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News > Money/Finance  > Our Current Venus Bull "Investor" Market

Our Current Venus Bull "Investor" Market

By: Mark Lerner
Our Current Venus Bull

Venus Shifted from Evening Star to Morning Star Formation -- Relative to the Sun -- during the Transit of Venus on Tuesday June 5 (6:11PM PDT). The very next morning -- when the New York Stock Exchange opened -- the DJIA began going up and regaining much of its recent losses. This trend (despite the national and international worries about debt, deficits, bailouts & corruption) has continued for most of the business days since. This primarily bullish tendency for the DJIA and where investors are more anxious to come back into financial markets (instead of remaining on the sidelines) lasts for 9+ months -- all the way until March 28, 2013, when Venus will begin another bearish, 9+ month cycle as an Evening Star. When in its morning-star placement, Venus eventually becomes a bright "star-like" celestial object rising before the Sun each morning -- heralding a more bullish tone within the investment community.

Note: Mercury is connected much more to traders -- who are more volatile in their behavior and attitudes than investors. Mercury is currently in "evening star formation," setting after the Sun each day. Therefore, for the most part, "traders" are more bearish, and certainly more bearish than investors. After Mercury goes retrograde on July 14, it will eventually unite with the Sun on Saturday August 28 (at 12:58PM PDT) and thereby shift into a "morning star formation" (rising before the Sun each day). This will have the consequence -- possibly affecting the presidential election polls -- of making both groups (investors associated more with Venus, and traders associated more with Mercury) "bullish" in tone, behavior and attitude. However, by the morning of Monday Sept. 10, Mercury -- moving at a fast daily pace -- will become an "evening star" again, a more bearish sentiment proliferating through the trader community. This bearish mood among traders will last through Election Day (Nov. 6 -- when Mercury actually stays and turns retrograde during the voting!) until Saturday Nov. 17 when Mercury resumes its "morning star" appearance, rising before the Sun, and traders become more bullish again -- reflecting the fact that the presidential election is over, and one of the two candidates has gained the presidency, giving many of the economic markets some semblance of calm rather than bewildering uncertainty.

I have written many articles on Venus and Mercury shifting back and forth in these fascinating cycles. Every celestial body has some financial and investor role. Please see our Astro-Business Keys (left-side column of the website) for a list of the main fiscal themes associated with each celestial body, including the four main asteroids and Chiron.

In addition, I will be presenting a "History While It Happened" financial article in our Business Section here of the new, redesigned website -- taking you back to those heady and shocking days of the fall of 2008 -- just before the Obama vs. McCain presidential election and when the DJIA was dropping like a rock (several thousand points) and our Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson and our Federal Reserve Banking System Chairman Ben Bernanke were conjuring up bizarre approaches to the Congress to have them provide $700 billion dollars to save our economic way of life, and -- in a 3-page letter to Congress -- tell those leaders that after getting that money, they would report back what happened with it in 6 months! This is exactly what happened, folks...No kidding! Eventually, the $700 billion was provided, but with -- supposedly -- much more oversight and with a bill of hundreds of pages. However, then instead of the $700 billion going to weed out the corruption and economic mess in the banking system, Paulson and Bernanke "changed their minds," and decided to give tens of billions of those dollars to the big banks to bail them out.

So, there is much more to come in this Business Section. Watch for the new and history-making features...

Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

Venus Bull Cycle

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