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News > Sports  > Genesis of West Coast Bias Sports

Genesis of West Coast Bias Sports

By: by Mark Lerner
Genesis of West Coast Bias Sports | Sports

Updated October 4 (due to the start of the MLB playoffs, the NFL season reaching its 5th week, as the NHL and NBA get ready to roll, and with NCAA Football exciting sports fans of every state)... as well as July 21 (with color horoscope of and short feature about Phil Michelson, born in and resident of California, who won The Open in the UK for the first time), June 15 and April 30, 2013:

"West Coast Bias Sports is the antidote to an East Coast bias in sports that began with the rise of TV and its 3 major networks in New York City in the 1950s and then the establishment of ESPN in 1979 -- influencing the last 3+ decades out of Bristol, Connecticut." -- Mark Lerner, June 15, 2013

Before becoming a Professional Astrologer in 1973 (at age 23) and beginning my publishing/editing roles for Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine (in print 1979 - 2000) and Earth Aquarius News online (since 2004), I grew up in New York City with sports as the major love in my life. My favorite book was The World Almanac and Book of Facts, and I was immersed in the numbers, stats, rankings, and trading cards connected with baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, bowling, pool, you name it…and in the pros, colleges, high schools, sandlots, and open fields. The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament was played in the Forest Hills Gardens (my home base in the 1950s and 1960s). When the NY Mets became a National League Baseball team, their stadium in Queens was just two quick train rides from my house.

Being raised on the East Coast, I learned that the key media of the nation was located in and around the Big Apple. Of course, the entire rise of television as a media superpower beginning in the 1950s after World War II took place in and from New York City – where the three giant national stations (ABC, CBS and NBC) dominated the burgeoning new electronic media. Therefore, it was natural to send out TV reporters to cover sports first in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) and then a little further to the South, New England, and eventually the Heartland states mostly east of the Mississippi River.

In addition, many of the fabled sports rivalries of the nation occurred in the Eastern section – including Duke versus North Carolina in College Basketball, Michigan versus Ohio State in College Football, The Masters Golf Tournament (always at Augusta, Georgia),The Yankees versus The Dodgers in many of the Baseball World Series of the 1950s (when TV sports came of age), and the famous Baltimore Colts overtime, sudden-death win over the NY Giants in Professional Football’s Championship Game in 1958 (which put the National Football League on the map as a major sport). And let’s not forget that before the Super Bowl (which, by the way, is usually played in a stadium east of the Mississippi River to this day), the key sport event for certainly decades was the New Year’s Day coverage of the Sugar Bowl (usually in New Orleans), the Cotton Bowl (in Texas), the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, California – the only “odd ball” sporting event nationally in the west), and then climaxing, on New Year’s night, with an extravaganza at the Orange Bowl (in Miami, FL). [Note: Another typical East Coast Bias sport is Horse Racing's so-called Triple Crown of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes -- always happening in May and June in our Eastern sector -- and with no added races in any "western parts" of the nation over the decades. Why not the Five-Pointed Star (Pentacle) of Horse Racing -- and add two races somewhere west of the Mississippi. Hint! California has notable raceways...]

Once ESPN was established back in September 1979 -- primarily from their main base in Bristol, Connecticut -- it became clear that an "East Coast Bias" in most sports was a reality. Examples include the over-focus on New York Yankees baseball (my own pride and joy as a child), their ownership by George Steinbrenner, and monetary power; the continual references to Yankees-Red Sox feuds and antipathies; the all-importance of the SEC conference in College Football while often giving other conferences -- and particularly the PAC-10 (now the PAC-12) -- any kind of equal coverage and respect; the over-emphasis of ranking SEC college football teams always much higher than strong teams (like Stanford and Oregon) year after year, despite the evidence, which finally shows that many of the traditional college football powerhouses in the east (Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, LSU and Auburn) have their own share of scandals and even criminal type behavior of players or coaches.

Even though our present-day realm of cyberspace appears to give equal time and focus to all sports teams and regions of the country, there still lingers an inclination to crown East Coast teams with more power, talent and authority than teams elsewhere in the nation. The recent rise of the San Francisco Giants to World Series champions (2 of the last 3 years), the LA Kings having finally won the Stanley Cup in Hockey last year, the LA Clippers winning the NBA Western Conference for the first time (tonight – April 7, 2013 – as this article is being written), and the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal as perennial powerhouses in the PAC-12 of College Football are just the beginning catalyst for the creation of West Coast Bias Sports.

I have now lived longer on the West Coast (28 years) than I lived on the East Coast during the first 26 years of my life. For the last 15 years or so, I have watched the fortunes of our beloved Oregon Duck College Football team shift from perennial losers to perennial winners, and have seen teams like the Washington Huskies and Southern Cal Trojans fall from their usual perch as #1 leaders of the PAC-12. Now teams from Colorado and Utah have joined our league, and the broadcasting and media coverage will be enormous far into the future.

For any of you budding astrology students out there, West Coast Bias Sports has only just emerged as a magazine on Flipboard starting on Thursday April 4, 2013 with the Sun in fiery Aries (a key zodiacal sign of leadership and individual excellence in athletics) and the Moon in a supportive, 60-degree relationship in airy, universal Aquarius (the key sign of the zodiac of team sports).

Feel free to email me at with comments, suggestions and criticisms as I plan to create an Emails to the Publisher section (each month) for inclusion in West Coast Bias Sports. And pass the word to your friends and anyone interested in sports to Subscribe to West Coast Bias Sports by downloading the Free Flipboard App and then looking for Mark Lerner via their Search section inside Flipboard…It is all Free and Fun -- with, naturally, a little, good-humored and friendly bias in favor of our favorite West Coast Sports teams...

Special Note & Feature about Phil Michelson: See color chart for golfer Phil Michelson further below. He just won The Open in East Lothian, Scotland for the first time with a fantastic closing round of 5 under par 66 to blow through the prestigious group of leaders.  This is his 5th win in a Major Championship and he has won over 40 world-wide.Born in San Diego, California, he also resides in California and over the next few years, his Progressed Sun (evolving life-force; heart-center; core power) will be merging with his Progressed Mars (athleticism; strong, personal will; courage; leadership) in the regal sign of Leo -- both a rare opportunity as well as a challenge since the red planet can often resonate with emotional struggles, rash behavior and volatility. However, he not only won The "British" Open today July 21, but won the Scottish Open last weekend in a playoff. The main astrological key to his double-victory is that tomorrow's Full Moon at the beginning of Leo and Aquarius is only 1/2 degree or less from his natal Venus at 0+ degrees of Leo. In astrology, when a New or Full Moon or Eclipse or potent alignment is within 1 - 2 degrees of a natal placement, we often see an important life-event occurring. And one's natal Venus -- along with Jupiter -- is a great beneficial influence most of the time -- providing an upsurge in love, happiness, social networking, creative artistry and monetary gains when illuminated by the Sun, Moon or both, in this situation. When a potent alignment is within 1/2 of a degree, there can be an immense life-event -- close enough to give him two wondrous victories a week apart.

P.S. The World Almanac is still my favorite book...and West Coast Bias Sports is growing in readership only 3+ weeks into the project as of April 30, 2013, and even more 2 1/2 months into the project (as of June 15, 2013).

Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Phil Michelson

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