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News > Current News  > A New Year's 2014 Trinity

A New Year's 2014 Trinity

By: by Mark Lerner
A New Year's 2014 Trinity | Current News
A big question in all of our minds as 2013 ends is what will 2014 bring to our families and friends, humanity and the Earth in 2014? 2012 did not bring the end of any Mayan Calendar. 2013 did not bring a large number of X-Class solar flares creating Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) during a high-tide Sunspot cycle that could have fried our ever-expanding, omnipresent electronic, worldwide electronic grid. However, it might very well be left to 2014 to usher in a tsunami-like wave of upheavals – especially due to a trinity of events on New Year’s Day that makes this upcoming January 1 different than almost all others in nearly 250 years.

Every New Year’s at local midnight, the same rising sign and zodiacal sign under the Earth appear for each locality on our planet. This is because there are 24 time-zones and local midnight is happening on a cyclical wave as the Earth spins on its axis and revolves simultaneously around the Sun. Thus, when you look at the first of three charts at the end of this article, you will see an example of this kind of horoscope phenomenon – in this case Local Midnight in Washington, D.C. on January 1, 2014.

What is very noticeable is Libra rising (with several celestial-body symbols in the first house) while Capricorn is below (with several celestial-body symbols in the fourth house).Each New Year Midnight – around the globe – human souls ask the same overall question: “What will this new year bring?” The cosmos is trying to give us the fundamental answer via Libra Rising and Capricorn Sun below – and that answer is for each one of us to be an emissary of “Peace on Earth” (Libra Rising) and “Goodwill to Humanity” (Capricorn below).

However, as 2014 dawns, Mars, Vesta, and Ceres are filling up the space of the first house while the Moon, the Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus are all in the fourth house. Therefore, eight celestial bodies are reinforcing the Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Humanity message that every New Year’s Midnight anchors on our beleaguered planet. [Imagine Local Midnight in 24 time-zones as a wave of humankind giving birth to 2014…That is what you should visualize relative to chart one.]

Meanwhile – as revealed in the second of the three charts below – a New Moon also occurs on this New Year’s Day. Statistically, a New or Full Moon might occur on a New Year’s Day around every 14 or 15 years – although a New Moon itself would only happen around every 29 to 30 years on a New Year’s Day.

The point here is that – regarding charts 1 and 2 – we have a build-up of power due to the prominence of 8 celestial bodies at Local Midnight everywhere in the world, ushering in the entire contingent of 365 days composing 2014, with the first chart, and now there is a major amplification of energy as a New Moon (seeding Capricorn spiritual will and purpose) takes place within the 24-hour start of 2014. But there is still more to come…

Chart three below is the exact time that the Sun unites with Pluto on New Year’s Day (based in Washington, D.C.) – although everyone on Earth is experiencing the same conjunction at their varying local times. The Sun joins up with Pluto in a unifying rendezvous every year (because Pluto barely moves a degree or two in the zodiac per year while the Sun appears to move through all of the 360-degrees in the zodiacal circle). The key here is that humanity hasn’t experienced a Sun-Pluto conjunction on New Year’s Day – precisely – in 247 years!

When you add up the three charts and their individual potency, and realize that billions of people around the world are wishing, hoping, praying, thinking, meditating and visualizing where we are all headed on Spaceship Earth for 2014, then the significance of the first 24-hours of the next year of our existence becomes a living reality – containing magical, alchemical qualities that we can shape to our collective advantage.

If we ever wanted to reveal to the universe that humanity is an unselfish species trying to do Good and be at Peace with our interplanetary and cosmic neighbors, then 2014 is the year for a spectacular transformation in our divine destiny.

Copyright 2014 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

New Year's 2014
Capricorn New Moon
Sun-Pluto Union

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