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News > Current News  > Another American Tragedy: When Predictions Come True

Another American Tragedy: When Predictions Come True

By: by Mark Lerner
Another American Tragedy: When Predictions Come True | Current News

Introduction: Dateline Friday Dec. 14, 2012…after the horrible murder of at least 27 people (20 children and 6 adults, and the gunman) at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT this morning. I have entitled this story Another American Tragedy: When Predictions Come True…I have been on Coast to Coast AM radio around 14 times since the summer of 2005. I have a contact, a producer, who is the key individual to bring me on with one of the hosts (George Noory; Ian Punnett or a guest host). Although I was on the show earlier in the year, I had hoped to be on again around the Presidential Election to share my projected winner and other important information – some of which is included below.

In the meantime, because of the seriousness of last month’s Total Solar Eclipse on Nov. 13 (igniting the Syrian conflict in the Middle East) and yesterday’s New Moon at 22 degrees of Sagittarius (precisely triggering America’s natal Mars and Neptune from our birth as a nation on July 4, 1776), I called the producer at Coast to Coast AM last month around the time of the Total Solar Eclipse and also warned of what could happen – abroad and at home – around NOW because of the current Sagittarius New Moon. When will the public awaken to the use of higher, intuitive and wise astrological principles and archetypes? I have been in this line of work for 40 years now and there is still much uncertainty about why gun- or weapon-crazed individuals (usually men) go completely off-kilter and massacre our fellow human souls.

Right now the horrific scene is an elementary school with over 600 students about 60+ miles northeast of New York City. However, earlier this year we had the shootings at an Aurora, CO theater during a Dark Knight Rises film showing, in a religious temple in Wisconsin, and at the Clackamas, OR mall just 2 days ago.

When the birth date information is released for the alleged shooter – Adam Lanza (age 20) – a Solar Chart*** will be provided. Apparently, he killed his own mother this morning who taught kindergarten at the school. He shot and killed the principal and child psychologist at the school as well. His brother is Ryan Lanza (age 24) -- who was originally mistaken as the shooter -- but apparently (according to CNN at 3:45PM PST) he is now in police custody for questioning. Adam Lanza's father is divorced from the mother (Nancy Lanza) who was killed this morning. All of this confusion is related to the chart for the time when the shootings began (See Below).

The chart for the approximate moment all this began is presented at the close of this story. The Rising Degree is very close to America’s Pluto (27+ Capricorn) from our national birth on July 4, 1776. Pluto rules the Underworld, mysteries, secrets, phobias, repressed feelings-emotions, and extreme actions that produce societal terror. I am sure the presence of a Moon-Pluto union in Capricorn in the 12th house of this chart will eventually reveal much about the killer’s hatred of his mother and how this affected his actions. Notice that the two planets that had just crossed the two main power angles of the chart (the Horizon or Ascendant, and the Midheaven or 10th house cusp) are the traditional “malefics,” Mars and Saturn. Plus – for midpoint watchers – be aware that the Sun/Neptune midpoint was on the horizon while the Mercury/Saturn midpoint was above. Sun/Neptune archetypes can have much to do – when shadowy – with confusion-chaos and misuse of will-power-purpose while Mercury/Saturn archetypes – when shadowy – can relate to mental depression and negative thought patterns. Update at 3:16PM PST on the day of the shootings: When all is said and done, it will also turn out that the shooter had deep problems concerning the role of fatherhood since (a) the Sun and Saturn were almost precisely in a caustic, 45-degree link in the sky as the shootings happened, and (b) the Sun/Neptune and Mercury/Saturn midpoints already mentioned above have shadow components that point to a potentially obscure father theme (Sun/Neptune) as well as a too strict-frustrating paternal attitude (Mercury/Saturn). In addition, transiting Mars today at 21+ degrees of Capricorn is exactly triggering or short-circuiting the most exact opposition in the USA birthchart between Chiron at 21 Aries and Juno ay 21 Libra. This brings up the themes of the twilight zone, wounds and the need for healing (Chiron functions) and emotional-relationship dis-empowerment, plus terrorism by the weak and dispossessed (shadow side of Juno). 

 ***Apparently, Adam Lanza was born on April 22, 1992 in Kingston, NH. [Solar Chart is included at the end of this article.] Time of birth is unknown so far. What is crucial to note and which cannot be figured out by just looking at the chart is that he was born at and close to the time of 4 celestial stations of planetary bodies. And stations of celestial bodies are one of the most potent ways in which those stellar entities affect human beings and life on Earth. Adam Lanza was born just one day after Uranus shifted from direct to reverse, and just two days after Neptune shifted from direct to reverse -- and at the super-rare conjunction of these two outer planets which had last occurred 171 years before in 1821. In the meantime, Vesta was on the verge of shifting from reverse to direct one day after his birth, and six days after his birth, the asteroid Pallas made a station, moving from direct to retrograde motion.

You will notice that Venus in Aries is exactly square the Uranus-Neptune conjunction -- a clear symbol of someone who could have vast social and interpersonal problems. The Sun square Chiron while Chiron is 150-degrees to the Lunar North Node which then trines the Sun reveals a rather tight Pythagorean Figure or 3-4-5 triangle that may harbor dark secrets and peculiar psychic forces. The two most significant Pythagorean Figures I have ever seen are for the moment when President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas and for the act of insurrection against the British Crown at the time of the Boston Tea Party.

His natal Chiron is also exactly square the discovery placement for Chiron, and my research shows Chiron as very strong in autistic cases.Without going too much further at the moment, if this birth date is correct -- and it appears that it is -- then the Uranus-Neptune merger (with both planets motionless) is the overwhelming influence that created his major societal "abnormalities," (and along with the Pythagorean Triangle involving Chiron, making him into a total "Outsider") and particularly because of the precise square from Venus in the martial, self-centered sign of Aries. Vesta motionless is why he was intrigued about piercing through security systems (for example, how to get into the Sandy Hook Elementary School) and much of this also probably came from his being into high-tech equipment, computers, with their complex safety-security codes. It also appears that he was an active video gaming enthusiast. [It would not surprise me to learn that he was into violent video games.] Plus -- his Pallas stationary is why he was considered "smart" to many of his high school classmates who also thought of him as a nerd. 

Be aware that the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13 -- almost exactly a month before the shootings -- was in a conjunction with his natal Pluto at 22 Scorpio. This could have easily triggered his final descent into madness and mayhem two days ago on December 14, 2012.

The communication between me and the producer at Coast to Coast AM continues below…Sincerely, Mark Lerner – Publisher 

Dear Producer at Coast to Coast AM: When we talked on Wednesday, you asked me what was so important astrologically as to why I should be on Coast to Coast AM around this time.

Look at the email (SEE BELOW) that I sent to you one month ago, after leaving you a phone message. I have put the second paragraph in RED…The New Moon that has just occurred exactly was OPPOSITE our national Mars and exactly at RIGHT ANGLES (90-degrees) to our national Neptune. This is what triggered Ryan Lanza this morning to kill 20 elementary school children and around 7 staff members at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. This is just 48 hours after a 22-year-old man killed 2 and himself at a Clackamas, Oregon mall filled with 10,000 holiday shoppers. Mars & Neptune (90-degrees apart) are the key astrological pattern at the birth of America on July 4, 1776 that is connected to violence, mayhem, murder and massive confusion-chaos…When a New Moon (like the one of Dec. 13) exactly ignites our national Mars and Neptune simultaneously, some type of volatility and bloodshed can be expected. Thus, this is totally related – unfortunately and fatefully – to Astrology at Work…Please be in touch with me about being on the show when you can get me on. I deeply appreciate your support. SEE BELOW…

Many Blessings, Mark

From: Mark Lerner

Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2012 4:45 AM

To: Producer at Coast to Coast AM

Subject: Phone Message left for You Today

To Producer at Coast to Coast AM: I left you a 4+ minute phone message at around 4:20am today (Thursday). It has much to do with the rising tide of revolutionary, belligerent, and shocking clashes in the Middle East – particularly following Tuesday’s Total Solar Eclipse and yesterday’s Chiron station in the sky.

The phone message is rather important and the next Full Moon (Nov. 28) and the next New Moon (Dec. 13) will further ignite the Middle East tinderbox and we may have some kind of dire conflagration – unless (!) international leaders pick up the pace for peace and diplomacy. This is because America’s natal horizon (Rising and Setting points), as well as our natal Mars – representing warfare, volatility and possible rash action – are going to be triggered exactly.

All this connects to my prediction – from over 6 months ago on the show with George – when in a closing remark I pointed to this past Tuesday Nov. 13, 2012 as a key upheaval day for Syria. Why? Because the current leader’s father and the previous dictator of Syria (Hafez al-Assad) created a coup on the same date in 1970…and, therefore, modern Syria has a birthchart with a provocative, tension-producing Scorpio Sun, and that Sun has just been eclipsed!

Israel has just fired mortars into Syria, over 11,000 Syrian women, children and male civilians crossed the border into Turkey this past Friday (the largest number ever in 1 day), and now Israel has assassinated the leader of Hamas yesterday (the day of Chiron not moving – connected to wounds, healing, and twilight zones of strange consciousness).

America has been focused inwardly on the recent presidential election, and now the Middle East could actually explode – including the always unstable Iran.

I have all the charts for the leaders of the key nations and the national charts themselves. Plus – all of this is exacerbating the extreme uncertainty at the NYSE and worldwide financial markets. And I have all those charts as well as the charts for European nations, and the birth of the Euro, back on January 1, 1999, as well as Ben Bernanke (FED Chairman), the Federal Reserve chart, and charts for Gold and Silver trading.

We are in the midst of 7 revolutionary and shocking Uranus-Pluto squares in the sky (2012 to 2015) – mirror reflections of the five Uranus-Pluto squares from 1932 – 1934 during The Great Depression -- and underworld-ruling Pluto is on the verge of uniting with the Sun (for the first time in 248 years!) on New Year’s 2013 and New Year’s 2014 (as billions ask: What will each New Year bring?), while Pluto will oppose America’s Sun five times from 2014 – 2015.

Venus will move into a major 9+ month BEAR cycle for national and international markets by the end of March 2013, but our own stock market(s) could collapse this year (!) because Jupiter is exactly retracing its steps zodiacally, every single day, to where it was in 1929 – when we experienced the Great Stock Market Crash and beginning of The Great Depression.

This is all happening as we approach the Mayan Calendar questions…

Thanks so much for your kind consideration and support!

Many Blessings always…Mark

©2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Beat Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sandy Hook Shootings
Adam Lanza

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