Saturn Above Sochi at the Capricorn Full Moon of Jan. 15, 2014

At the same Full Moon of Capricorn – January 15, 2014 – when Mars is rising along the USA East Coast, Saturn is overhead fairly close (and just west) of Sochi, Russia. [This might indicate why the USA is eager to help the Russians in creating greater safety and security in this region before and during the forthcoming Winter Olympics starting in February. It also suggests why the Russian government might need our help in creating stability there.] In addition, the Sun is rising while the Moon is setting around this part of the world – showing us that this territory is being highlighted on the global stage right now. Sochi is a city on the western side of the Black Sea (above Turkey in the map provided) and has a population of around 350,000.

Although President Vladimir Putin has tried to make Sochi into a model of civility and high-tech brilliance for the forthcoming Winter Olympics, there are fears of terrorism due to recent suicide bombers striking twice in Volgograd (to the north) a couple of weeks ago, and concerns that extremists might have planted agents of destruction, as well as weapons, months or even years ago in the Sochi area – knowing that they could send a message to the world during the sporting events about to start on February 6 – 7, ironically and perhaps fatefully as Mercury stops from the Earth’s vantage point and begins a 3-week retrograde cycle. [Click on the map to enlarge it.]

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