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News > Current News  > Boston Mars-athon & Charts for Suspects (Updated!)

Boston Mars-athon & Charts for Suspects (Updated!)

By: by Mark Lerner
Boston Mars-athon & Charts for Suspects (Updated!) | Current News

Dateline: Monday April 15, 2013 & Updates April 17 & 19 & 25 (near end of story)…Under the aegis of dozens of flags from many countries waving in the spring breeze and while Patriots’ Day was being celebrated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, two explosions rocked the finish-zone area of today’s Boston Marathon – turning the primary, annual, international running event into a clear Marsathon. The twin bombings (happening, by the way, with the Moon in the sign of Gemini the Twins, and virtually united with the Moon from the 9/11 terrorism event from 2001!) occurred at approximately 2:50PM EDT and no suspects are as of yet in custody. At least 3 people have died, well over 100 were injured, and around 17 individuals are spending this evening in critical condition.

Mars has always been the traditional planet of courage, leadership, personal willpower, desire, passion, as well as athleticism and competition in sports, but when negative, the red planet equates with expressions of anger, rash behavior, volatility and violence, inflammatory events, acute problems and injuries, war and bloodshed.

The Sun and Mars – both located in fiery Aries, the first sign of the zodiac that is ruled by Mars – have been approaching their every-2-years conjunction for many days now and their exact union will occur this Wednesday at 29 degrees Aries. This placement is close to squaring Uranus (shock waves; surprises; radical acts) in Cancer from when Massachusetts entered the Union on February 6, 1788 – a day when the smallest of the four main asteroids, Juno, was stopping and shifting from retrograde to direct motion at 0+ degrees of Cancer (one of the four main turning points of the zodiac, marking the start of a season).

Juno rules over peace, harmony, empowerment in primary relationships, style, beauty and elegance, fashion and design, diplomacy and treaties (when positive), but it also rules over (when negative) disempowerment of the small and weak, belittlement of their condition, plus their outrage and potential terrorist response when all attempts toward resolution have failed. In this regard, it may be synchronistic that Massachusetts is where President Obama reached the height of his education – being President of the Harvard Law Review – and he is born with Juno stationary as well, and at 0+ degrees of Aries. Therefore, President Obama’s Juno and the Juno for Massachusetts are both exceedingly potent and at right angles to one another – which can represent a highly magnified and focused interaction. Massachusetts is often considered the most liberal state of our union and, of course, this is where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fought in 1770 (Boston Massacre) and 1775 (the Battle of Lexington and Concord).

Bombings of any kind tend to be connected to the main outermost planet in our solar system – Pluto. While (according to astrologer Barbara Watters) Mars has traditionally ruled over the knife, Uranus has connected to the lone marksman with a gun or rifle, Pluto signifies the mysterious and secretive bomber – who is often associated with a hate-group or an anarchistic association trying to undermine and topple governmental authority. Pluto had just stopped in the sky this past Friday – when several other volatile alignments occurred in the sky – and a Pluto station lasts far more than one day, but instead covers at least 3 – 4 days before and after. When Massachusetts entered the union on February 6, 1788, Pluto was still undiscovered but was nevertheless at 15+ degrees in Aquarius in a conjunction with the Sun at 17+ degrees of Aquarius. The last Sun-Mars union – relative to the one about to occur on April 17 – happened back on February 4, 2011 at 15+ Aquarius, exactly on the Pluto placement for Massachusetts. Let’s remember, too, that the genesis of the horror of September 11, 2001 began with two jets that left Logan International Airport in Boston and which crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City (under a Gemini Moon that was void-of-course – only a couple of degrees from today’s tragedy).

National safety and security are ruled over by Vesta, and the Moon in Gemini was less than 1 degree from this important asteroid when the bombings occurred at the Boston Marathon. When I was on the Coast to Coast AM radio program on Thursday April 4, I mentioned to the millions of listeners that the next New Moon in Taurus (May 9) will be right on America’s Vesta (19+ degrees of Taurus) from our birth as a nation on July 4, 1776. I mentioned that national safety and security themes – particularly connected to cyberspace – would be crucial for all of us and our government to be alert to next month. In the meantime, the Aries New Moon of April 10 at 21 Aries – combined with Mars in the sky at 22 Aries – were closely opposed to the confusion-chaos producing Neptune placement at 22 Libra for Massachusetts as well as the violence-bloodshed producing Mars placement at 22 Libra for when Boston was founded as a city on September 17, 1630.


[When Massachusetts entered the Union, Vesta and Chiron were united at 8+ degrees of Gemini – which happens to be the revolutionary Uranus placement in the zodiac when America was born on July 4, 1776. Our latest New Moon on April 10, as well as the potent Venus-Mars union of April 6, occurred right on America's Chiron at 20 degrees of Aries. Thus, the archetypes of Chiron are also at white-hot intensity now -- and these include the wounds (physical and psychological) that need healing, outsiders-mavericks trying to call attention to themselves via the bombings, and -- especially -- the entire nation thrown into the Twilight Zone when chronological time appears to stand still and we are all tossed into an alternate dimension of synchronicity, in this case, one of tragedy, fear and horror. Note: President Kennedy died exactly on the day (Nov. 22, 1963) of a Chiron station, the Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) occurred close to a Chiron station, the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (June 28, 1914), the trigger that led to World War I, happened near a Chiron station, as did the first Moon walk by Neil Armstrong in July 1969.]

I just mentioned the position of Neptune for Massachusetts – located at 22 degrees of Libra. This planet was almost exactly setting (at 4+ degrees of Pisces, the sign of the entwined fish) at 2:50PM when the two bombs exploded. When negative, Neptune is associated with mass confusion and chaos. Most of the eye witnesses and reporters sharing their experiences from the scene today are using the words “confusion” and "chaos" more than any others to describe the overall situation due to the carnage from the explosions, parents and loved ones running past barricades looking for runners in the race while the police, security and emergency-trained individuals rushed to assist the injured and look for suspects.

Overhead at the time of the bombings were the Moon – having united with the largest planet Jupiter yesterday – approaching Vesta (national safety and security themes) and with Ceres in early Cancer (having just returned to where it stationed in the zodiac last fall, right on America’s Venus placement at 3+ degrees of Cancer). Ceres is related to the concept of America as a vast melting pot of different races, ethnic and religious groups. And 3 degrees of Cancer-Capricorn is (a) where the fateful Nodes of the Moon were located on September 11, 2001, and (b) the USA Progressed Sun is currently at 8+ Pisces – America’s natal Ceres placement from July 4, 1776, the only stationary body when our country was born. Early tomorrow (Tuesday April 16), the Moon will unite with transiting Ceres in the sky at 3+ degrees of Cancer and perhaps a lot more will be explained to the American people about how this act of terrorism was allowed to happen and who might be the perpetrator(s).

For the moment, the charts for today’s twin detonations and for the Sept. 11, 2001 disaster are presented. If additional events unfold in the days ahead, we will add to this story. Keep in mind that Friday April 19 is the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775) – the so-called “Shot Heard Round the World,” leading to the start of the Declaration of Independence the following year. The fiery deaths of 76 members of the Branch Davidian cult died in Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993 (in a battle with our government) while – just two years later on April 19, 1995 – a truck bomb exploded at a major federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 and injuring over 800 people, the deadliest attack (up to that point) on U.S. soil. Timothy McVeigh was quickly arrested and eventually executed for that horrendous crime with help from Terry Nichols – still imprisoned. Both McVeigh and Nichols were born in April – 13 years apart – and met in the Army

Update: April 17, 2013: I write this on Wednesday night April 17 -- shortly after the giant explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, not far from Waco. The Sun-Mars union -- that I discussed earlier in this feature -- became precise today and had only become exact about 30 minutes before tonight's disaster that has sent dozens of people to a local hospital in Waco and to a triage center by a football field. The Sun-Mars conjunction was exactly setting when the fertilizer explosion occurred. Thus, at both the Boston tragedy and this one, a major planet (Neptune on Monday and Mars today) was precisely setting -- representing hostility from society (7th house) to the individual (1st house).  I pointed out in this article that the last New Moon -- which occurred on April 10 -- triggered the USA natal Chiron that rules over healing of wounds and pains, the Twilight Zone, as well as the principle of synchronicity. The paragraph before this one -- written two days ago -- referred to Waco, Texas where about 76 members of the Branch Davidian religious cult died (20 years ago this week) in a battle with our ATF, a governmental organization that is often a focal point for anti-authority anger and violence. Either a hate group is organizing this week's catastrophes around the nation or the USA Chiron is revealing its awesome power as a planetary archetype.* Now it is important to watch this Friday -- April 19 -- which is the most significant day of the year for anti-USA government individuals to express their rage against being controlled and manipulated by the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C.*America's Chiron is exactly opposite our natal Juno, and Juno -- the smallest of the four main asteroids -- when functioning negatively signifies rage and terrorism by the dis-empowered and belittled.


Update: April 19, 2013 Part I of III: Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, age 26, is dead; his younger brother, Dzhokhar, born on July 22, 1993 (probably in Chechnya) is still on the loose. You will be familiar with his background by now -- from the focused reporting on the major TV networks -- so now you can look at his birth chart below. Of importance are the following: His Moon is definitely moving from Juno in Leo (smallest of the four main asteroids that, when negative, represents terror by the weak and dis-empowered) toward or with Mars in Virgo (with Mars being the traditional planet of bloodshed, volatility and warfare). Of course, the main essence of this past week has been the once-every-2-years Sun-Mars union -- which happened in late Aries, almost exactly square to this suspect's Sun at the end of Cancer. In addition, the suspect still wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings was born with a very tight Sun-Saturn off-kilter, 150-degree link -- often a symbol of anti-authority behavior and trouble integrating father figures positively in their day-to-day consciousness and actions. Of great significance is his Mercury retrograde in Cancer almost precisely opposite the very rare Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. This exacerbates the potential for radicalism via indoctrination from masterminds with a dubious and/or revolutionary agenda. His Venus and Mars, in mutable signs, are exactly square -- revealing imbalance between feminine and masculine qualities, and we just had a Venus-Mars union in forceful, aggressive Aries that exactly squared (90-degree frictional arc) his Mercury in Cancer and his Uranus-Neptune union in Capricorn.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born close in time to a Vesta station in Pisces, and Vesta is deeply involved with safety-security matters as well as brotherhoods and esoteric-arcane groups that can be tied to secret oaths, plans and goals. Plus, transiting Chiron (wounds; the Twilight Zone; synchronicity) has just been passing over his Vesta for the first time in his life, and the recent New Moon in Aries -- as I reported in the main part of this feature -- has been exactly triggering our national Chiron, throwing all of the nation into a Twilight Zone where we are out of chronological time temporarily and all living in an altered sense of time and space.One of the weirder "synchronicities" between the events and the realm of astrology is that the transiting Moon in Gemini, at the time of the bombings, is the key sign of the Twins, who -- mythologically -- were the brothers Castor and Pollux. That Moon placement is also the position of the Moon at the World Trade Disaster, and Vesta is right on top of that zodiacal placement (28+ degrees of Gemini) today -- as the manhunt for the man in the backward white cap continues. Star-wise, 29 Gemini is also the placement for Polaris, the North Star, in the constellation of Ursa Minor.

Update: April 19, 2013  Part II of III: I am now including an Apprehension chart for the moment (approximately 8:42PM EDT tonight) that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested by the police, FBI and ATF. Now think of this vast symbolism in a synchronistic manner: He was born with the Sun in the last degree of Cancer (first water sign of the zodiac); he fled to and was captured on a boat in Watertown with Scorpio Rising (second water sign of the zodiac). He was born with the Moon square the Nodal Axis of the Moon, and he surrendered with the Moon exactly square the Nodal Axis of the Moon. The Moon square its own orbit can represent a severe crisis in the public consciousness. Saturn retrograde, alone, and rising in the east -- at his capture -- reveals the suspect living in fear, frustrated, near death, likened to a lone wolf (after the death of his brother), hounded by the authorities and completely surrounded. So many celestial bodies in the west at the capture represent the many armed people tracking him down (along with their vast resources and skill-sets), and the Moon overhead -- in an abrasive square to the Nodal or Orbital Axis of the Moon -- signifies the strong will of the Public (the Moon) helping the authorities to make this crucial arrest.It is significant that Mercury is about to unite with Uranus, and this suspect was born with Mercury opposite Uranus (as well as Neptune). When the birth data for Tamerlan Tsarnaev is revealed, his horoscope will be presented with this article.

Update: April 25, 2013 at the Full Moon: Part III of III: Biography online, and another online source, gave the birthday and year for Tamerlan Tsarnaev (Oct. 21, 1986), and it is very meaningful from an astrological perspective to understand why he was so enraged at this time. Using a Sunrise chart for his birth, we can note the following potent synchronicities: His Sun in late Libra was almost exactly square to his younger brother's Sun in late Cancer; His Moon in Gemini had just made its monthly return (re-empowering him personally, emotionally & mentally) in the 24 hours before the attack on the Boston Marathon, plus, his Moon in Gemini is square to his younger brother's Moon in Virgo. Thus, their solar and lunar placements show much tension -- along with the 7-year gap in their ages. The elder Tamerlan is born with a Venus retrograde in secretive Scorpio, and -- at his death -- ProgressedVenus had just retrograded back to an exact conjunction with his natal Pluto (terrorism) which, in turn, is exactly square to his Mars (bloodshed; violence). His Progressed Vesta (national safety and security issues; esoteric and secret groups) was making a station and shifting from reverse to direct at his death. In addition, his natal Lunar Nodal Axis (symbolizing fate-destiny factors) was at 20+ degrees of Aries-Libra -- the precise degree where I explained that the last New Moon occurred (20+ Aries) before the tragedy and which is also the USA natal Chiron placement (Twilight Zones; being "Out of Time"; wounds and pains). And therefore Tamerlan's South Node is at 20+ Libra -- which is America's Juno, and when this asteroid is negative, it rules the dis-empowered and belittled who use acts of terror to express their simmering rage. Just as Tamerlan was born with both Mercury and Venus as "Evening Star" planets (setting after the Sun), the younger brother was born with both Mercury and Venus as "Morning Star" planets (rising before the Sun). They had many characteristics different from each other, but which can also cause a simpatico via "opposites attracting." Tamerlan was experiencing a very powerful and extremely tense T-Square triangle at a Progressed Full Moon in his chart, and Progressed Full Moons only happen every 29.5 years, so he had never had one before. His T-Square triangle put Mars precisely at the fulcrum, and during the week of the Boston Marathon disaster, the Sun and Mars were in conjunction in the sky in late Aries -- exactly opposing Tamerlan's Sun and exactly squaring the younger brother's Sun. To add terrible insult to injury, Tamerlan's Chiron at 21+ Gemini is about 1/4 of a degree from America's Mars.[Note: Tamerlan's Sun was very close to being square to the USA Pluto, and the Nov. 7, 1982 Saturn-Pluto union -- a rather discordant and deeply transformational alignment striking 4 years before his birth -- had occurred at 27+ degrees of Libra, which is Tamerlan's natal Sun placement.]

© 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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