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News > Environment  > Massive Tornado Strikes Moore, Oklahoma

Massive Tornado Strikes Moore, Oklahoma

By: by Mark Lerner
Massive Tornado Strikes Moore, Oklahoma | Environment

Dateline: May 20, 2013: This is the day of the third Uranus-Pluto square (of seven, happening from April 2012 to March 2015). On Coast to Coast AM radio on April 4th (while I was being interviewed by host George Noory), I mentioned this day (as well as November 1) as crucial to watch due to Uranus square Pluto on both days -- time-periods when shocking (Uranus) and destructive (Pluto) events could overwhelm humanity.

A massive, 2-mile-wide tornado slammed into Moore, Oklahoma (a suburb south of Oklahoma City) at approximately 3:17PM CDT (according to a key article in USA Today). Tornadoes (including an EF-4) had already struck the area around Shawnee, OK the day before killing at least 2 people.

As of this writing -- 10:30PM PDT on May 20, 2013 -- at least 91 individuals (including several dozen children) are now confirmed dead, but this total is unfortunately going to rise.[Update: May 21...The death toll has been revised -- thankfully -- downward to 24 due to accidental over-counting by the media and the coroner's facility. However, they are also indicating the number of deaths may be rising again as many are still missing.]

Today's tornado rivals the monstrous one (EF-5 with winds clocked at up to 316 mph!) that followed a similar path on May 3, 1999. On that day, transiting Venus at 24+ Gemini was uniting with Oklahoma's Pluto from when the state entered the Union on Nov. 16, 1907. In addition, a Juno-Pluto conjunction in the sky at 8 - 9 Sagittarius was uniting with Oklahoma's natal Venus. [Note: Juno has much to do with atmospheric storms and, at the present time and over this past weekend (when many storms were already striking America's heartland), Juno in Aquarius was exactly square to the transiting Lunar Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus. When the next Full Moon occurs -- at 4+ Gemini-Sagittarius this Friday May 24 -- the Sun will be exactly on Pluto for Oklahoma City's birth chart (see Oklahoma City's birth data below) while the Moon will be right on Juno in Sagittarius in the state of Oklahoma's horoscope.]

The charts for today's tornado and for the entry of Oklahoma into the Union on November 16, 1907 are posted at the end of this article. If the birth data for Oklahoma City (April 22, 1889, as given in Marc Penfield's Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere) is accurate, today's solar entry into Gemini would be knocking on the door of Oklahoma City's natal Neptune (confusion-chaos-dissolution, when Neptune is negative).*

Nevertheless, the astrology factors of today's horrific natural disaster include the following:

The Uranus-Pluto exact square today symbolizes shocking-rotating wind currents 160 - 200 mph (Uranus) stirred up by violent, extreme atmospheric pressures (Pluto). Plus, their placements -- 11+ Aries for Uranus and 11+ Capricorn for Pluto -- are (a) exactly 45-degrees (an intense power aspect based on dividing the zodiac by 8) to America's Moon-Pallas union at 26+ Aquarius, and (b) igniting the State of Oklahoma's natal Moon-Uranus square from 12+ Aries to 10+ Capricorn.

Because Oklahoma City was founded almost exactly 18 1/2 years before Oklahoma became a state, both the city and the state have the identical Lunar Nodal Axis -- 15+ Cancer- Capricorn. And this is just where the largest asteroid Ceres (Mother Nature; agriculture; farming) was transiting today. In addition, the rising degree at the time today that the tornado struck Moore (26 Virgo) is the location of Ceres for when Oklahoma entered the Union.

Today's Mars at 22+ Taurus is located in the eighth house (death; mysteries-secrets; the unknown) during the tornado's destructive path, and this placement by the red planet puts it exactly opposite Oklahoma's natal Sun at 23+ Scorpio as well as squaring Oklahoma's natal Mars at 22 Aquarius. There may be a karmic factor going on now -- nature-wise -- as Saturn in early Taurus during the May 3, 1999 tornado is being opposed now (14 years later, 1/2 a Saturn cycle of 28+ years) by Saturn in Scorpio.

When today's tornado actually touched ground -- 2:56PM CDT -- some 21 minutes before striking Moore, the largest planet in our solar system -- Jupiter -- was exactly at the Midheaven or overhead zodiacally and also conjunct the placement of America's Mars (21+ Gemini) from our national birth on July 4, 1776. While Jupiter often acts as a benevolent, providential force for the Good, it also signifies anything BIG, and -- in this situation -- Jupiter is inflaming the USA Mars, one of the main celestial bodies that represents bloodshed, violence, and mayhem. [Very sadly, many of today's helpless victims were primary school children, caught in the carnage, while at their schools and with many teachers trying to protect them. Jupiter in Gemini, on the USA Mars in Gemini, has much to do with children and primary school education. Oklahoma City came into being with Neptune and Pluto in early Gemini -- approaching their every 492-year conjunctions that followed in 1891-1892 on America's Uranus.]

We send out heartfelt thoughts and healing prayers to the residents of greater Oklahoma City. 

*I just realized -- 1AM PDT on May 21, 2013 -- that the horoscope for Oklahoma City (April 22, 1889) looked very familiar. The reason is that it is chart for two days after the birth of Adolf Hitler, and therefore many of the same, provocative and unsettling celestial alignments are at work in the fate-destiny pattern for this city as they were for the former leader of Germany (1933 - 1945). Maybe Oklahoma City should consider re-incorporating itself at a more auspicious time-period in the future...if only to help it to avoid future direct hits by mammoth, lethal tornadoes...

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner - Publisher

Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tornado Hits Moore
Oklahoma Enters Union

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