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News > Sports  > Matt Cain Throws Perfect Game for SF Giants!

Matt Cain Throws Perfect Game for SF Giants!

By: Mark Lerner
Matt Cain Throws Perfect Game for SF Giants! | Sports

Matt Cain of the SF Giants Throws the First Perfect Game in the History of that Baseball Franchise (Going Back to 1883): Hurling a gem against the Houston Astros last night (June 13), Cain struck out 14 batters and electrified the AT&T Park sellout crowd of over 43,000 delirious fans. Transiting Jupiter (signifying anything really Big) -- having just entered Gemini at the 0+ degree placement (Zero signifying shut out of opponents, no hits, no runners on base, etc) -- was exactly on Matt Cain's natal Lunar Node (0 Degrees Gemini) -- considered a primary fate & destiny point in any birthchart. Furthermore, transiting Uranus (shock waves) at 8+ Aries and transiting Pluto (extreme intensity) at 8+ Capricorn (about to square on June 24 for the first of 7 90-degree aspects) were exactly opposite and square to Matt Cain's natal Sun at 8+ Libra. Other significant transits were influencing the San Francisco Giant All-Star, and his uniform # (18) is the same worn by Don Larsen of the NY Yankees, who threw the only Perfect Game in a World Series during the Solar Libra time-period of 1956. Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

Matt Cain

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