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News > Current News  > A New Series of Presidential Oaths -- Updated!

A New Series of Presidential Oaths -- Updated!

By: by Mark Lerner
A New Series of Presidential Oaths -- Updated! | Current News

Dateline Monday January 21, 2013 -- with Update: Despite the festivities shown on TV today, yesterday -- Sunday January 20, 2013 -- Barack Obama took his official second Oath of Office as president of the United States. The time was very close to 11:55:50AM EST at the Blue Room in The White House. This time, as compared to the outdoor ceremonies on January 20, 2009, there were no flubs in saying the Oath -- by President Obama or Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

You will see both charts -- for the Oaths of Office, 2013 and 2009 -- further down below. Rather than provide extensive analysis, I just want you to notice the big differences in the two horoscopes: The Moon sets, void in Scorpio, in the 2009 Oath whereas it rises in exalted Taurus in the 2013 Oath. Venus is with radical-change agent Uranus in compassionate, empathic Pisces in the 2009 Oath whereas Venus is in a triple conjunction with Juno* and Pluto in hardworking, industrious, business-like Capricorn in the 2013 Oath.


*Juno is the only stationary body at the birth of President Obama. Stations highly intensify the qualities and energy-field of the celestial body that is motionless from the Earth's vantage point. A large percentage of human beings are born with no stationary celestial bodies (perhaps 85 - 90%). Maybe 10% have one stationary celestial body (i.e. President Abraham Lincoln born with Uranus stationary). Fewer still (like President John F. Kennedy) have two stationary planets at birth (Mercury and Uranus). Once in a rare while, there will be three nearly simultaneously. At his first inauguration Juno was elevated and conjunct Jupiter and the Sun in a profound triple union! Thus, over the first four years of the Obama presidency, we have seen so many of the Juno archetypes in manifestation --respect for partners of any nature; striving for peace, justice and harmony in society; seeking emotional empowerment in primary relationships; the balance sought between Democrats and Republicans in Congress (something that was difficult to achieve the first time around); fair treatment of everyone under the law; and, internationally, positive diplomacy and looking to work creatively with allies on global problems. Juno (when favorable) is a tireless worker on behalf of Peace and President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize early in his first term. Juno (when negative) is rage and terror by the disenfranchised and small. To some extent, this was revealed in his bold approach to killing the leader of Al Qaeda (Osama bin Laden) by Seal Team Six after he was nearly forgotten as an enemy by the Bush-Cheney administrations of the previous 8 years. With Juno now in a triple conjunction with Venus and Pluto -- in business-like, determined Capricorn -- perhaps President Obama will work out some kind of elusive harmony among the three branches of government (Executive; Legislative; and Judiciary) even though five transiting Pluto oppositions to the U.S. Sun in Cancer await all of us in America in 2014 - 2015.

It is very significant that Saturn is now climbing upward over the past 4 years -- from a Virgo and 5th house placement in 2009 to a nearly setting position this time around. The obstacles to the President succeeding with his plans during this term of office are more clear-cut and obvious -- as shown by Saturn (in its negative or shadowy dimension) close to exalted by hovering near the 7th house. During the next 4 years, transiting Saturn will be more fully activating that 7th house of others, partners, society and the world's response to the new Obama administration


Even though there is no void Moon in the new Oath of Office chart, Barack Obama shifted from being a citizen and Senator in 2009 to entering the presidency as a branch of government at the first inauguration under one of the most extreme void Moon placements possibly (29 degrees and 45 minutes of Scorpio). While he accomplished a lot during his first term as president, his entire presidency was under a perpetual cloud for the reason we are very familiar with -- whether he was truly born in America (Hawaii) and not in Kenya.


Because the transiting Moon at the new Oath of Office is at 19+ degrees of Taurus -- uniting with America's natal Vesta from our national birth on July 4, 1776 -- the key theme of safety and security will be very prominent throughout the next four years of the second Obama administration. I see this as the cyber-space hazards of hackers and terrorists who want to bring down our web-online grid system -- so crucial to running our government, economy, and society as a whole. Plus -- back in October 1994, America experienced its last Progressed New Moon at 19+ Aquarius (exactly square our national Vesta) and I have been writing about our momentous gaps in national safety and security for the last 18+ years. [Our DAWN spaceship has just left the asteroid Vesta -- and is on route to Ceres (America's lone stationary celestial body from our birth on July 4, 1776) where it will arrive in 2015 -- and our spacecraft exploring Vesta during the past 2 years signified both the investment crisis around the world (another Vesta theme) as well as the cyber-security and cyber-safety worries that have increasingly dominated the concerns of governments, banks, corporations, not to mention small business entrepreneurs and individuals striving to make a living via the online universe. When our scientifically designed spacecrafts reach key planets and send back photographs, the archetypes of the planets -- positive and negative -- are revealed dramatically to Earthlings. For example, when Voyager II reached Uranus in late January 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded after take-off, a shocking event completely associated with the shadow themes of Uranus. When that same Voyager II visited Neptune 3+ years later, the Romanian Communist leader Ceausescu was overthrown and executed, the Berlin Wall separating the Communist East from the Democratic West fell, and the entire system of Communism began dissolving around much of our planet (and Neptune is the ruling planet of Communism). Who knows what will happen on Earth and within Humanity in 2015 when DAWN reaches Ceres while the New Horizons spacecraft flies by and photographs Pluto and its several moons during the same year.]

I also include both of Lincoln's Inaugural charts in order for you to especially see the very tight, 1-degree orbs all over the horoscope (signifying momentous events about to happen approximately a month later via progression) in the 1865 Oath when President Lincoln didn't realize that the Civil War would end about 4+ weeks after his address to the nation, and he would be assassinated just 5+ weeks after his Oath of Office. In this March 4, 1865 Oath of Office and Inaugural Address to the nation, you will see the Sun exactly with Chiron, Jupiter opposite Uranus within 1 degree of exactitude, Venus opposite Saturn within 1 degree of exactitude, Juno square Pluto within 1 degree of exactitude, and -- most difficult -- the Moon approaching the red planet Mars in Gemini within a degree in the 12th house of "self-undoing" (a medieval and ancient term for the last house of a horoscope wheel). All these 1 degree orbs reinforce the fate-destiny forces at work around President Lincoln during the 3rd and 4th months of 1865 when the Civil War ended with General Lee surrendering to General Grant in Virginia on April 9 while John Wilkes Booth then assassinated President Lincoln less than a week later (Friday night April 14) at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.


One can utilize this Second Inaugural Address horoscope by President Lincoln as an extraordinary talisman of what negative forces can prevail against a wise and brilliant leader of a young nation during a time-period of deep-seated social-political-philosophical unrest and division. It is also stunning to realize that Uranus was stationary at the birth of Abraham Lincoln and it was also stationary when he gave his Second Inaugural Address. Uranus is always nefariously active when our leaders are assassinated for political-hateful reasons. [Fortunately, President Obama's Second Oath of Office does not reveal anywhere near the wide assortment of 1-degree orb aspects that fill the horoscope for President Lincoln's Second Inaugural. President Obama's speech to the nation, on January 21, was soaring in its rhetoric as he kept quoting the beginning of the Preamble of The Constitution -- "We the People..." -- and if there is one thing this president needs to a great extent is to be seen historically as a constitutionally valid leader. I think that decades from now, it will be known as the "We the People" Inaugural Address as it is unusual for these kinds of speeches to be quickly understood as meaningful and purposeful for the higher good of the nation.]


Oddity: By law, the Vice President does not have to swear an oath like the President, but this ritual-custom has become established during the last 100+ years. This makes what happened this past Sunday very odd indeed as VP Biden chose to take his renewed Oath at 8:22:20 AM EST at his VP home (the U.S. Naval Observatory in NW Washington, DC). Why this occurred some 3 1/2 hours before that of the President is unknown -- at this point. I don't think intentional astrology was involved -- perhaps just one of VP Joe Biden's unusual ideas that became sanctioned by President Obama, wanting to thank his Vice-President for work well-done in the first administration. What is fascinating is that his Oath of Office brings Mars very close to the Rising Degree of the moment while Saturn in Scorpio becomes very prominent by being elevated in the 9th house. The fact that the two oaths were separated in space and time does seem significant as it marks the remaining differences between white (Biden) and black (Obama) America, and that for all their friendship and rapport, white America and non-white America are still residing on and operating on vastly different wavelengths.

I may have more to say on all these charts over the next few days. In the meantime, take a look at them and email in your opinions of what you see in terms of the shape of things to come in the future.

Copyright 2013 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

Obama Oath 2013
Obama Oath 2009
Lincoln Inaugural 1861
Lincoln Inaugural 1865
VP Biden Oath 2013

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