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News > Fame & Fortune  > Director Tony Scott Dies After Jump from Vincent Thomas Bridge

Director Tony Scott Dies After Jump from Vincent Thomas Bridge

By: by Mark Lerner
Director Tony Scott Dies After Jump from Vincent Thomas Bridge | Fame & Fortune

Dateline Sunday August 19, 2012: Tonight, just before the Moon left void status in Virgo to enter Libra around 9:46PM PDT, I was shocked to read (in a Breaking News app I have on an iPhone) that A-List director Tony Scott, one of my personal favorites, had taken his own life by jumping off the Vincent Thomas bridge -- linking San Pedro to Terminal Island in Los Angeles County.

According to people who called the police, and who saw what happened on the bridge, the time was close to 12:35PM PDT. I have created a chart for 12:33PM PDT and it shows 15 Scorpio rising -- one of the most powerful degrees of the zodiac, and considered a "Gate of the Avatar" by my main astrological mentor Dane Rudhyar.

There are two birthdays reported for Tony Scott -- a June 21, 1944 date (in Wikipedia and IMDb, the main movie-television data base online) and then a July 21, 1944 date (reported elsewhere). Regardless of the actual birth date, the actual time of death -- and creating a full chart for that moment -- can describe the higher purpose of that life.

It is for this reason that -- for the time-being and until more is known about why Tony Scott took his own life in this manner (apparently a suicide note was found at his office) -- I am presenting both possible birth charts, as well as the approximate time when he jumped off the bridge to his death by drowning.

Scorpio 15 degrees is very clearly a crucial element in tracking down the "Why" of his passing at age 68. In addition, one can look at all the celestial bodies* -- in their house placements and configurations by aspect -- in this death chart to understand more how unique and extraordinary this man's talents were.

*At his death, the celestial bodies are spread out through many houses and the entire picture suggests the rich tapestry of adventure, achievement and genius that was part of his higher-destiny on Planet Earth. Mercury and Venus in the 9th house (with Venus trine the Ascendant) -- as well as a clear mental brilliance factor shown by Pallas and Uranus together in the 5th house of creativity and heart-centered expression -- are signposts of how this individual excelled in his many fields of expertise. Most probably, the current Mars-Saturn union (that was just exact in the last week) showing up in the 12th house at the time of his death will represent the illness or cause of why he took this drastic, Scorpionic action.

Notice, in the chart of his death, the Sun directly above and in a New Moon formation with the lunar orb in Virgo. Whether he was born on June 21, 1944 or a month later on July 21, 1944, both of these dates in the summer of 1944 occurred just after a New Moon. Since we just had a New Moon on Friday, Tony Scott took this action with the Sun and Moon very close to being in their natal phase relationship. Most professional astrologers watch the monthly time when the Sun and Moon "return" to their natal phase, happening 13 times a year, and I find it to be one of the most potent and creative times of the month. However, we don't yet know what ailments, illness or psychological torment would drive Tony Scott to do this and we may never know fully -- especially since his death/suicide has occurred during a void Moon time-period.

Tony Scott directed such masterpieces as Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Crimson Tide, True Romance, Deja Vu, and many others -- including Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II. He was Ridley Scott's younger brother and gained a Master in Fine Arts in Painting before eventually joining up with his brother in RSA as well as Scott Free Productions. Tony and Ridley Scott brought the great television show Numbers to CBS for many years.

Whenever I heard that a film was coming out and was directed by Tony Scott, I wanted to see it...The IMDb has the following stated on its website:

"His films are known for their rich visual style, with dazzling cinematography and beautiful production designs....Visual trademarks include heavy use of smoke, colored filters, and shafts of light breaking through windows, often through blinds....Starred in brother Ridley Scott's first film-making effort, 'Boy and Bicycle', in 1960 at the age of 16, playing the title role. The film is currently owned by the British Film Institute, and video copies are currently available for purchase...Is an avid mountain climber...Graduated from the Royal College Of Art In London, England."

This is very sad news for tens of thousands of people in the entertainment field who knew him and worked with him. It is also a terrible loss for film-goers around the globe.

P.S. I will add to this story once more is known, and -- of course -- if the birth date confusion is cleared up.

Copyright 2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.


Tony Scott
Tony Scott2
Transits at Death

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