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News > Top Stories Archives  > Our Global Investment Crisis: Part III

Our Global Investment Crisis: Part III

Our Global Investment Crisis: Part III | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline Oct. 8, 2011: This is Part III of the ongoing presentation about the Global Investment Crisis. Reasons for the crisis 1 to 14 were in Parts I and II.

(15)You always need to factor Mars into any economic crisis as it always functions to some extent as a triggering mechanism – inflaming a situation, adding a rash/reckless nature to the proceedings, and – particularly – injecting a sense of panic that leads to major bouts of volatility and, for the majority of traders, losses due irrational exuberance. At the October 24 & 29, 1929 Stock Market crashes, Mars in Scorpio was exactly on the South Node of the Moon on October 24 and precisely opposite Chiron (ruling over twilight zones when chronological time seems to stand still). The South Node of the Moon – entangled with the red planet – implies that a build-up of unresolved past issues (the Moon’s realm) is about to explode with sudden fury (Mars). Five days later – on October 29, 1929, when the NYSE had dropped precipitously during the past 48 hours and it was clear that a rout in stocks was on – Mars made a precise, off-kilter 150-degree link to Jupiter in the sky (America’s ruling planet and the celestial body most-associated with Big Business). On that day, Jupiter just happened to be at the Mars/Uranus midpoint of America’s birthchart – probably the most explosive, volatile midpoint in any birthchart.

When the NYSE crashed again on October 19, 1987, Mars was once more near the South Node of the Moon – having united with this placement exactly a week before. However, in the spring of 1987, Saturn had stopped in the zodiac exactly opposite America’s natal Mars placement and then, at the crash, Uranus was close to this same opposition point. Furthermore, Mercury had just stopped its motion in Scorpio while Venus united with Pluto in Scorpio – forming a triple conjunction of Pluto, Venus and Mercury all within 3 degrees in Scorpio, the zodiacal sign traditionally ruled by Mars. On the previous business day before the crash, Mars squared Neptune in the sky while Neptune was opposite America’s Jupiter. America was born during a very close Mars-Neptune square and now the same two planets were locked into a square as another giant financial crash resounded through the nation and the world.

This week – starting on August 8, 2011 – we have experienced transiting Mars on the USA Venus, squaring Uranus in the sky, opposing Pluto in the sky, and crossing over the USA Jupiter placement. All of this is the classic Mars-as-trigger-mechanism influence, creating a self-sustaining invasion of our own Martians within the economic community, with highly emotional, rash and inflamed personalities out of control in their values, judgments and trading skills.

(16)While Venus – ruling over personal savings, banking skills, material resources, real-estate and social values – is usually considered a terrific benefic as a planet alongside Jupiter, its every 9+ month switches between being a “Morning Star” (rising before the Sun at dawn) and being an “Evening Star” (setting after the Sun at sunset) help to create 9+ month primarily bull and bear markets. This all has to do with the power of Venus – as it dances with the Sun in the zodiac in unusual pentagram-like patterns from the Earth’s viewpoint every 8 years. In addition, Venus is the traditional ruler of bullish, financially full Taurus and harmony-producing, balance-striving Libra (the more bearish of the two signs). Venus also represents investors as a class within the overall business/economic community while Mercury – which can move about twice as fast as Venus on occasion – represents the more fickle traders as a class.

Since October 28, 2010, investors have been in a bull cycle as Venus has been in its “Morning Star” placement rising ahead of the Sun each morning. Amazingly, when that bullish, 9+ month cycle began last October, the Sun-Venus union happened at 5+ degrees of Scorpio – the exact Sun placement from the October 29, 1929 Stock Market crash. That could very well be an added reason why the current crisis has such a crash-like trajectory. On Tuesday August 16, 2011, we switch into Venus being in a 9+ month bear cycle as this planet enters its “Evening Star” placement following the sunset on every day. Much of this type of information comes from the superlative ideas of Barbara Koval in her classic book Time and Money: The Astrology of Wealth (Llewellyn Publications, 1993, paperback). Even though we haven’t officially entered the exact bear Venus, 9+ month cycle, we are in the week or two before which is always a transitional, pivotal turning point – when the psyche of the masses begins to realize that a cosmic change is about to occur. (Ironically, on August 16, 2011, just as the Venus bear, 9+ month cycle starts, a shorter Mercury bull cycle occurs lasting until September 28, 2011. Therefore, investors as a group will be thinking bear for the next 9+ months while within that time-period, traders will be shifting, back and forth, between bull and bear five times until the next Venus bull, 9+ month cycle begins on June 5, 2012.)

(17)Never underestimate the slowing down of the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter. Jupiter moves forward for 8 to 9 months, slows down, appears to stop from the Earth’s vantage point, and then moves retrograde for 3 to 4 months. Thereafter, Jupiter goes back into direct motion. It spends about one year in each zodiacal sign. Right now traders and investors are sensing the gradual reduction in daily speed by Jupiter which is currently in the sign of Taurus – usually a bullish position, by and large. And as Jupiter moved through the early part of this sign, during the spring and early summer of this year, stock markets were fairly buoyant and there was a sense of confidence in the psychic atmosphere. Corporations were sitting on mountains of cash and Venus was also in a bull phase since October 28 of 2010. The DJIA stayed up and there was a hope that better times were on the way – that is, until the Debt Ceiling debacle of the past several weeks made everyone much more aware of America’s status as an enormous debtor nation in the tens of trillions of dollars, the never-ending squabbling by political parties in Washington, D.C., and the apparent hopelessness of the overall business-jobs-work climate at home and around the world.

With each passing day now until Jupiter exactly stations at 11 degrees of Taurus on August 30, 2011 and begins retrograde motion lasting until Christmas Day of this year, the economic community as a whole will be sensing a kind of trepidation that a large-scale reversal of fortunes may be coming into effect. Of course, if one is not privy to astrology cycles, dates and right timing, the investors and traders out there will be only guessing at how long the reversal could last, what they should do with their financial resources, and whether this is a very long-term or short-term influence. Jupiter will continue its march through Taurus until June 11, 2012 when it shifts into Gemini – ironically on the one day in 2012 when the transiting Sun will cross over America’s natal Mars, another potential harbinger of financial losses in our nation.

It is also noteworthy that while Jupiter is going to pass over the NYSE Venus placement in Taurus three times (early July 2011, late-October 2011, and the third week of February 2012) – a signal of temporary bullishness at all these time-periods – we will only have one, potentially auspicious union of Jupiter with America’s Vesta (during the last five days of April 2012) and only one, potentially auspicious union of Jupiter with the NYSE Sun (during the last three days of May 2012 and the first two days of June 2012).

Finally, in regard to Jupiter, this planet often raises one’s fortunes when it goes through the upper half of the birthchart during approximately six years of its 12-year cycle through the zodiac. Jupiter has much to do with prosperity, success, golden opportunities, and expansive, upward advances – especially in Big Business and the social realm. In America’s birthchart – with 8 degrees Sagittarius Rising, based on the meticulous, historical research of Barry Lynes – transiting Jupiter has been moving through the lower half of our national chart since January 2007, when the newly-installed, Democratic-run House of Representatives began to neutralize the war-machine behavior of the Bush-Cheney Administration which, as we know, wound up depleting the government of all the budget surpluses that had existed during the second half of the Clinton-Gore Administration. While transiting Jupiter makes a temporary breakthrough into the upper half of America’s chart from mid-July 2012 until the New Year time-period of 2013, it then falls back into the lower half when the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 2013. Jupiter won’t resurface into our 7th house of treaties, wars and international relationships until the end of February 2013. Then Jupiter remains in the upper half of our national chart until mid-December 2018 – providing periodic lifts in the economic climate during that 5+ year cycle, although the heavy-duty Uranus-Pluto square patterns and the ongoing Pluto oppositions to our national Sun five times will take their toll despite Jupiter’s hopes and wishes for a better, more prosperous America.

(18)In March 2010, I bought a paperback book called The Great Depression Ahead by Harry S. Dent, Jr. A well-organized and comprehensive volume, the author believes there is an approximate 80-year cycle in the economic realm – fairly equally divided into 4 parts that he calls winter, spring, summer and fall. We are now in winter and repeating much of the major deflationary energy-fields that consumed the humanity of the early 1930s – the time-period we call The Great Depression. Although he makes a lot of sense on a number of themes that are coming true in 2011, his predictions about the DJIA are – so far – way off as are his estimation of where oil and gold are priced, and how the influence of the Federal Reserve shakes up the economic landscape across the globe.

However, his analyses about the aging baby boomer generation, the shift between Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, and the migration of people throughout the nation are so astute that I feel many of you may want to review his material. He sees himself as a cycle expert and is not using astrology. Beyond the 80-year financial cycle divided into 4 parts, he also explores dozens of charts, a commodity cycle, a revolution cycle and much more. He also gives a lot of predictions concerning where markets, prices and monetary trends will be over the next 10, 20 and 30 years.

(19)Even though precious metals – especially gold and silver – have been prized in coinage and as the foundation of our monetary system of paper currency for hundreds of years, we know that executive orders by two presidents – FDR (April 5, 1933 with Executive Order 6102 forbidding Americans to own or trade gold) and Nixon (August 15, 1971 whose speech to the nation officially took the USA off the gold standard worldwide) – made an enormous change in how we view the strength and weakness of our economic well-being as the most prosperous nation on Earth. Conservative candidate for the presidency Ron Paul of Texas has often articulated his minority view that America should return to the gold standard. Jim Sinclair – one of the greatest (and richest) gold bugs of our era (see his fascinating website at ) – has staked out a position for many years now that gold would rise to exactly where it is now in 2011. I have been viewing his ideas for around 4 years and have seen the price of an ounce of gold move fairly accurately along the lines he has predicted.

What is now creating confusion within the realms of gold and silver are the vast numbers of people who are jumping into buying and selling of not only the physical metals (via bullion, rare coins, bars, and jewelry), but the ETFs, options, hedge funds and futures contracts of the online realm, and the speculation in bullish and bearish directions by tens of millions of day-night traders around the globe. Due to the ability to access information and make purchases through computers, cell phones, iPad type devices and satellite television 24/7 – in addition to the notorious technological marvel (madness?) of “programmed trading,” in which large numbers of shares are bought and sold quickly – the precious-metals market is now akin to a phantasmagoria of dreams, nightmares, and wild gyrations from day-to-day and week-to-week.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to monitor and anticipate the recent rise in gold trading for Americans since action by President Ford made it legal for our citizens to own and trade in gold on January 1, 1975. Because the Sun is located in Capricorn on that date and transiting Pluto has been moving through this sign since the tail-end of 2008 (during the last major financial panic), it is not surprising that the price of an ounce of gold has been moving in an extreme (Pluto) arc upward. Pluto, in ancient mythology, ruled the Underworld – where the precious metals of the Earth are located. Pluto was sometimes associated with a god of a similar name – Pluton – a figure connected to vast wealth. Our society has always defined plutocracy as “government by the wealthy.” Now as there is a rare 248-year union between transiting Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn for legalized gold-owning and gold-trading by Americans, there is a new Gold Rush here in the USA with tens of millions of us seeking to making a fortune buying and selling gold.

(20)At some point, I would like to add a list of major transits connected to the global economic crisis at the close of this section. For the moment, I only want to list some of the key, upcoming USA Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions that will be occurring for the rest of 2011, and into 2012. There will be no comments with this list, but realize that I have a reason for including each one of these progressed or solar-arc alignments*, and you can rest assured that social, political and financial events will congregate around these time-periods. If those events warrant further elucidation, information will be provided in this online source. (*Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions are two of the most, well-established cycles to understand the deeper and gradual, evolutionary patterns for any person, group, organization or nation.)

Solar Arc Vesta opposes the USA Sun (Sept. 3, 2011); Progressed Sun squares USA Progressed Uranus (Halloween 2011); Solar Arc Pluto squares USA Mars (Dec. 4, 2011); Solar Arc Venus conjuncts USA Moon (Christmas 2011); Solar Arc Saturn conjuncts USA Uranus (March 28, 2012); Progressed Moon squares USA Sun (April 1, 2012); Progressed Moon conjuncts USA Saturn (May 17, 2012); Progressed Moon conjuncts USA Juno (November 7, 2012); Solar Arc Pluto conjuncts USA Neptune (Dec. 22, 2012).

The reason not to include the transits coming up in the near future affecting the global economic crisis is that they are too numerous and they relate to a wide variety of charts (the U.S. and other national charts; the charts for the NYSE and other markets and commodities; the birthchart for the Great Mutation of January 1842; the chart for the birth of Europe in 800 A.D., etc). However, you are always welcome to read the Daily Cosmic Calendar and read between the lines about the potential for financial ups and downs on any given day.

Closing Statement

Nobel-prize winning economist Paul Krugman (born Feb. 28, 1953 on the day of a Full Moon) – writing in the NYTimes Online on August 11, 2011 in an article entitled The Hijacked Crisis – has provided a brilliant understanding of how we are on the wrong side of the tracks regarding the global investment crisis. It is the lack of good-paying, full-time jobs and not deficit issues that have been and are the key problems affecting not only America, but the nations of Europe and around world (as per the riots in so many cities and countries in 2011). Here in one telling paragraph he sums up the crisis:

“For the fact is that right now the economy desperately needs a short-run fix. When you’re bleeding profusely from an open wound, you want a doctor who binds that wound up, not a doctor who lectures you on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you get older. When millions of willing and able workers are unemployed, and economic potential is going to waste to the tune of almost $1 trillion a year, you want policy makers who work on a fast recovery, not people who lecture you on the need for long-run fiscal sustainability.”

Paul Krugman completes his argument with these two paragraphs:

“What would a real response to our problems involve? First of all, it would involve more, not less, government spending for the time being — with mass unemployment and incredibly low borrowing costs, we should be rebuilding our schools, our roads, our water systems and more. It would involve aggressive moves to reduce household debt via mortgage forgiveness and refinancing. And it would involve an all-out effort by the Federal Reserve to get the economy moving, with the deliberate goal of generating higher inflation to help alleviate debt problems.

The usual suspects will, of course, denounce such ideas as irresponsible. But you know what’s really irresponsible? Hijacking the debate over a crisis to push for the same things you were advocating before the crisis, and letting the economy continue to bleed.”

While I greatly admire Paul Krugman’s idealism and courage in putting forth bold views, and I am an eternal optimist by nature, the Top 20 Reasons the World is in this Financial Debacle make we feel that secretive, highly-manipulative forces on Earth – combined with the primarily challenging cosmic economic cycles now and over the several years to come – do not bode well for a flourishing financial answer to all our prayers. In the meantime, as you gauge your own monetary well-being and look to the future for hopeful signs of a change for the better, to paraphrase the wise Sufi saying: Happy trading, but tie up your camel…

Note: See charts in Part I.

©2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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