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News > Current News  > Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars; 7 Dead at Sikh Temple Shooting

Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars; 7 Dead at Sikh Temple Shooting

By: Mark Lerner
Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars; 7 Dead at Sikh Temple Shooting | Current News

Dateline Sunday August 5, 2012:

Once again, a mass shooting occurs on American soil. This time it happened at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin – south of Milwaukee. Seven people are dead, including the gunmen, who is said to be a white individual in his 40s and apparently not a Sikh. The police are temporarily considering this an act of domestic terrorism as well as a hate crime.

At least three other people are hospitalized in critical condition, and this may include one of two police officers who arrived shortly after calls were placed around 10:25AM local time. [One of the police officers was able to kill the gunman.]

If you look down below at the USA map for the Full Moon that just occurred this past Wednesday, you will see the Uranus Rising line going through Wisconsin and fairly close to Milwaukee. Uranus signifies shocking, radical behavior – often by a lone, eccentric gunman.

Clicking on the thumbnail chart further below – for the exact time of the shooting – reveals Uranus almost precisely setting (representing the shocking and unexpected violence occurring in that area) and Pluto exactly below (equating with the underworld, extremist forces coming out of the dark, shadow nature of human existence). Two outer planets on the angles in Oak Creek, Wisconsin as this senseless act of brutality took place helps to reveal why circumstances beyond normal human control were in power – until one of society’s authority figures (a police officer) arrived on the scene.

Note: The United States Progressed chart – based on our birth as a nation on July 4, 1776 – has had Mars located at 18+ degrees of Libra for many years now. I wrote a story on this important degree of the zodiac 11 years ago in order to show how Mars, by progression turning stationary and retrograde for the first time for America in 2006, would lead to an 80-year cycle of deep-seated changes concerning use of weapons and expressions of violence related to our aggressive, egocentric behavior internally and on the global stage. Today – Sunday August 5 – for the first time in nearly two years, transiting Mars returned to this zodiacal point of volatility (18+ Libra) – acting as a trigger mechanism. You will see that in Oak Creek, Wisconsin – during this morning’s violence and murderous rampage – Mars was rising (along with Saturn) in the first house of self-expression and individual, egocentric activity.

Once the shooter’s identity is confirmed, we will update this story: Update -- Aug. 6. The slain gunman is identified as 40-year-old Wade Michael Page, an ex-Army veteran and member of the End Apathy white supremacist band. This is leading investigators toward the likelihood that this was a racially-ethnically oriented crime. No month-day-year of birth has become available yet, but it is said he was born in Colorado -- where the recent Aurora mass murder took place.


P.S. Very close to 10:31PM PDT on Sunday, it was confirmed that the Mars Rover named "Curiosity" had safely landed 14 minutes earlier at a crater near the equatorial region of the red planet. The landing was novel, historic and dangerous, but worked -- to the ecstasy and excitement of everyone at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California -- the NASA-associated center guiding the mission. I have included a Launch Chart from November 26, 2011 below which shows Mars at 7 degrees and 24 minutes of Virgo in the 8th house of mysteries and secrets. As Curiosity touched down safely, you will see that in the landing chart, Pluto (seen toward the top of the chart, calculated for the JPL in California) is located at 7 degrees and 23 minutes of Capricorn. Therefore, transiting Pluto is precisely (within 1/60 of 1 degree of the zodiac!) in a harmonious trine of 120-degrees to Mars from the launch. In analyzing these kinds of space missions over many decades, I have found similar, exact type planetary patterns at work -- particularly with the successful explorations. Notice that Uranus (equating with high-technology and revolutionary discoveries when positive) and Pallas (signifying mental brilliance, wisdom and genius) are in a union rising with the landing of Curiosity -- from the vantage point of the JPL. The fact that transiting Mars was also galvanizing the USA Progressed Mars today not only is associated with the Sikh Shootings, but this unique and stunning scientific achievement of landing the 1 ton Curiosity rover, containing highly sophisticated cameras and equipment, on the red planet.


More will be added to this feature once pictures from the surface of Mars show greater resolution.

© 2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Sikh Shootings
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Curiosity Lands

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