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Earth Aquarius News Redesign Launch: Welcome!

By: Mark Lerner
Earth Aquarius News Redesign Launch: Welcome! | Current News

To our Paid Subscribers and New Visitors: Welcome to the redesign of Earth Aquarius News! [A chart for the new launch is provided as a thumbnail graphic at the beginning of this feature.] The original website began in 2004 and this is the first redesign -- opening up a wide variety of astrological features and stories to everyone. However, if you have been a paid subscriber, you remain a paid subscriber to the Extended Daily Cosmic Calendar -- always running 3 to 4 weeks in the future.

To access the Extended Daily Cosmic Calendar, paid subscribers need to type in your User Name and Password in the User Name and Password boxes (on the right-side column of our website) and then click on LOGIN to go to the Daily Astrology Calendar section. The rates to subscribe remain the same and they are listed on the left-side column of our website.

However, the revolution for Earth Aquarius News is that for the very first time, all of the Top Stories, News Features and Special Topics will be available for everyone on Planet Earth who has contact with the online universe.

This change was made necessary due to the millions of people now using the world wide web, email and smart phones. We have to keep up with the radically changing times and this is our experimental (i.e. Aquarian) step into our bold future.

In addition to the Extended Daily Cosmic Kalendar sub-section in our Daily Astrology Calendar section for paid Subscribers only, there are 8 other topical sub-sections to explore, including the Heliocentric Nodes, the Lunar Nodes, Planetary Stations, New & Full Moons and Eclipses, Your Main Planetary Rulers, The 7 Rays, the Void-of-Course Moon, as well as a special PDF version of each monthly Cosmic Kalendar. I am also including the Jupiter Rising Book Club -- where Chapters will be added at least every month, continuing for many years into the future!

Over the first few days of our launch, there may be some glitches and need for ongoing corrections, so please bear with us. Ultimately, you will find the new Earth Aquarius News a fantastic gold mine for late-breaking stories a la the astrological vantage point. Plus -- there will be many truly "Short Subjects" in the new style of sending minimalist-like tweets which may be succinct and yet also provocative.

With this little intro, enjoy what you find and know that vast archives* of dozens of astrological articles will also be coming soon as well as intuitive brainstorms coming from the invisible-higher guides, mentors, angels and spirits who have always been overlighting this planetary service since its origins with the pioneering astrology newspaper/magazine Welcome to Planet Earth (1981 - 2000) as well as our first Great Bear website that began in 1995 and covered the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the War against Terror.

Late-Breaking News in the past 24 hours reveals that Yahoo may have a security break of 453,000 email addresses and passwords. See my story on Security & Synchronicity in the High Technology section or on our Front Page list of special features. Plus -- a 5th Moon was discovered orbiting Pluto. Charon had been found back in 1978; Nix, Hydra and what is known as P4 more recently. The New Horizons Spacecraft launched by NASA on Jan. 19, 2006 will fly-by Pluto in mid-July 2015 (while Pluto in Capricorn is still in the process of making 5 oppositions to the USA Sun in Cancer!). A color chart for the New Horizons launch in 2006 is given at the close of this article.

*We have already started the "archive process" as you will see that one of the 12 navigation items by the center-front horoscope wheel is called Top Story Archives. When you click on that, you will be able to read dozens of our Top Stories from the past several years. That section is a gold mine on astrology. Also -- click on any of the 12 Navigation subject headings to view different articles. If that subject is still Under Construction, you will see a symbol in that regard and stories will start to appear later in July or August.

Thanks for your kind consideration and support!

Many Blessings always...Mark Lerner - Publisher  

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