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News > Top Stories Archives  > Our Future President -- Mitt or Newt? (Updated!)

Our Future President -- Mitt or Newt? (Updated!)

By: Mark Lerner
Our Future President -- Mitt or Newt? (Updated!) | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Update: January 23, 2012: With Newt Gingrich's come-from-behind victory in the South Carolina Primary this past Saturday, there is now an intense battle to see who will wind up with the Republican Nomination for president in Tampa Bay in late-August.

I have included Newt Gingrich's birthchart at the close of this feature and if his birth time is correct, then his Ascendant is nearly identical with that for President Obama and transiting Saturn is also much higher in his chart than Mitt Romney's transiting Saturn. You should readily note his Jupiter-Juno exact opposition (which relates to his three-wives challenges) that has created a certain amount of scandal in the press as this Jupiter-Juno polarity is exactly united with America's Pluto from July 4, 1776.

His Mars in Aries trine Venus in Leo clearly show the passion he expresses -- much different than the Romney combination of Mars in Pisces and Venus in Aquarius. It is no wonder that many within the Republican Party see Gingrich as a potentially better debater against President Obama about how the USA should proceed over the next four years.

Of concern is that a Gingrich presidency would occur while the former Speaker of the House is in an increasingly potent dark-of-the-moon Progressed Solar-Lunar cycle -- an energy-field more associated with endings and closing-down old projects, plans and enterprises than starting anything bold and new. In addition, his Progressed Sun in Virgo would square his powerful and yet erratic, natal Mercury-Uranus union in Gemini.

Beyond all of this, please note that Newt Gingrich is born almost exactly at the Full Moon -- a Full Moon powerfully aligned with the center of the Milky Way (favorable), but also in a square to Neptune which can bring up nebulosity and glamour when needing to make major decisions (unfavorable).

The next big stepping stone is the Florida Primary on Tuesday January 31 where Romney will be spending a fortune to regain some semblance of a lead, and while the Sun is overhead in his birthchart.

Beginning Notes January 12 – 16, 2012: A key friend, client and life-long Republican who is very close to me asked me about John Huntsman’s possible birthchart. While his birth time is unknown, I did find a website that offered a possible time for his birth. Meanwhile, the chart for Mitt Romney is apparently accurate as his 9:51AM EST birth time on March 12, 1947 has been around for many years.

A long time ago – and I have watched presidential elections since Kennedy-Nixon in 1960 when I was ten years old – I developed a technique for seeing who would become president by noting if the Sun-Moon arc at the birth of a candidate was reflecting the current Jupiter-Saturn arc in the sky – as that individual is running for office. For example, JFK, Reagan and George Bush, Jr. all became president when Jupiter and Saturn were in a waxing phase – just after Jupiter and Saturn had united in the sky. And each president was born with a waxing, First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase that mimicked or reflected the macrocosmic Jupiter-Saturn Phase in the sky. When Clinton won over Bush, Sr. and Ross Perot in 1992, and Jupiter and Saturn were in a Waning Phase and moving toward a Last Quarter Square in the sky, Bill Clinton’s Sun-Moon Waning, Last Quarter Phase at birth was an almost exact mirror reflection of the larger Jupiter-Saturn arc in the sky.

Not every person who becomes president has this Solar-Lunar natal phase tie connected to the greater Jupiter-Saturn phase pronounced, but often that president only serves one term – as in the cases of both George Bush, Sr. and Jimmy Carter. Their Solar-Lunar arcs at birth did not easily correspond to the larger Jupiter-Saturn arcs in the sky – as their presidencies wore on – and they didn’t maintain the political fire-power to remain in the position of president.

Right now – whether you support him or not – Mitt Romney has the best Solar-Lunar Phase reflecting where the Jupiter-Saturn arc will be in the sky – particularly in 2013. Obama’s Solar-Lunar arc will reflect the Jupiter-Saturn arc in the sky in Sept-Oct 2016 during the presidential debates four years from now! Could that mean that Romney upsets Obama in Nov. 2012, but that Romney eventually loses his popularity while president (for whatever reason), and then Obama – still very young – makes a comeback and becomes president again in the 2016 election? It is not impossible as a potential, higher destiny path into the future. Read on for more ideas…This is not a final word; only an initial statement…The rest of this feature is, more or less, what I wrote to my friend/client today (January 11, 2012 – one day after the New Hampshire Primary)…The actual charts for Romney and Huntsman are at the end of the feature as thumbnails that you can click on to enlarge…Apparently, Huntsman is now planning to withdraw from the race as of January 16…Enjoy! Mark Lerner

Hi : Chart for Huntsman is provided.

The time was given on a website (month-day-year and place are correct), but the website creator cannot guarantee the time is correct, and I have no idea from where or who he gets it from.

However, born close to a New Moon or in a dark-of-the-moon phase, he would only make sense as a candidate either 4 years from now or 8 years from now.

He is not going to suddenly blossom in South Carolina or Florida – it just isn’t happening for him, although he is an admirable figure.

$$$ a la Pluto are with Romney (secondarily Perry and thirdly Gingrich); after South Carolina, only Romney, Gingrich and either Santorum or Perry will be left.

Paul will have to do some kind of 3rd Party deal or remain on sidelines.

Romney looks like the guy – unless some expose throws him off course.

I also don’t see very much in Huntsman’s chart – linking him to ever be president. Plus – his Dad was a billionaire with a B…He can afford to be calm, relaxed and sensible, as he has more money than Romney (probably).

But I admire your desire to line up with a losing candidate…because you feel connected to his philosophy. The reason I did not suggest him as someone you liked is because I figured you would not like at all the fact that he chose to be Ambassador to China under Obama (who you detest).

At any rate, out of the current group, I would like Paul’s views the most – he is really pretty far-left (internationally), but not left at all in terms of his desire for almost no national government, but I do like his Libertarian ideals, if he would only allow 50% of the population a say-so in her running her own life and deciding or not deciding (on her own) whether SHE wants a baby or doesn’t want to…The guy should have virtually no say…he is only donating sperm…She is the one who will be carrying the child (which could literally kill her); she is the one who has to feed and nurture the baby; she is also the one “stuck” with the baby (and expenses) if the guy leaves the scene for another woman and/or literally disappears, in order to avoid paying child support and alimony; and more men kill their pregnant wives than any illness that kills pregnant women! So, Paul, needs to get with the news on that score, but when you are living in Texas and 77 years old, I guess you don’t focus on statistics about how pregnant women die in the United States of America.

Overall, I would have easily voted for Pat Buchanan (were he to have run a while ago, but now at 73, he is too old), but I would have insisted on a position working for him or with him – to help him tone down some of his righteous indignation that comes on too strong at inappropriate times. I love his sense of humor – he and I have identical Jupiter placements at 23 Aquarius – and he would have been great to run as his birthday (Nov. 2, 1938) is so close to Election Day every year (why he was a perfect fit in the Nixon years, as a key speech-writer, and for other Republicans), but sometimes his darker Scorpio Solar energy-field comes out, and he doesn’t appear then presidential…But I do like his determined, feisty vibe – for the most part. [I don’t like his strident sister much, but that’s okay…] I also like his understanding of history, and he comes across as factual and knowledgeable – not pompous and self-centered (as Gingrich does).

Trump and Gingrich are both Gemini Sun and Sag Moon, and their 180-degree, Full Moon energy-fields are why they are still active (Trump as a sideshow now, but serious for a while last year). This is because of their solar-lunar energy-fields being similar to the ongoing, 180-degree opposition aspect of Jupiter-Saturn in the sky (that hit twice in 2010, once in 2011, and still lingering this January of 2012).

As the fall of 2012 rolls around, and Jupiter is in airy Gemini while Saturn moves into early Scorpio, we are going to start moving toward Romney’s Sun-Moon waning trine in water signs (Pisces-Scorpio), so Romney is more plugged in that way than Obama who has Sun-Moon at about 70 degrees and waning.

However, a Romney win would not necessarily guarantee him a 2nd term; he will go into an extreme, dark-of-the-moon Progressed Sun-Moon Cycle if he is elected (and that would be ominous for the country as a whole). [Right now, and during 2012, Romney has his Progressed Sun (26 Taurus) approaching the most ominous star in the heavens to the ancients – Algol (or The Ghoul), an Eclipsing Binary Star system in the constellation of Perseus. Algol was conjunct Mars in the chart for Osama bin Laden – born March 10, 1957 – and, unfortunately, Algol is the Zenith Star over New York City, as the Declination or Celestial Longitude of Algol at 40+ North degrees means it will every day moves directly over the Big Apple. Think of Algol, think of Mars – God of War and Reigns of Terror – and then realize that Sept. 11, 2001, perpetrated by bin Laden & Company, occurred mainly via horror inflicted at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, under the celestial declination of Algol…] Plus – the eventual Romney Progressed New Moon at 29 Taurus in early 2016 is a Total Solar Eclipse conjunct the Pleiades, otherwise known as the 7 weeping sisters. By the January 2017 inauguration, Jupiter and Saturn will be 60-degrees apart, and if Romney had been president, he would probably be overthrown from within his own party or by a Democratic upstart – who, could even be Obama again, since the 60-degree Jupiter-Saturn at the inauguration of 2017 is close to Obama’s Sun-Moon phase, and – guess what – in Sept-Oct 2016 (during those presidential debates), the Jupiter-Saturn arc in the sky will be exactly Obama’s natal Solar-Lunar arc.

Also – transiting Pluto in Capricorn will make its first-ever oppositions (five times) to the USA Sun in Cancer in 2014 – 2015 – and since Romney is very Pluto-like (giant amount of hidden wealth; won’t reveal his tax returns to show his vast corporate, “underworld” wealth), he could very will beat Obama in a close election this fall, then be Hoover-like in office or unpopular (once people see his true Plutonic character at work) while Obama (since he had won the presidency only once and, if he loses, loses in a squeaker) might still control the Democratic Party machinery and behind-the-scenes hierarchy as he is young, and still a great campaigner (and losing might give him some extra backbone and wisdom, too)…

You need to remember that Obama is in the midst of 5 Chiron Returns (that only happen at age 49 to 51) in which two happened for him in 2011, a third occurs very soon, a fourth happens during the fall campaign, and a fifth happens between Election Day 2012 and Inauguration Day 2013, and we know that Chiron = the outsider; the maverick; the Wounded Healer; the Bridge-Builder within society and Personality-Soul-Spirit; the Shaman; but Chiron is also The Twilight Zone and being a Stranger-in-Paradise, caught in Time-Warp between the Chronological material and mechanistic world, and Eternity or the realm beyond the visible.

At this point, I am not ready to give Romney the win in November (as there are many charts still to juggle, as well as horoscopes for the conventions this summer and links to the USA birthchart), although transiting Jupiter (Retrograde) in Gemini on Inauguration Day in 2013 is on his North Node*; I have a lot more to check out, and it could be another weird election like 2000, teetering on a few votes or even another Supreme Court type challenge (Election Day has Mercury motionless and going into reverse)…

*At every Inauguration for President, the transiting Sun is on Obama’s Jupiter, and his Progressed Jupiter recently went direct, and – over the next 4 years – Obama’s Progressed Saturn will go direct. Plus – in terms of transiting Saturn chart strength, Obama’s highly elevated transiting Saturn in 2012 and 2013 “trumps” transiting Saturn for Romney moving through his 5th- 6th house area. According to Grant Lewi in his magnificent book Astrology for the Millions, Obama looks better cycle-wise and Saturn-wise. Also – Alan Lichtman, professor at American University, has often discussed his 13 keys on political TV programs to see who will be president, and he says Obama has that pretty much down pat. [His system has been right from 1960 to 2008, including 2000, but it rates the popular vote and not necessarily the Electoral tallies.]

If Romney wins, and the Senate and House are both Republican, then if “Obama-care” is thrown out and several other Obama programs are overturned, you then have one major answer to the mystery of the 29+ degree Void Scorpio Moon at the Obama Inauguration of January 20, 2009 – that whatever seemed to have passed during the Obama presidency will be overturned via the next presidential administration and U.S. Congress.

Thus, void Moons don’t have to mean a deranged individual going off-kilter to end the life of a president as FDR (inaugurated in his 4th term under a void Moon) passed away from a cerebral hemorrhage, and Nixon (inaugurated in his 2nd term under a void Moon) resigned in disgrace due to the Watergate Break-in debacle and cover-up, while JFK (inaugurated in his only term during a void Moon) was murdered, and Clinton (inaugurated in his 2nd term under a void Moon) stayed in power (although Impeached by the House) and thereby prevented Gore from a clear win in 2000, because if Clinton had resigned (the right thing to have done, putting Gore in as President during 1999-2000), then Gore would have developed more of the oomph to have beaten Bush, Jr. somewhere else in the nation (if not in Florida, then in his home state of Tennessee or some smaller state like New Hampshire). Plus – had Clinton resigned, making Gore President, Gore would have then – smartly (rather than dumbly) enlisted Clinton as a top-notch helper to gain votes in 2000. The fact is the two of them became bitter enemies, Gore chose your friend Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman as VP (the absolute worst mistake of Gore’s life), and by choosing a Jewish running-mate (and I am born Jewish and I know how much anti-Jewishness there is still throughout America), Gore doomed his chances. And the only real reason Gore chose Joe was because Joe was the first outspoken Democratic figure in D.C. to castigate President Clinton for lying about the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Thus, Clinton doomed Gore because Clinton didn’t resign. Then Gore defeated himself (remember he has Sun exactly opposite Neptune at birth – not a very clear person on the social and public fronts) by choosing the wrong VP (Joe Lieberman) for the wrong reason. The split-second I heard on the news that Gore had chosen Joe, I knew Gore-Lieberman would lose in the fall – it was really that simple, even though they won more popular votes (by about ½ million) than Bush-Cheney. Weird – how sometimes you just know something absolutely.

This is nothing against Joe as a person – only that he was never meant to be in an executive role, only a legislative role. The same thing goes for Gore – only good as a VP, even though he is a strong-willed, Aries Sun-sign.

By the way, Romney is a Pisces Sun and the USA Progressed Sun is in Pisces. On the other hand, on Election Day, the USA Progressed Moon is exactly on our natal Juno in Libra as a nation, and Obama is SO JUNO, it isn’t funny….

In many ways, in this election, Obama is Leo and the Sun and Uranus (iconoclastic; stirs up trouble; rebellious) – whereas Romney is Pluto and the Underworld, and on another level, Obama is Juno (smallness; uses drones overseas; wants to reduce military size; almost never appears in Oval Office) while Romney is clearly Mr. Jupiter (Sun in Pisces, Moon almost exactly conjunct Jupiter, in a very Patriarchal Mormon hierarchical role, a la Jupiter, and he has a lot of $$$ -- signifying Jupiter and Pluto – he has 5 sons, was a Mormon Overseas Missionary –very Jupiter again – and no daughters, whereas Obama has 2 daughters). Romney said yesterday he wants America to be the strongest nation the world has ever seen or known…back to our being a World Policeman and Universal Controller – total opposite to Paul (who, ironically, is also a Sun-sign Leo, like Obama).

Ron Paul (Venus at 22 Virgo and square the USA Mars) and President Obama (Mars at 22 Virgo and square the USA Mars) both have planets on top of the USA Neptune (vision for the country) and squaring our nation’s red planet. They want to reduce the size of America’s armed forces overseas – possibly for different reasons – while Mitt Romney wants America to return to the post-World War II glory days when we were the omnipresent victors, the Cold War days, the President Reagan days – a very naïve, idealistic and worrisome concept that could re-create our being re-engaged in another Persian Gulf War, originated under George Bush, Sr (whose Sun in Gemini was exactly on America’s Mars, and who had Sun in Gemini square radical, change-agent Uranus in Pisces, the mirror image of Romney with Sun in Pisces square Uranus in Gemini).

Postscript: The following is information I provided to Coast to Coast AM radio recently when I was a guest on their program at New Year’s 2012. It is pertinent relative to what a future Romney Administration might mean connected to creating a serious and dangerous war since Mitt Romney’s Sun exactly squares the USA Mars while his natal Mars and Lunar Nodal Axis are square…Past Predictions: You asked me about successful predictions I have made. Over my 40 years of professional astrology work, there are many. However, here are five of them. (a) I predicted that America would go to war – a major war – if we elected George Herbert Walker Bush as president in 1988. His election brought us the First Persian Gulf War and fundamentally led to the Iraq War, too. Reason? His Sun was exactly on top of America’s Mars. (b) A few weeks before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke in the news in late January 1998, I indicated in my astrology magazine that President Clinton and the nation would be faced with a dark and extreme shadowy scandal based on secrets and/or lies. I pinpointed the time around when he was giving the State of the Union that year. The scandal broke accordingly right at that time as Pluto made its first-ever union with America’s Rising Degree in Sagittarius. (c) I predicted both of Clintons election wins (with very close electoral vote totals) and predicted both of George W. Bush’s election wins (over Gore and Kerry) while so many of my fellow astrologers were wrong. (d) In late February 2009 – after the financial debacle of the previous fall – I accurately predicted the low of the DJIA in early March 2009, and WHY, and that the DJIA low would be a foundation point for a good-sized rally upward during the next 9 months – which happened due to Venus being a morning star or rising before the Sun each day. (e) Most recently, when asked on Coast to Coast AM in January 2011 for a final, one-date prediction for the listeners to look out for in the near future, I said March 11 – because the revolutionary planet of shock, surprises and radical change, Uranus, would be reaching 0 degrees of Aries (a very potent position in the zodiac). March 11, 2011 was the day of the big earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan that led to their nuclear disaster and Uranus is also the key ruler of Uranium and radioactivity!

More eventually down the road…

© 2012 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mitt Romney
John Huntsman
Newt Gingrich

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