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A New Heir to the British Throne

By: by Mark Lerner
A New Heir to the British Throne | Current News
Dateline Monday July 22, 2013...Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William (second in line to the British throne), has given birth at 4:24PM GDT to an 8 pound 6 ounce baby body -- to be named in the near future and, so far, known as the Prince of Cambridge.

Color chart for the baby is below. I am providing this with no interpretation for the time-being -- only to offer this horoscope for those of you who want to speculate on the child's future within the English monarchy. Of, course, it is intriguing that this baby was born just about 30 minutes before the Sun entered noble-royal Leo and within a couple of hours of a Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon "Full Moon," the high point of the solar-lunar cycle for this current 29.5-day cycle.

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner -- Publisher

Prince of Cambridge

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