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News > High Technology  > Security & Synchronicity: Are You Safe on the Web?

Security & Synchronicity: Are You Safe on the Web?

By: Mark Lerner
Security & Synchronicity: Are You Safe on the Web? | High Technology

[Film lines from the pioneering movie 2001: A Space Odyssey – released in 1968]

 Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors HAL

 HAL9000 Computer: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Quick – while you are reading this sentence – how many windows and tabs have you opened on this computer? Did you just do any online banking with this same browser still open? That’s an absolute no-no that can expose your computer to all kinds of nefarious phishing expeditions by would-be hackers out to possibly steal your identity or a password to your wealth and savings. Enter the 24/7 realm of former star hacker Jeff Moss – alias The Dark Tangent – a 41+ year-old who recently (2009) became a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and, even more recently (2011) became the chief security officer for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

I had never heard of multi-millionaire Jeff Moss until I bought a copy of Discover magazine’s January/February 2012 issue – featuring 100 “experiments, discoveries, and new ideas that changed the world” in 2011. Story #50 jumped out at me – entitled The Net Watchman (a play on the phrase The Night Watchman) in which there is a Q & A going on between the magazine editors and this new security guru, as they call him, Jeff Moss.

It turns out – and this is fascinating to visit online – that Jeff Moss (who had graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in Criminal Justice) was a superb hacker who wound up creating the first DEF CON hackers convention in 1992 and then one-upped that establishment by adding on BLACK HAT in 1997 which occur annually as a “series of conferences that serve as the security counterpart to DEF CON.” Moss became so influential through this work – selling off some of his business at one point for over $12 million – that our government connects with him and these conferences, sending NSA (National Security Agency) associates there to learn what’s going on in the hacker universe as well as to give their own lectures and intermingle. What’s intriguing is that these get-togethers all happen in Las Vegas and are cash-only events. In other words, no hacker in his or her right mind would ever consider going to a hotel and presenting a credit card (which could be tracked by god knows who out there in cyberspace).

Why This Information is Being Presented Now

Over the last Saturn cycle of 29 years – since President Reagan in 1983 broached his laughed-at “Star Wars” space and atmospheric technology for shooting down enemy nukes and missiles, and continued in blockbuster high-tech movies like War Games (1984), Enemy of the State and Mercury Rising (1998), and The International (2009) – our modern love for and dependence on technological breakthroughs has been increasing and accelerating at an ever faster pace. The term “Singularity” recently came into being in those circles wherein it is presumed that computers and robots will make the intelligence leap beyond human thinking by around the year 2041 (ironically exactly one Saturn cycle from 2012).

Meanwhile, you have probably seen various commercials – put forward by Microsoft in particular – where a very happy husband and wife are sending contents of articles, emails and maybe even banking information to the cloud for apparently safe and secure storage. To the cloud? When I first heard about this “cloud business,” I was astonished. We are already in a dizzying array of hi-tech devices, gadgets, gizmos and what-not – where very few of us have the technological know-how to run our own computers and set up all our software correctly – and now these multi-billion dollar technological corporations are creating an all-knowing and all-wise cloud above and beyond the seemingly ethereal, hard-to-fathom, and where-does-it-actually-exist world wide web.

Are they trying to re-invent God or Divinity only in the image of high-technology? It also sounds like the cloud concept is a kind of phantasmagorical Mount Olympus where geeks (and possibly harmful hackers) run wild as would be super-gods and super-goddesses while us mortals down below – struggling with coordinating iPhones, tablets and laptops – are operating our devices without a clue about what’s going on “up there.”

Here are the first two sentences from the Wikipedia concerning Cloud Computing: “Cloud computing is a marketing term for technologies that provide computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services. A parallel to this concept can be drawn with the electricity grid, wherein end-users consume power without needing to understand the component devices or infrastructure required to provide the service.”

The picture shown in Wikipedia is equally alarming – in which devices like iPhones, tablets, laptops and servers are all encircling a cloud-like entity which contains words such as network, database, communication, compute, block storage, and – even more alarmingly – monitoring, finance and identity. (Note: Moss – being interviewed by Discover magazine – discusses this cloud computing realm as a next major security challenge coming up on the world’s horizon, and he is already worried about hackers breaking into the cloud and turning it into a nightmarish, high-tech Paradise Lost.)

The Macrocosm of the Solar System Reveals our Safety/Security Concerns in our Earthly Microcosm

If you had read my previous writing about the DAWN spacecraft currently taking photographs of the asteroid Vesta (deeply associated with safety and security matters across the board, as well the housing industry, insurance realm and investment community), then you realize that what we are doing technologically, in an advanced way, by photographing the surface of Vesta, is attempting to figure out how to live more safe and secure lives on Earth and within humanity as we become more and more entrenched in the high-tech, cyberspace, global lifestyle.

Just as the Voyager II spacecraft flew by Uranus in 1986 and the space shuttle Challenger exploded at the same time, and then Voyager II flew by Neptune in 1989 and Communism began falling around the world, so, too, we are now filming the key rock in outer space that rules over everything associated with safety and security, insurance, housing and investment. The astrological aphorism – attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the sage of Ancient Egypt – was “As Above, So Below,” or what’s true in the greater universe reflects its truth in the smaller universe. Clearly, that is happening now, in 2012, with the profusion of tablets, smart phones and a cloud that could easily darken our computer, high-tech skies if we are not on alert.

Warning Ahead in 2012 & 2013

In closing this time, here is a warning and a hope. The asteroid Vesta will return to its natal placement at 19+ degrees of Taurus in America’s birthchart from June 12- 15, 2012 and the next inauguration of a president (January 20, 2013) takes place with a rising Moon (representing the public) at 19+ Taurus (exactly igniting our nation’s Vesta). This past summer in 2011, when DAWN actually went into orbit around Vesta, this key asteroid – ruling over all safety, security, insurance and investment issues – made a station and turned retrograde at the Summer Solstice in an exact square pattern to America’s natal Vesta. And it was during the three summer months that our national credit rating was diminished, the debt ceiling political disagreements in Congress reached an epic struggle, and international economic markets were shocked by the European Sovereign Debt crisis that seemed to come out of nowhere.

To make matters more extreme, this June also starts a 7-fold Uranus-Pluto series of squares that will last until March 2015. These squares mimic a similar group that took place in the early 1930s – a time-period now known as The Great Depression. The fiscal nightmare that has engulfed so much of the world during the last few years has been called The Great Recession. The social media come up with these similar phrases because of the major, behind-the-scenes astrological cycles that are signaling the problem in the first place!

However, some hope is – figuratively and literally on the horizon – since the DAWN mission to Vesta eventually this summer changes course as that spacecraft goes on to visit Ceres in 2015, the same year another technological space marvel called New Horizons will be visiting far-distant Pluto and its trio of moons. Thus, three years from now, if these space missions stay intact, we will be seeing photographs of the so-called dwarf planets Ceres (Mother Nature; productivity; agriculture; food and water) and Pluto (death-rebirth; the underworld; willpower, purpose and government; the super-rich and the 99%), and earthly lives will drastically change again as we may need to shift gears from safety/security breakdowns in cyberspace in order to restore a better climate to our home planet, and rid ourselves of pollution and global poisons. Even the purity, safety, security, and abundance of our precious water supply may be a top issue – which is why the following quotation is a hopeful sign of what we may discover in our solar system in a couple of years.

Astronomers estimate that if Ceres were composed of 25 percent water, it may have more water than all the fresh water on Earth. Ceres' water, unlike Earth’s, is expected to be in the form of water ice located in its mantle. – NASA

©2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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