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News > Current News  > 12 Dead, Dozens Wounded at Dark Knight Rises Premiere

12 Dead, Dozens Wounded at Dark Knight Rises Premiere

By: Mark Lerner
12 Dead, Dozens Wounded at Dark Knight Rises Premiere | Current News

Breaking News Early on Friday July 20: At least 12 people are dead and dozens wounded at a premiere screening of The Dark Knight Rises at a Midnight showing of this film in Aurora, Colorado. The terrible, senseless act of terror happened probably close to 12:35AM to 12:39AM MDT and hospitals were alerted shortly thereafter.

Aurora, Colorado is a city some 10+ miles east of Denver and has a population of around 325,000. [See Below an Image of the first Bat Man appearance in Detective Comics #27 from May 1939. Bat Man (with Robin) then appeared in their own Comic series starting in the spring of 1940.]

I have been reporting all this week -- in the Extended Daily Cosmic Kalendar (always running 3 to 4 weeks into the future, and only accessible to paid subscribers) and in our new Breaking News line below the Navigation area of 12 topics -- about the red planet Mars* being on a rampage this week forming a contra-parallel with Uranus this past Monday, a square to Pluto on Tuesday, a potentially volatile-explosive opposition to Uranus this past Wednesday night (incorporated into the Cancer New Moon that occurred less than 2 hours later) -- plus, an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Chiron on Thursday night, just a few short hours before the mass shooting.

I have included a color chart for the exact moment of the Wednesday night Cancer New Moon -- calculated for Aurora Colorado. It shows the sign of theaters -- Pisces -- rising with Chiron (wounds and pains) on the Ascendant and Mars in the seventh house, in the off-kilter, 150-degree link to Chiron. In addition, you will see Mars opposite Uranus (a major shock-explosive-volatility sky pattern), and -- furthermore -- the Sun/Saturn, Moon/Saturn and Mercury/Mars midpoints are all falling within 1 degree of the horizon axis for Aurora! [*By the way, the mass shooting took place at a Century 16 theater complex, and 16 in the Major Trumps of the Tarot is called The Tower and the planetary ruler is Mars. There was a very close Pythagorean Triangle in effect with this shooting -- composed of Jupiter-Ceres at 9 Gemini, Mars at 9 Libra, and Chiron at 9 Pisces. Pythagorean Triangles are often involved in startling, intense and/or violent acts and events. The original Boston Tea Party happened at the time of one of these triangles; the most precise one I have ever seen occurred at the moment when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas. Transiting Jupiter and Ceres are currently igniting America's natal Uranus (shock waves; rebellious acts; the unexpected) at 9 Gemini from our July 4, 1776 national chart.]

If a month-day-year of birth is reported for the perpetrator (apparently 24-year-old, according to one recent report on of this horrendous crime -- supposedly in custody by the police -- then that individual's solar chart will be presented as an appendix to this story. The suspect apparently stood before the screen, was wearing a gas mask, set off some kind of explosive, and then began random shooting.

Late-Breaking Report: Pete Williams reports from NBC News that the apparent suspect is James Holmes (born Dec. 13, 1987). A Solar Chart is created and placed below as a thumbnail, click-able map that can be enlarged below. He is born with a Sun-Saturn union exactly opposite America's Mars in Gemini and square to our national Neptune. He has a very close Mars-Pluto union in passionate, secretive Scorpio, and that conjunction is closely square Colorado's Mars in Leo. Furthermore, remember that Mars squared Pluto in the sky this week -- one potential trigger for this man's natal Mars-Pluto conjunction. On the morning of his birth, there was a tension-creating Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase that also, precisely, activated America's confusing-chaotic-violent Mars-Neptune square -- a 90-degree pattern that has been a key reason for our Civil War and still ongoing religious-ethnic-racial animosities that divide the nation.

Extra Note about Martial Intensity & Colorado: The State of Colorado came into the Union on August 1, 1876 with (a) Mars and Uranus close together in fiery Leo, and when the Sun and Mars were less than 4 degrees apart, and (b) the next Full Moon happens on August 1, 2012 -- closely triggering the Sun placement for Colorado. Mercury's recent station and turn retrograde last Saturday occurred within 1 degree of Colorado's natal Mars.

Note on Saturday July 21: A picture of the suspected assailant from many years ago reveals him wearing a sports t-shirt with the #16 on it. Thus, he was already -- for some reason -- tuned into that number years ago. As I mentioned earlier in this article, 16 -- the number on the Century sign of the movie theater -- connects to Mars in the Major Trumps of the Tarot. In addition, he colored his hair red, and told police he was "The Joker" -- which is a Uranian archetype and in the Major Trumps is The Fool, 00. However, remember that at the New Moon of this past week -- the lunation that brought together all of the numerous Mars-related aspects -- Mars opposed Uranus (The Joker, The Fool, The Rebel, The Revolutionary) and that explosive-volatile aspect became a key part of the New Moon's influence that stretches out for at least 14+ days into the future, and potentially much more than that. You will also notice in the James Holmes Solar Chart presented below that Uranus is at the Galactic Center (late Sagittarius) while also closely opposite Chiron in the sky. Both celestial bodies have strong maverick, outsider tendencies, and just recently were contra-parallel in the sky (somewhat resonant with an opposition in the zodiac).

Mark Lerner -- Publisher
Suspect James Holmes
Cancer New Moon

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