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News > Current News  > Top Ten Astro-Events of 2012

Top Ten Astro-Events of 2012

By: Mark Lerner
Top Ten Astro-Events of 2012 | Current News

There’s a reason why 2012 is an exceptional year, and it’s not just because of the supposed end of the Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years that some believe will occur on December 21. I have gathered together my list of ten major astrological happenings that are affecting all of humanity and the Earth this year. My findings appear below and they are listed in order of importance (with 1 being the most significant). However, later this year or after the Winter Solstice – assuming the Mayans have left us some breathing room for entering 2013 and beyond – I will be happy to update this list and see if there is anything more to add.

Please note that there are numerous meanings and archetypes that are associated with the various celestial bodies, mathematical aspects, zodiacal placements and geometric formations presented in this Top Ten list. There is no way to cover most or all of them. It is being left to you – the readers of Inner Sight – to ponder the potency of these cosmic events and how they are affecting the personal, collective and spiritual life-qualities of human souls gracing terra firma.

(1)Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn– June 24, 2012 – starting a wave of seven such 90-degree sharp alignments that will continue until March 16, 2015. On whatever level of reality this functions, a battle is being waged between revolution and tyranny, freedom and coercion, unique individual expression and power-elite repressive force. The current series is a mirror reflection of five squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer from 1932 to 1934 during the first half of The Great Depression of the 1930s. In 1965 – 1966, Uranus and Pluto united in the middle of Virgo three times – as the Vietnam War was reaching a crescendo of violence and the Free Speech and Free Love movements of the mid-1960s were finding their dynamic expression. Note: Making the first of seven Uranus-Pluto squares more significant is that Jupiter in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces the next day (June 25). In addition, the second Uranus-Pluto square occurs on September 19, 2012 – just one day after Pluto stations, shifting from reverse to direct. If you don’t tune into the Uranus-Pluto great adventure of seven cycles that begins on June 24, 2012, you may be missing one of the most important cosmic rides of your life.

(2)The Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012 in the Northern Hemisphere occurs as Jupiter makes a 150-degree link to Pluto. This is followed the next day by Jupiter making the same link to Saturn while Saturn forms a 60-degree sextile to Pluto on December 27 – thereby manifesting a Finger of God or Yod cosmic triangle composed of Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn. Many of the Mayan Calendar researchers believe that December 21 of this year is when the Mayan Long Count of 5,125 years ends and who knows what will come after. From the astrological perspective, it is very rare that the two largest planets – Jupiter and Saturn – will form a triangular geometric pattern with distant Pluto over only a few days. If provocative events do manifest during this time-period, we may never know whether it was due to the Mayan Long Count ending or the celestial alliance of three highly significant planets in our solar system.

(3)Neptune enters Pisces for approximately 14 years on February 3, 2012. This cycle lasts until January 26, 2026. Although Neptune entered Pisces briefly from April to early August last year, the official reunion between the so-called ruler of Pisces (Neptune) and the zodiacal sign occurred a few months ago. I say “so-called” because – traditionally – Pisces was ruled by Jupiter. Even now if someone is born with Pisces rising, then it is best and only logical to work with the transits of Jupiter throughout the lifetime as the actual ruling planet of that individual’s birthchart. After all, Jupiter will go through all 12 signs of the zodiac every 12 years while Neptune will only be barely moving through one sign in that period of time. Now that Neptune is in Pisces, anticipate a rising tide of babies being born with powerful psychic gifts, enhanced imaginations, and precognitive dreams. Plus – anyone born with celestial bodies in Pisces will receive the visionary energy-field of Neptune in a dynamic manner sometime during the next 14 years. The shadow side of Neptune can represent increasing confusion, chaos, uncertainty, illusions, fantasies not based on reality as well as hallucinations and addictive behavior patterns that are difficult to treat and diagnose. Because Neptune is also the higher octave to Venus (which has much to do with money, savings and material resources), Neptune connects with the world economic “mess” and the lack of common-sense clarity, by financial leaders around the globe, to solve this ever-growing problem.

(4)Jupiter in 2012 repeats its zodiacal positions from 1929 every day! In the early 1990s – while working extensively with the crucially-important printed ephemerides that show where celestial bodies are in the sky – I discovered that every 83 years, Jupiter is back to where it was zodiacally, day by day. The reason is that although most astrology books indicate that Jupiter takes 12 years to go through the zodiac, the true figure is 11.862 years and if you multiply that number by 7, you get 83.034 years. Therefore, years separated in time by 83 years (i.e. 1514, 1597, 1680, 1763, 1846, 1929, 2012, 2095, etc) will have Jupiter at the same degree of the zodiac on the same dates – which could be considered as the possibility of history repeating itself. Since 1929 was the year of the Great Stock Market Crash (October 24 & 29, 1929), it is – at the very least – worrisome that when these dates come around again this year, Jupiter will exactly unite with the same zodiacal positions it had 83 years ago. Nevertheless, Jupiter is usually considered to be a planet related to golden opportunities, good fortune, the power of positive thinking, and wealth accumulation rather than loss, doom and gloom, or disaster. However, since Jupiter is also the largest planet in our solar system, when it malfunctions, the events that manifest are big ones – good or bad.

(5)The Transit of Venus across the face or disk of the Sun occurs on June 5, 2012. It is the companion to a similar event that occurred on June 8, 2004. Venus is always retrograde and between the Earth and the Sun when a Transit of Venus occurs. They are rare and only happen around every 105 years or so. The next two will occur on December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125 in Sagittarius. This one on June 5 happens in Gemini. Sometimes two of these Transits happen 8 years apart, but every so often there is only one. It is all part of a cycle that takes over 72,000 years to complete and it is also connected to the remarkable Cosmic Pentagram that Sun-Venus conjunctions make in our zodiac (ten unions occurring over almost exactly 8 years). In general, since we are now in a Venus retrograde cycle – that started on May 15 and lasts until June 27 – the meaning of this Transit of Venus is that all human souls need to review, reflect and re-evaluate the themes related to Venus – such as love, friendship, romance, beauty, creative artistry, social activities, emotional sensitivity, money matters, savings, material resources, real-estate holdings and values to live by.

(6)It is somewhat unusual that both Mars and Venus have been retrograding during 2012. Mars started this when it stationed and went into reverse at 24 degrees of Virgo on January 23. It then turned direct on April 13 at 4 degrees of Virgo. Meanwhile, Venus began its reversal on May 15 at 24 degrees of Gemini and it will turn direct on June 27 at 8 degrees of Gemini. Notice that the twin retrograde cycles of Mars and Venus in 2012 are affecting similar zodiacal regions of two of the mutable signs – Virgo and Gemini. Therefore, Sun-sign Virgos and Geminis and people with strong celestial body placements in these signs are being influenced much more so than usual because, in many situations, three conjunctions to natal positions are happening instead of one. From the larger perspective, years when both Mars and Venus are retrograde – which don’t happen all that often – signify special time-periods when all men and women need to review and re-evaluate their primary partnerships, feelings and emotions, as well as the female-male balance and anima-animus archetypes that every human soul needs to understand more fully in order to make progress on the higher spiritual path.

(7)The Annular Solar Eclipse at 1 degree Gemini on May 20 and the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13 in Scorpio have ramifications that stretch out over many weeks, months and years. The main pathways of each eclipse reveal places on Planet Earth where the Sun and Moon are affecting millions of people. While ancient and medieval sky watchers, nomads and shamans were in awe of such eclipse events, and often were fearful that negative events could befall them and their companions, the greater and more positive understanding in our 21st century is that eclipses are powerful alliances of the solar and lunar forces that can offer much good in the world. Gemini can signify heighted communications, valuable information exchange, literary talents, educational pursuits and intellectual prowess. Scorpio may very well be the most powerful sign of the zodiac – especially inwardly – offering a wide array of benefits in terms of determination, stamina, keen insight, eagle-like vision, psychic sensitivity, and the ability to morph into altered states of being and awareness. If you or a loved one, friend or associate has a birthday on or very close to an eclipse (within 1 day), then that individual may go through a strong catharsis and life-transformation during the 12-month cycle following the eclipse.

(8)We already know that the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is coming up in 2012 as highly significant, but just one day before the Summer Solstice takes place on June 20, there is a potent New Moon at 29 degrees of Gemini on June 19 at 8:03AM PDT. The reason this union of Sun and Moon is so significant is that two prominent stars – Betelgeuse (the main star of the constellation Orion the Hunter) and Polaris (actually a double-star system within the constellation of Ursa Minor or the Little Bear) – are both located at 29 degrees of Gemini. Therefore, the New Moon of June 19 is irradiating humanity with intense cosmic vibrations coming from two highly significant stellar sources of light, love and wisdom. Betelgeuse is a red supergiant that is 500 times more massive than our Sun, and it is the brightest star within a constellation that holds magical significance to the ancient Egyptian culture – as well as many other civilizations over the last 5,000+ years. Polaris as the North Star could be imagined as the Earth’s supreme teacher-mentor-shaman of this epoch as our north pole will point ever more closely to Polaris by the end of this century.

(9)In just a few weeks, Saturn will shift from retrograde to direct on Monday June 25 at 23 degrees of Libra. Just two days later – on Wednesday June 27 – Venus will shift from retrograde to direct at 8 degrees of Gemini. While two celestial bodies do often make stations within a couple of days of each other, these two planets will also be making an intense, 135-degree aspect to one another. The precise links occur on Saturday June 23 and Sunday July 1. Notice that the first Venus-Saturn 135-degree connection happens just one day before the first item in this list (the Uranus-Pluto square on June 24). Therefore, this nearly simultaneous stopping and shifting forward of Saturn and Venus is deeply involved with the Uranus-Pluto square as well as the Jupiter-Neptune square of June 25. I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I point out that the time-period starting with the New Moon of June 19 (in contact with Betelgeuse and Polaris) and ending with Venus turning direct on June 27 could be one of the most momentous for shifts of consciousness and global events in this dynamic year of 2012. Plus – it is wise to carefully monitor money-love factors in your life in accord with the Saturn and Venus stations since these two planets connect strongly with financial, karmic and romantic themes.

(10)Last – but in many ways not least – is that on Tuesday November 6, Election Day in America, when an all-important presidential contest will decide which set of characteristics will dominate this nation for another 4-year cycle, the planet Mercury makes a station and turns retrograde at 6:05PM EST at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. Although Mercury is retrograde three times a year, for three weeks at a time, it would be exceedingly rare for this planet to be virtually motionless on such a significant turning-point day in history. Mercury did not make any kind of station during the last two presidential election cycles in November 2008 and 2004. However, during the late-evening of Tuesday November 7, 2000, Mercury – which had been going retrograde for the three weeks prior to the George W. Bush versus Al Gore contest – made a station and turned direct at the unusual placement of 30 degrees of Libra, the sign of the scales of balance. And we all know that that election was under dispute, went to the Supreme Court for “balancing,” and after 36 days of national uncertainty, the 9 members of our highest judicial branch of government made a controversial 5 to 4 decision that affected everyone on Planet Earth for the following 8 years. Who knows whether this year’s Mercury station and reversal in the sign of higher education (and very close to America’s Rising Degree in Sagittarius) will result in questions about voting irregularities or simply signify a very close, hard-fought election campaign? Just remember that Mercury is still the ancient Messenger of the Gods and it is definitely making an exclamation point by being virtually motionless within the actual time-period when well over 100 million Americans will cast their ballots with the shadow of a challenging Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase occurring, too -- just a week before a Total Solar Eclipse in deeply transformative Scorpio.

©2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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