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News > Current News  > A Tale of Two Charts: Taurus & Gemini New Moons 2013

A Tale of Two Charts: Taurus & Gemini New Moons 2013

By: by Mark Lerner
A Tale of Two Charts: Taurus & Gemini New Moons 2013 | Current News

Dateline: June 18, 2013 and Update June 21, 2013…In case you don’t fully believe how precisely astrology works, try this on for size.

In Mundane Astrology – where we focus attention on nations and the world, utilizing tools like New and Full Moons, Eclipses, transits of the celestial bodies and special alignments (conjunctions, oppositions, trines, sextiles, etc), as well as the start of each season and unusual geometric formations (Grand Triangles; Grand Crosses; Yods or Finger of God triangles; Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangles; etc) – the recent Taurus New Moon on May 9 and Gemini New Moon on June 8 have been of extraordinary significance. Here is the brief back story ...(and there are a total of 4 charts all below for your viewing and study).

When I was last on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory on April 4, at one point I had an opportunity to mention something important about the near future. I chose to make the following point: The May 9 Taurus New Moon would not be the regular type of solar-lunar convergence because they would not unite by themselves. Instead, the crucial asteroid Pallas – ruling over, among other things, national intelligence and defense – was exactly with the Sun and Moon, energizing 19+ degrees of Taurus. But while that triple conjunction would be rare, what came along for the cosmic ride was the fact that all three celestial bodies would be exactly uniting with Vesta at 19+ Taurus when America was born on July 4, 1776.

Now I have worked extensively with the four main asteroids (Ceres; Pallas; Juno; Vesta) ever since I began my astrology studies in 1972 – the same year my colleague and one of my dear mentors Eleanor Bach came out with the breakthrough first Asteroid Ephemeris. From Eleanor I learned how meaningful each and every one of these asteroids was – in natal charts, via transits and progressions, and for relationships, marriages, cities, states, nations, businesses, organizations and the world.

Vesta is strongly associated with national safety and security, among its many qualities and themes. Therefore, I suggested on the radio show – reaching millions of listeners around the globe – that the U.S. would be experiencing a very intense time-period from May 9 (Taurus New Moon) for at least a month until the next New Moon (in Gemini on June 8) concerning national defense, intelligence, safety and security matters. So what happened and was my “prediction” reasonably correct

Once the Taurus New Moon actually happened and almost simultaneously, America was deluged with the following type scandals and shocking stories

The Justice Department was eavesdropping on reporters in order to extract information about overseas terrorists

The IRS was apparently isolating Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny concerning their trying to obtain tax-exempt status for their social-political organizations.

And perhaps – even greater in significance – the NSA (National Security Agency) was working in concert with telephone companies (like Verizon Wireless) as well as social-networking websites and high-tech companies (i.e. Facebook; Microsoft; Apple; Google; Yahoo; etc) to collect people’s telephone numbers and possibly email content, YouTube preferences, and especially any overseas correspondence

With the passage of each day after the Taurus New Moon took hold – activating transiting Pallas and the USA natal Vesta – the Congress, the telephone and online companies, members of the NSA, Justice Department and executive branch of the government, as well as all kinds of prominent individuals, including the ACLU (putting forth a lawsuit against the government/NSA concerning the legality of collecting phone numbers and information of American citizens) were caught up in the wave of outrage concerning our citizen rights of privacy versus the need for the government to protect us from terrorism.

Then we reached the Gemini New Moon on Saturday June 8 – also the day of a frictional Mercury-Uranus square in the sky (suggesting a high-level and intense communication battle in the works) – and this New Moon, as calculated for our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., revealed a mentally-stressful Mars-Pallas union overhead, Mars-Neptune square (the same volatile square that occurs at America’s birth on July 4, 1776), and – most significantly – transiting Neptune on the Descendant of the Gemini New Moon chart within 2 minutes of arc (1/30th of 1 degree of the zodiac)

This almost precise Neptune placement on the 7th cusp of the Gemini New Moon chart for Washington, D.C. represented the massive confusion-chaos (a distinct shadow side of Neptune, when this planet is negative in its influence) happening within our society, Congress and governmental safety-security-intelligence agencies (signified astrologically, as I have mentioned, by asteroids Pallas & Vesta).

However, on the same weekend as the Gemini New Moon, and just 1 day after it (on Sunday June 9, when the Moon was uniting with Jupiter – biggest planet in our solar system – in the sky in Gemini, signifying the large-scale communication crisis now happening) along comes the release of information as to the major leaker of the NSA vast monitoring system vis-à-vis American citizens and social-network and high-tech companies.

His name is Edward Snowden and it is reported that he is 29 years old (obviously experiencing his first-ever Saturn Return – which refers to the Identity Crisis concerning one’s place in the world and career-professional work). Eventually, his birth month-day-year is divulged as June 21, 1983 in Wilmington, North Carolina. In the meantime, as the leaker reveals crucial information on that day after the Gemini New Moon, he explains that he left the states (Hawaii) on May 20 (the day of the third Uranus-Pluto square of a seven-fold sequence, running from April 2012 to March 2015) and that he is now hiding in Hong Kong

So, I immediately go to my astrology software program that shows the New Moons and relocate the Gemini New Moon in Washington, D.C. – remember, with Neptune exactly setting – and I look at the same celestial bodies, as they appeared in Hong Kong, and Neptune is exactly rising! Therefore, this individual Edward Snowden, who is and becomes this extraordinary whistle-blower and shaman of intelligence-security “transparency” has relocated himself to the precise place on Planet Earth where the Gemini New Moon chart is flipping itself over 180-degrees to provide Neptune with being at its Ascendancy – a kind of mouthpiece for Neptunian themes enunciated world-wide.

Now add on the fact that Edward Snowden is born at the time of the year when the Sun has just opposed Neptune, and he therefore has a higher destiny pattern to reveal Neptunian qualities-themes-principles via his most significant relationships. Plus, anyone born at a Sun-Neptune polarity also has the Earth conjunct Neptune. Neptune can represent confusion-chaos, haziness, illusions and self-deception, but it also rules over visionary thinking and seeing, very high idealism, and revelations concerning the mass of human beings as well as any kind of vast-amorphous and Big-Brother type entity-organization

Where all this will lead is anyone’s guess right now. Even though the time of birth for Edward Snowden is not known right now (he turns 30 on June 21, 2013), his chart does offer the following insights. Ceres is stationary and about to go retrograde in late Aquarius – a very close union with America’s natal Pallas-Moon conjunction. This itself is remarkable in that the USA has only one stationary celestial body – also, like Snowden, Ceres, and we are about to have the first U.S. Progressed Sun conjunction to our natal Ceres ever on June 30, 2013. We also just had a major crisis where it was discovered – in our state of Oregon – that a strain of genetically-altered wheat (from the Monsanto Corporation) was growing in our fields. Japan immediately decided to cancel the delivery of American wheat – an order that totaled something like 26,000 tons of wheat, until a further investigation could be held. Other countries might follow suit. And Ceres is the traditional goddess ruling over agriculture, farming, cereals and grains, as well as food, productivity, mother-daughter relationships and Mother Nature as a global being and consciousness.

In addition, Edward Snowden’s birth chart contains a Grand Trine (Sun in Gemini, Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra, and Ceres in Aquarius), a Yod or Finger of God triangle (Chiron in Taurus making 150-degree links to Neptune in Sagittarius, and Saturn-Pluto in Libra), and a Pythagorean triangle (Ceres square to Chiron, Ceres trine Saturn-Pluto, and Chiron 150-degrees to Saturn-Pluto). He is also born with Mars (courage; passion; leadership; rash acts; violence) right on his Lunar North Node (fate-destiny) in the sign of communications, Gemini, while the Sun is parallel to Mars (similar to a union in the zodiac). His Moon is somewhere in detective-loving and secret-keeping (and potentially revealing) Scorpio – while the lunar orb is moving from Saturn (executive authority) and Pluto (mysterious power organizations) to Jupiter (mental expansion) and Uranus (shocking and revolutionary acts, and ingenious-outrageous behavior that can also be liberating)

Edward Snowden has Juno (representing empowerment or dis-empowerment themes, fair treatment under the law, and striving toward peaceful-respectful relationships) at 13+ Aries – exactly square the USA Sun at 13+ Cancer. He is born with Mercury in Gemini rising ahead of his Sun (showing his tendency to be a strong, instinctual communicator) while his Venus in heart-oriented and regal-like Leo is setting behind the Sun (suggesting his withholding or internalizing of emotions, and a tendency to only express his deepest feelings-values when all is said and done).

It is noteworthy that as the Taurus New Moon of May 9 began the entire process of truth-telling concerning the vast NSA monitoring, intelligence-gathering mechanisms, transiting Pallas – along with the Sun and Moon and even Mercury – were all energizing the region of 20 degrees of Taurus, and Edward Snowden is born with his Pallas at 20+ degrees of Capricorn – an exact, flowing trine of 120-degrees away, as he becomes the source of knowledge and information (Pallas in the extreme) concerning the hidden system of phone and web collection that is creating outrage within our society – not to mention the growing outrage in other nations’ intelligence-gathering techniques hidden from their citizenry

Now that former Vice President Dick Cheney has called Snowden a “traitor and possible spy for China,” Edward Snowden has replied that receiving this appellation by VP Cheney is the highest honor any American can receive…

Update: Evening of June 21, 2013 -- on Edward Snowden's 30th birthday -- he receives quite a present from the U.S. Justice Department: The "U.S. files criminal complaint against him...charging him with espionage as well as theft of government property and unauthorized communication of national defense information." This has been reported by The Washington Post and Reuters. Hong Kong has also been asked by our government to detain Edward Snowden via a "provisional arrest warrant".

Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Taurus New Moon
Gemini New Moon
Gemini New Moon - Hong Kong
Edward Snowden

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