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News > Current News  > A New Pope: Francis

A New Pope: Francis

By: by Mark Lerner
A New Pope: Francis | Current News

Dateline March 13, 2013: Rome, Italy smoke appears over St. Peter's Square, indicating a New Pope has been chosen by the Cardinals. It is Jorge Mario Bergoglio -- the first Latin American and Jesuit Pope ever. He chooses the name of Francis -- to indicate his ancestral roots in St. Francis of Assisi and his focus on simplicity and nurturing the poor. In real life, this Pope has been focusing much attention on social injustice and -- as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires -- often walked through the slums of this major global metropolis. [He majored in Chemistry while in College, and taught Literature and Psychology as an educator. He is not for gay rights, abortion or liberalizing the Church (probably coming from his Jupiter, Ceres and Mercury triple conjunction in Capricorn), but his dedication to living out a Jesus-like life -- with humility -- is a key theme of his higher destiny.]

He is born on December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires (time unknown), but using a Sunrise type chart (See down below), you see a remarkable situation in the presence of the Sun and Moon. [Remember the movie about St. Francis entitled "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"?] His Sun is not only right on the fateful and destiny-oriented Lunar North Node, but the solar orb is very close to the heart center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This placement -- along with the genius asteroid Pallas, also in Sagittarius -- suggests his intellectual prowess combined with a huge heart. This is then amplified by the Moon at birth near Venus in Aquarius. This is the personification of Jesus's teachings to "love one another as I love you" since Aquarius -- on its highest level -- is true friendship, the sharing of universal love-wisdom, and where humanity is headed in the near future as a 2,160-year Age of Aquarius that is connected to earthly, cosmic, solar-systemic cycles.


His birth chart should be studied in greater depth to understand how the following have impacted his life and relationships: Pope Francis was born with a Mutable Cross composed of Sun-Pallas-Node in Sagittarius, Saturn in Pisces, Chiron in Gemini, and Neptune in Virgo; he was born just 3 days after a New Moon and is elected Pope just 2 days after a New Moon; the only other celestial body in Sagittarius at his birth is the knowledge-wisdom keeper Pallas, and Pallas in Aries at his election is on the verge of being exactly trine his Sun; the new Pope is born with two, mysterious and hard-to-decipher Pythagorean Triangles (each composed of a square, trine and inconjunct of 150-degrees). These two Triangles are Juno, Uranus and Jupiter-Ceres, and Juno, Uranus and Venus. The inclusion of two feminine celestial bodies in each of the Triangles hints at his great love for the poor, disenfranchised as well as Mother Mary.


Apparently, this man was almost elected Pope 7 years ago (when he would have been 69 years old). Now at 76, he is largely intended to be an important, transitional figure for this Catholic Church that has been so caught up in scandal, corruption and sexual deviancy. Nevertheless, his background -- revealing him to be an intellectual giant with a heart devoted to the poor -- is potentially a good start for 1.2 billion Catholics on Planet Earth and the rest of the world's population that is always looking for rare individuals who can break the chains of their own molds and identities to become "larger than life" and help to transform world society and culture for the Good.


Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Pope Francis

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