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Penn State Scandal at the Beginning

By: Mark Lerner
Penn State Scandal at the Beginning | Sports

Penn State Scandal Shows Up Clearly on Current Full Moon Chart & is Totally Related to Transiting Pluto Making its First-Ever Opposition to the USA Jupiter: As the sexuality scandal involving former Penn State Assistant Football Coach and Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky peaked tonight (Nov. 9, 2011) in State College, PA, the Penn State Board of Trustees fired the university's President -- Graham Spanier -- as well as their Head Football Coach for the last 45 years -- Joe Paterno. In the chart below -- which you can see when you click on the weblink -- Pluto is exactly overhead (the key power angle of any horoscope) at tomorrow's Full Moon in State College, PA. Pluto more than any other planet relates to scandals, and certainly ones associated with the horrendous nature of sexual abuse by elders against children. In addition, on January 17, July 8 and upcoming this month on November 20 -- all during 2011 -- transiting Pluto has been making its first-ever opposition to the USA Jupiter from the birth of our nation on July 4, 1776. Jupiter equates with not only higher learning (thus universities), but athletics as well as our ethics and morals as a society, and our larger-than-life heroes, coaches, supposed teachers and guides. Of course, these events -- now rocking Penn State and its students (who have been demonstrating massively tonight at the university and in the nearby town) -- have reached their apotheosis tonight as Neptune (ruling over the Collective Unconscious; earthquake-type events; obsessions and public hysteria) is motionless, shifting from reverse to direct in group-, team- and community-oriented Aquarius. Note: Ironically or fatefully, Joe Paterno is born on Dec. 21, 1926 -- the last day of Solar Sagittarius, the key fire sign ruled by Jupiter. In the chart for Pennsylvania entering the Union on Dec. 12, 1787, the Sun is also in Sagittarius and exactly opposite Jupiter in Gemini (which in turn is precisely on America's Mars). This is another sad and yet potent example of Astrology in Action... Many Blessings, Mark Lerner

Scorpio Full Moon
Joe Paterno

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