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News > Current News  > Election Forecast: Written Nov. 5, 2012 (Updated!)

Election Forecast: Written Nov. 5, 2012 (Updated!)

By: by Mark Lerner
Election Forecast: Written Nov. 5, 2012 (Updated!) | Current News

Dateline: Monday November 5, 2012 (and Updated on Nov. 7 after the election further down below):

Election Day has already begun on the East Coast while I write these words. I have been intensely watching presidential elections since the far-into-the-next-morning JFK victory over VP Richard Nixon back on November 8, 1960. While publishing Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine (1981 - 2000), I wrote about and analyzed -- extensively -- the 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 presidential campaigns, elections and inaugurations very carefully. On our website in 2004 and 2008, I continued these every-four-years rituals of producing a wide variety of features concerning the who, how and why of the candidates running and the likely winner on Election Night.

In every election in the past, it has been fairly easy to utilize the astrology birth charts, transits, progressions and unusual celestial alignments of the main candidates, the horoscope of America, the day of the election and the following inauguration to know -- ahead of time -- who will gain access to the presidency. However, due to the 2010 Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, the floodgates opening for hundreds of millions of dollars being utilized to buy the highest office in the land, a much larger number of polls (with questionable polling methods), the big rise in early voting (even before the debates), plus the continuing corruption and deliberate obfuscation of facts within the fields of economics, politics and health care, it is becoming much harder to say precisely who will win tomorrow's election and why.

On the day of the 2008 election, Saturn opposed Uranus in the sky -- the first of five such planetary polarities that would ensue for a couple of years. By looking at the meaning of that sky pattern -- as well as the characteristics and archetypal symbols relating back to Barack Obama and John McCain (in addition to their natal charts, ongoing cycles, and their connections to America's chart for July 4, 1776) -- it was clear who would win that presidential election. In that situation, Barack Obama represented Uranus (the bringer of change) while John McCain signified Saturn (the conservative, although maverick, senator who stood for the principles of the previous Bush-Cheney era in The White House). Also -- on the night of the election in 2008, Uranus was up and elevated in the sky over America when the main broadcasters declared the winner while Saturn was down in the more obscure zone under the Earth.

As we look at the heavens this time around – and as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, the Associated Press, etc., prepare to announce either a second presidential win for Barack Obama or an upset win by challenger Governor Romney -- we again have an elevated Uranus in the sky while Saturn is down below. However, because Barack Obama -- who is ruled by Uranus and has Uranus conjunct his fateful Lunar North Node -- is also now the incumbent and any incumbent, as president, often portrays Saturnian qualities, you cannot simply equate Uranus with Obama and Saturn with Romney. It is tempting to do so, and if this holds true (Obama = Uranus and Romney = Saturn), then Barack Obama will win a second term via an electoral vote majority (even if the popular vote nation-wide is much closer).

Nevertheless, Governor Romney is born with a prominent Uranus in Gemini in his first house of self-expression. Therefore, he does think of himself -- whether this is true or not -- as a candidate of radical change (specifically from the viewpoint of Big Business and the corporate universe). If the population sees him that way as well (rather than as a conservative figure, based on his being born with a potent, but concealed, Saturn-Pluto union in Leo at the bottom of his birth chart), then tomorrow's results might be an upset -- narrowly -- although, mathematically, it will take almost a clean sweep in the 7 to 9 battleground states (Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida) for Romney to gain ascendancy to the CEO of America position he so much craves to make his own.

The key in all the astrology analysis comes down to the cosmic dynamics at place ON THE DAY AND NIGHT OF THE ELECTION*. Therefore, it is really the portrait and mosaic of solar, lunar, planetary, asteroid patterns when the election is called for one candidate or another that is the main chart answering the question: Who will win the presidency? To some extent, it is amazing (and frightening) to consider that this one “picture of the heavens,” when the election is called by TV News broadcasters becomes the key to the door of the Oval Office. All the other chart-work -- the transits and progressions going on in the candidates charts, when they declared to run for office, when they were nominated by their parties, their natal patterns compared to those for the USA birth chart of July 4, 1776, and even links to the chart for the first presidential inauguration of George Washington (a potent horoscope of presidential power from April 30, 1789) -- these astrology factors are secondary when compared to the celestial framework of Election Day and particularly Election Night. [*This is the height of what was originally known as Horary Astrology to the ancient and medieval astrologers -- the ability to answer a question based on the astro-cosmic picture of the heavens at a given moment of time.]

This year we have three major sky patterns on Election Day -- the Sun makes an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Jupiter (9:57AM EST), Mercury stops in Sagittarius (6:05PM EST) and begins a 20-day retrograde cycle, and there is a Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (7:37PM EST) that suggests America and the world are grappling with a Crisis in Consciousness -- affecting how we all think and even our spiritual path into the future. More so than any other presidential vote I can recall, the principles at play now are as wide apart as ever -- with Governor Romney an obvious symbol of the power-elite 1% in our nation and globally, and Barack Obama as the clear-cut supporter of middle class and lower class (99%) values, and with the continuing game-plan to build society and restore financial confidence by working from the bottom up rather than the top down.

If we were to simply look at the two main candidates natal charts -- in regard to how the famous astrologer Grant Lewi wrote about politics in his masterpiece Astrology for the Millions (back in the 1940s) -- then President Obama should easily win a second term. Why? Grant Lewi showed very clearly that if transiting Saturn were moving up the chart and particularly if it were high in elevation, then that prominence by the transit of Saturn indicated without a doubt that such a candidate for high office could win over an opponent who had, say, a transiting Saturn in the lower half of the chart. Saturn is now moving through President Obama's 9th house (and will be overhead in his chart during the next four-year presidential term) while Saturn is now moving through Governor Romney's 6th house (in his lower-right quadrant) and not yet in the zone of visibility. From this perspective, Obama has a distinct advantage over Romney.

It is also a distinct advantage for Obama that the transiting Moon on Election Day is in Leo -- uniting with the president's natal Sun and approaching his ruling planet Uranus as well as his Lunar North Node in Leo. The two days of every month when the transiting Moon inhabits the sign of the Lunar North Node at birth are considered one's monthly "high point" -- to make things happen "your way," to stay on target with your highest goals-plans-ideals, and to be a strong decision-maker, taking advantage of all the golden opportunities around you. While the Moon in Leo is positively energizing the natal Sun, Uranus and Lunar North Node for President Obama, the Moon in Leo is moving from Governor Romney's Saturn (frustrations) to his Pluto (underworld; willpower; mysteries, secrets; the unknown). In addition, transiting Saturn at 3+ degrees of Scorpio has just been squaring Governor Romney's natal Saturn at 3 degrees of Leo for the past week or so -- while the big storm Sandy blunted his political momentum of recent weeks. [Grant Lewi suggested that transiting Saturn in conflict with one’s natal Saturn was detrimental for winning the presidency. Barack Obama had this problem from late 2011 all the way until August 2012. Now, suddenly in the last week of October and the first week of November, Governor Romney has the identical problem that Barack Obama no longer has.]

Another big factor that should favor President Obama is that the USA Progressed Moon in Libra is uniting with our national Juno (exactly!) for the first time in 27+ years on Election Day. Juno is deeply connected to women and children and their well-being and support, and the rights of the small and disenfranchised (as Juno is the smallest of the first four discovered asteroids, which are all small to begin with). Just today, Juno opposed Jupiter (the largest planet, and a symbol of great wealth and -- along with Pluto -- the 1%) -- setting up a similar planetary opposition to the Saturn-Uranus polarity of four years ago. Since President Obama is born with one celestial body stationary at birth -- Juno -- and located at the universal power point of 0+ Aries, this celestial signature at birth is why Barack Obama identifies with the small, the dispossessed, women and children, and -- internationally -- with the emphasis on peace, harmony, diplomacy and alliances rather than America being the world's policeman and trying to manipulate other nations via power, wealth and bullying tactics.

However, while the USA Progressed Moon is like a flashing neon light pointing to our Juno for understanding and assimilation during this presidential election, this Progressed Moon has just been (a) on top of our Progressed Mars in Libra and (b) exactly opposite our natal Chiron in Aries. The Progressed Moon on our Mars in September and the first half of October symbolized the antipathy between Romney and Obama during the debates (along with Governor Romney’s pugnacious, in-your-face type of debating – very martial), and the intense partisanship that has been a reality ever since the first black-white individual gained the presidency four years ago.

This is partly why Governor Romney has been able to signify a potent challenge to President Obama. Governor Romney's natal Mars in Pisces is elevated and exactly square his Lunar Nodal Axis (which is actually quite detrimental were he to become president and have his finger on the nuclear button and the USA war-machine), and President Obama has been experiencing 4 of 5 Chiron Returns -- that happen to everyone between ages 49 and 51. In fact, President Obama's Chiron Returns -- which started in the spring and summer of 2011, continued in February 2012, an on October 18 (at the time of the second debates) -- still have one more to go (December 10 - 12, 2012). And we know that Chiron signifies the wounded healer archetype, catalysts of change, rainbow bridges between the physical and spiritual realms, as well as twilight zones of strange, anomalous behavior. [A main reason that the public (as well as many of his own supporters), during the last year or so, have lost faith in President Obama is due to his being immersed in the 5 Chiron Returns – that can create whirlwinds of reality-distortion in those trying to view and understand his motives and plans for the future. And remember, too, that President Obama is born with this celestial body as his lone rising planet – making him the ultimate maverick, catalyst for American change, and yet maestro of twilight-zone type of strange twists of fate (for example his being the only person within the executive branch to give the order to kill Osama bin Laden in the risky manner performed by SEAL Team Six).]

When you add all of this up (including the notorious and hard-to-fathom void Moon placement at Barack Obama’s first inauguration), you eventually get the potpourri and confusing-chaotic picture of the presidency in 2012 - 2013. And intensifying that confusion (a shadow dimension of the Neptune archetype) is that (1) Governor Romney's natal Chiron in Scorpio is exactly on top of President Obama's elevated Neptune in Scorpio, while (2) transiting Saturn is now making its first move in 30 years on top of the president's Neptune and the governor's Chiron. It is also strangely appropriate that Governor Romney's rather disturbed natal Mars (squaring his own Lunar Nodal Axis) is right on top of President Obama's natal Chiron-Pluto polarity.

Transiting Mars has also just entered the current situation in a major way as its position around 22 Sagittarius means that it has just squared Governor Romney's Sun in Pisces, opposed America's Mars, about to square President Obama's Mars in Virgo (only a few hours after the Election Night votes are tabulated), and -- finally -- about to square the USA Neptune in the two days following the Election.

Let us also not forget Mercury being virtually motionless all-day as the voting is happening, and officially turning retrograde at 6:05PM EST -- almost precisely in synch with the end of voting in most parts of the nation. Mercury = communications; transportation; information; devices-machinery conveying information (think voting here); fluctuating weather conditions. Will this Mercury phenomenon -- on top of an off-kilter, Sun-Jupiter 150-degree aspect and Last Quarter Sun-Moon "Crisis Atmosphere" -- create another boondoggle of historic proportions a la the 36-day delay in 2000 (Bush vs. Gore) that ended in a 5 - 4 Supreme Court ruling that changed presidential politics forever? Will voting challenges and irregularities with the voting machines, and counting of votes send us into some kind of unforeseen legal challenge never seen before? Or a long delay in one or more toss-up states where the tally is virtually tied -- making those states "too close to call"?

My plan is to go forward after the Election Day results and focus attention on the winner's chart in comparison to the chart for Inauguration Day (January 20, 2013) -- to understand the social, political, economic, health care, and global shape of things to come during the next president's four-year term in office. After all, the next president will have to deal with the first time ever that five Pluto-in-Capricorn oppositions to our national Sun-in-Cancer will take place during 2014 – 2015. This next president will also have to grapple with the anarchical and repressive-totalitarian tendencies supercharged between now and 2015 when seven Uranus-Pluto squares occur in the sky (mirroring the five Uranus-Pluto squares that shaped what we now call The Great Depression of the early 1930s).

A Note About Nate Silver's Latest Presidential Projections in his Five Thirty-Eight Blog in The New York Times Online: Nate Silver now has either a $1000 or $2000 bet with former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough (co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC each weekday morning) that his prediction of an Obama victory will be the correct one when all is said and done on Election Night 2012. Silver has one of the more prominent and sophisticated statistical surveys of all 50 states. He is now saying the following (after consistently suggesting an Obama win for many months): The Electoral Vote should be close to 314.6 (Obama) to 223.4 (Romney); there is a 91.6% chance of Obama winning the election versus only a 8.4% chance of Romney winning; plus, the likely popular vote breakdown will be 50.9% for President Obama and 48.3% for Governor Romney. Because there are over a dozen national polls vying for people's attention day-after-day, and for now many weeks in a row prior to Election Day, it will be intriguing to see if Nate Silver wins the bet, but -- more importantly -- how close his percentages are relative to the actual results. If his figures wind up being very true to the reality, then his statistical methods may become a model for the future.

USA Today newspaper reported about 6 weeks ago that there were upward of 90 million Americans (that is their figure) who were planning to "sit out" this election and not vote -- due to non-interest, complacency, disappointment or foolishly thinking that their vote has no meaning. The history of this planet reveals a huge majority of human souls have never had the freedom to vote for their leaders, but -- instead -- have been enslaved or dominated by individuals who lust for power or fear the rise of the working, creative folks who are actually the wellspring for survival of our species

Post-Election Astro-Political Postscripts (early on Wednesday Nov. 7, 2012 about 7 hours following the President Obama Re-Election Victory):

Now that the general outlines of what was suggested in the above article have held true, here are some extra specifics that you can utilize when examining future presidential contests.

About two months ago, I looked at the Full Moon just preceding the election -- activating 6+ degrees of Scorpio-Taurus. Going over the key natal midpoints in the birthcharts for President Obama and Governor Romney, I found nothing significant in Governor Romney's horoscope while the 6+ degree Scorpio-Taurus placement was exactly igniting President Obama's auspicious-exuberant and leadership-oriented Sun/Jupiter midpoint within only 3 minutes of arc (or one-twentieth of 1 degree of the zodiac). This struck me at the time as a major boost for President Obama since that Full Moon would be taking place on Monday Oct. 29 -- about a week before the election.

What no one could realize a few months ago was that Monday Oct. 29 would become the day of Hurricane Sandy -- slamming into the New Jersey and Northeastern Coastline, taking away momentum from the Romney-Ryan campaign and, instead, showcasing presidential leadership during a crisis. Plus, it helped President Obama that Governor Christie of NJ -- who had given the keynote address for Governor Romney this summer -- was very thankful for the president's quick, calm and focused response to the flooding, wind and intense damage during those frightening days last week.

The Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase that just happened yesterday -- during the voting -- energized 15 degrees Scorpio and Leo. I referred to this -- in the terminology used by the eminent astrologer Dane Rudhyar -- as a Crisis in Consciousness for our nation and the world. The midpoint of Sun at 15 Scorpio and Moon at 15 Leo is exactly 0 Degrees of Libra and Aries. And President Obama was born with the asteroid Juno (located at 0+ Aries) as the only stationary and therefore extra potent, celestial body in his chart. Therefore, even though any last quarter solar-lunar, 90-degree pattern is crisis-oriented, it can be that way for both candidates and parties, and now it seems to be more a crisis for the Republicans than the Democrats. 

Meanwhile, since I was focusing attention on midpoints -- one of the still, untapped gold mines of modern astrological interpretation -- I realized that Venus in Libra was approaching a flowing trine of 120-degrees to Jupiter in Gemini in the sky. Just visually, I could quickly see that their potent and very nurturing, success-driven midpoint would be in Leo. It turned out that the Venus/Jupiter midpoint on November 6 -- when the election victory was confirmed -- was located at 13 degrees and 8 minutes of Leo and Aquarius, and President Obama's Sun is at 12 degrees and 33 minutes of Leo. Therefore, Venus combined with Jupiter were simultaneously energizing President Obama’s Sun placement – a midpoint structure that anyone who studies midpoints would rate as first-class and an excellent omen of some kind of increased prominence and recognition. [Note: Speaking of Jupiter, January 20 of any year brings the Sun to 0+ degrees of Aquarius -- where Jupiter was located when Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961. Therefore, President Obama has a distinct resonance and magnetic rapport with January 20 (Inauguration Day in America) because the Sun is always making its annual union with his Jupiter on that day.]

At the exact minute (11:12PM EST -- chart included with the other horoscopes down below) when Iowa, Oregon and then Ohio were called for President Obama, putting him over the top for an electoral vote victory, the Moon in Leo was precisely rising in New York City, where the main broadcasting centers were located. In Mundane Astrology (or Political Astrology, as it is sometimes called), the Moon rules the people and the masses while Leo is President Obama's Sun-sign, his Mercury placement, and where he has his ruling planet Uranus united with the fateful and destiny oriented Lunar North Node. It is intriguing that the Part of Fortune in the sky at the same minute was 19+ degrees of Taurus -- the precise location of the rising Moon on January 20, 2013 (when President Obama will be inaugurated again). And 19+ Taurus is also the natal placement of Vesta for America – Vesta being the asteroid connected to investments, insurance rates and coverage, home and hearth, safety and security, sisterhoods as well as secret organizations like the FBI, CIA and NSA.

It is also amazing that the USA Progressed Moon at 20+ Libra yesterday (precisely, with no orb, on the USA natal Juno) -- a conjunction that only happens every 27+ years -- not only synchronized with President Obama's re-election (with his super-strong Juno stationary at birth), but it has brought in a new wave of female senators, bringing the U.S. Senate either 19 or 20 female members, the highest total in our history as a nation. It has been the vital support coming from women, minorities and younger voters that has clearly given Barack Obama two presidential victories since 2008.

Finally, when Governor Romney gave his brief concession speech in Boston, a chart for that moment showed (a) the degrees of his fateful, destiny-oriented and karmic Lunar Nodal Axis (6+ degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius) exactly above and below while (b) the planet Neptune (representing dissolution and confusion-chaos when negative) was setting right through Detroit (his hometown) and the center of the auto industry in America. A little while later when President Obama took the stage to give his victory speech, the potent fate-destiny degrees of the USA natal Lunar Nodal Axis (7 degrees of Leo - Aquarius) were exactly rising and setting in Chicago.

© 2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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