virginia – Republican Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen – have been indicted for federal corruption and fraud in accepting illegal gifts and large amounts of cash while a 19-year old man killed two 20+ year-old workers (and himself) at a skate store in a crowded mall in Columbia, Maryland yesterday. The states of Maryland and Virginia are exactly where Mars was rising at the Full Moon on January 15. In addition, up to 40 elderly individuals may have lost their lives in a fire in a small town, already suffering under frigid conditions, about 140 miles northeast of Quebec. Workers have been going through the ruble of a senior-living home for 4 days now in search of all the victims. Fires are generally ruled by Mars, but often with the involvement of Vesta (the asteroid associated with safety and security, home and hearth, insurance and investments, yet also the theme of the “Eternal Flame” as well as ovens, stoves, chimneys, fire-fighting efforts and first-aid). It turns out that in the map for Eastern Canada at the time of the January 15 Full Moon, the town where all the elderly individuals apparently died is in between Mars rising and Vesta rising and with the Moon above and Sun below. [Click on the map to enlarge it.]

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