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News > Current News  > A Shock-Creating Meteor Strikes Russia: February 15

A Shock-Creating Meteor Strikes Russia: February 15

By: by Mark Lerner
A Shock-Creating Meteor Strikes Russia: February 15 | Current News

Updated Twice*: At approximately 9:20AM local time** in Chelyabinsk, Russia -- a city of over 1 million people -- a meteor streaked through the morning sky, flashing and exploding light, and then one or more fragments appeared to crash into a nearby lake and surrounding areas. *An astronomer in London, Canada estimates that the meteor may have weighed up to 40 tons and been the largest object to strike the Earth since the Siberian Tunguska meteor explosion of 1908. A further update via the Associated Press (through NASA) places the weight of the meteor way greater (7,000 tons) and that it exploded with the force of 20 Atomic bombs. **A new time of 9:25AM is now being mentioned and, if correct, would mean that the planet Uranus was precisely rising in the region struck. [See last paragraph of this story and accompanying chart wheel.]

A resulting shock wave or sound wave of some kind shattered windows in hundreds of buildings, including medical facilities and schools, throughout the city. Hundreds of people (some reports indicate over 1000) have been treated as they were struck by flying glass; others, who watched the fireball racing through the sky, may have suffered temporarily vision problems. Chelyabinsk is about 930 miles east of Moscow and is a home for Russian defense factories and at least one nuclear facility. People from other towns within perhaps a distance of 200+ miles also witnessed the meteoric fireball racing through the sky. Phone lines were jammed with stunned and frightened callers all over Siberia. Many must have thought they were being hit by a rocket, bomb or air attack.

A BBC video has already been aired and more, local-amateur videos will probably be sweeping through the online universe over the next several days.

The synchronicity between this event and the fact that an asteroid is due to fly by the Earth today -- to be shown online via NASA -- is merely that, a synchronicity or "cosmic coincidence.

Astronomers are estimating that the meteor weighed around 10 tons*** and was traveling at 33,000 miles per hour. [***Could be up to 40 tons.]

However, 2013 could become a new Year of the Comet as at least three significant comets are close to or nearing the Earth and the Sun in the spring, summer and fall. One of these called ISON is scheduled to swing around the Sun around November 28 and this could provide earthlings with a potentially bright comet (rivaling that of the glow of a Full Moon perhaps, according to astronomers) -- during the daytime!

If that occurs in December -- at the time of various religious Holy Days -- we may be deluged with all kinds of spiritual stories as 2013 morphs into 2014, which already contains the first Sun-Pluto union in the sky on New Year's Day in 248 years...

See chart wheel below for the time the meteor was spotted and crashed...Notice Uranus (the ancient ruler of the Lightning Bolt) and bringing of shocks, surprises and intuitive flashes of insight exactly rising in this part of the world. Just another example of Astrology in Action...

Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Meteor Strikes Russia

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