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News > Top Stories Archives  > Int'l Global Investment Crisis: Part I

Int'l Global Investment Crisis: Part I

Int'l Global Investment Crisis: Part I | Top Stories Archives
Dateline: August 10 - 12, 2011 from Veneta, Oregon

Turning the Astrological Spotlight on the Global Investment Crisis:

The Top 20 Reasons the World is in this Financial Debacle

By Mark Lerner

From 1981 to 2000 – as publisher of the pioneering astrology magazine Welcome to Planet Earth – I wrote dozens of articles linking movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, Chiron, Moon’s Nodes and other universal factors (like eclipses, new and full moons, equinoxes and solstices, midpoints, and major planetary alignments) to economic waves, cycles and trigger points happening on Earth and within humanity. During the last 15 years or so, I have continued writing those features on several websites and in cyberspace. Now we have another financial crisis affecting all of our lives and it is a good time to offer a general outline on some of the top, astrologically-based reasons why the world is facing this wallet-disturbing crisis.

If you really want to make sense of all this, please read my two previous blogs (Parts I and II in this series) where I zero in on the shock-inducing, very rare Sun-Uranus union at 0+ degrees of Aries at the equinox this past March as well as the station of Vesta at the solstice this past June – the latter of which occurred just before the Dawn spacecraft arrived at this important asteroid (July 16) to orbit for a year and take close-up of pictures of a far-away celestial realm whose astrological themes connect strongly to the global investment community, safety-security measures, home and hearth (and the housing industry as a whole), insurance rates and coverage, and conserving what we value the most.

Everyone knows how this current crisis began at the start of August – primarily due to the U.S. Congress waiting until the last moment to raise the debt ceiling and thereby inviting the repercussions happening just a few days later as national and international stock markets began to go volatile and fall while Standard and Poor’s made the rare move to downgrade the U.S. credit rating a notch below its AAA level for the first time. While these activities and a developing crisis atmosphere within the European banking system were the outward manifestation of festering, long-term economic problems, viewing the whole picture – from the solar systemic perspective and the cyclical motion of the main planetary bodies – provides a more definitive understanding that I have seen in my 39 years of doing professional astrological work.

That definitive understanding is that when a crisis is affecting humanity, a group of nations, one country, a large number of groups or organizations, a state, city, neighborhood, family or one single individual, there are multiple solar, lunar, planetary and other celestial alignments happening that are disturbing. Thus, there isn’t one astro-psychological cause or two or even three; there may be a half-dozen, a dozen and more. Therefore, if someone comes to me and says “Why are we having a global investment crisis?” and assumes that the answer will be “Oh, that’s because Saturn is doing such-and-such…or Mars just entered Cancer…or Pluto is opposing three celestial bodies in the USA birthchart,” their assumption is way off the mark. Because in a full-blown crisis like this one, many past, present and even future astrological alignments are synchronistically pulling the strings around Spaceship Earth.

Having said the above and knowing that I am consolidating the reasons in this following list, and that the list is also not in sequential order of most important first and least important last, let us proceed so you can have a sense of awe and wonder at what is really behind the current economic disaster (a word whose root meaning – “dis-aster” – means “to go against the stars”).

The Top 20 Reasons the World is in this Financial Debacle

(1)Whenever we send a high-tech craft into the solar system to explore a world in the cosmos, it is meaningful astrologically and symbolically in our lives. When the Voyager II spacecraft flew by aviation-ruling and shock-creating Uranus in January 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded. When Voyager II then flew by utopia- and commune-ruling Neptune in the summer/fall of 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, Nicolae Ceausescu was toppled and executed in Romania, and the Soviet Union began dissolving away. Now the Dawn spacecraft has arrived at the asteroid Vesta and is starting to take pictures of that primarily barren rock in our solar system. But since Vesta connects strongly with the global investment community, and safety-security-protection themes, we are witnessing a panic-driven economic crisis on Earth, heightened by riots in London (a major financial capital of the world).

(2)The Sun and Uranus (the key planet of shock-waves, liberation, rebellion, revolution and high-technology) united at the potent Zero Point (0+ degrees of Aries) at the equinox in March 2011 – their closest conjunction at an equinox since 1676 (335 years ago). The March spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is considered the birthing point of the zodiac for each year, and that day is actually known as International Astrology Day. Thus, we witnessed revolutions and riots in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and now England on a vast scale. Because the “astrological year” – beginning this past March 20, 2011 still has a long way to go until it completes its cycle in March 2012 – we can expect continuing Uranian shocks to the economic, political, social and governmental systems throughout the fall and into the winter of 2011-2012.

(3)Beyond the Dawn spacecraft arriving at Vesta (exactly on July 16), at the summer solstice this year in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21, the asteroid Vesta exactly made a station or stopping point at 20 degrees of Aquarius – beginning a retrograde cycle lasting until Sept. 17, 2011. In traditional astrology, the start of each season, at the equinoxes and solstices, is a dynamic birthing or starting point lasting for approximately 91 days each, and if a celestial body is stationary, its power for good or ill or both is magnified enormously. In addition, it was clearly the United States which triggered this current economic crisis, and the station of Vesta at 20 degrees of Aquarius precisely squared America’s natal Vesta at 20 degrees of Taurus from our birth as a nation on July 4, 1776. I had written about this a couple of months ago – warning of this Vesta-Vesta face-off and its scary implications regarding an economic/investment crisis, relating strongly to safety-security-protection themes, all of which are associated with this bright, second-largest of the asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter in the solar system.

(4)In the United States Secondary Progressed Chart – representing the gradually evolving destiny of our nation – this summer’s Vesta station at 20 degrees of Aquarius was striking our last Progressed New Moon precisely from October 1994. When this Progressed New Moon occurred in October 1994, I wrote a cover story for our Welcome to Planet Earth magazine – reporting that investment and safety-security-protection themes would hound our nation over the next 29+ years, extending until approximately 2024, when transiting Pluto (having a 248-year cycle through the zodiac) will actually make its first ever return to its natal placement for America, another potential date with a calamitous, economic future if we don’t learn some fundamental lessons as an extreme debtor nation.

(5)Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is in the process of making 13 oppositions to the USA natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun placements in Cancer from our birth as a nation on July 4, 1776. This began on March 7, 2009 (very close in time to the DJIA bottom around 6584, following the last economic panic in the fall of 2008) and will continue until Halloween in 2015. Since Pluto has a 248-year cycle around the zodiac and our country was born in 1776, we are also in the end or Balsamic Phase of Pluto’s movement relative to the birth of America. In our national chart, Pluto is located at 28 degrees of Capricorn (a sign very strongly associated with global currency rates and material resources); Pluto is now at 6 degrees of Capricorn, and it will take another 12 to 13 years for transiting Pluto to move the additional 22 degrees of the zodiac to finally make its first return in our national birthchart. Pluto has much to do – when negative – with underworlds, terrorism, phobias, repressed experiences, hellish conditions, bankruptcy and extremes of all kinds. Therefore, Pluto making these 13 oppositions to our natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun are a major reason why so many pundits are concerned about a so-called “double-dip recession” and our falling into a dark, deflationary recession that parallels many of the problems of The Great Depression of the 1930s.

(6)When the New York Stock Exchange (henceforth indicated as NYSE and born on May 17, 1792) crashed on October 24 and 29, 1929, Pluto was on the verge of being discovered by Clyde Tombaugh. Just a few days before the twin, colossal percentage-losses on the NYSE sent the financial realms – national and globally – into The Great Depression, Pluto made a station in the sky in the sign of Cancer (magnifying its mighty force) and then, as October 24 dawned, the Moon united with this still-undiscovered planet far-out in the solar system. Pluto is normally the outermost planet (except for a 20-year cycle when it is somewhat closer than Neptune) and Pluto is currently around 3 billion miles from the Earth and the Sun. The Moon, on the other hand, is our closest neighbor – a little less than 250,000 miles from our home planet. If the Moon and Pluto interact by conjunction (which happens every month), we often have deep, emotional, cathartic events rippling through humanity because the Moon represents our collective feelings-moods-desires as a species on Earth while Pluto represents that which is potentially scary, unknown, mysterious and secretive – holding the potential to put circumstances beyond our control in the temporary driver’s seat of decision-making. [Note: Last night – Aug. 9, 2010 – after the DJIA had dropped 635 points on Aug. 8 and had risen up 430 points on Aug. 9, the Moon united with Pluto in the sky in Capricorn. What happened as the masses in humanity felt another deep ripple of Plutonic power? The DJIA lost another 520 points. This proves that even lunar unions have a gigantic influence within the global economic crisis we are now experiencing.]

Once Pluto was officially discovered in February 1930 and announced to the world on March 13, 1930 to coincide with the discovery of Uranus on March 13, 1781, the DJIA continued its downward motion for 2+ years until hitting a bottom in July 1932 – the same year that FDR defeated President Herbert Hoover for the presidency. It was during 1932 and into early 1933 that the planet of revolution, liberation and neutralization of old fears (Uranus) moved through Aries and squared Pluto in Cancer. Now Uranus – after its 84-year cycle through the zodiac – is back in Aries and it will make 7 squares to Pluto in Capricorn from June 24, 2012 to March 16, 2015 (the year that the New Horizons spacecraft will take the first ever close-up pictures of Pluto and its four moons). Just as FDR became a lightning-bearer to America in 1933 (entering office on March 4, 1933 just three days before a Uranus-Pluto square in the sky), a new FDR type of president will need to come into power between 2012 and 2015. This could still be a transformed Barack Obama (born with Aquarius Rising, ruled by Uranus, and having Uranus united with his own North Node, similar to a configuration in the chart of Abraham Lincoln) or it might be someone else who radically arrives on the scene in the next year or so who is a modern-day Prometheus – striving to bring fire down from the heavens with new proposals and insights to help move the USA out of its present financial stalemate.

(7)President Obama has a Sun-sign Leo, similar to President Herbert Hoover, and both presidents have experienced a hard time owning and revealing their leonine, lion-like traits – as President Obama is born with Leo setting rather than rising, and President Hoover was born with Leo below rather than above. President Hoover was born with a nearly precise Saturn-Uranus polarity on August 10, 1874 and when Barack Obama was elected on November 4, 2008, there was the first of 5 Saturn-Uranus polarities in the sky. Because Barack Obama clearly represented Uranus as a rebellious force overturning the Saturnian fears, frustrations and chronic difficulties of the previous Bush-Cheney administration as well as his adversary, the conservative John McCain (who tried to paint himself as a Uranian maverick within his own party), we all expected President Barack Obama to sweep into office as a kind of lightning-bearing, Promethean force – revolutionizing our nation a la FDR with his New Deal radical proposals of 1933.

However, every president moves more to the center after they are inaugurated because they need to represent our entire nation. And Barack Obama is born with Uranus setting rather rising (weakening its expression on an everyday level) – plus his largest planets of social action and big business (Jupiter and Saturn) are both retrograde and located in the rather obscurity-creating 12th house. Meanwhile, President Obama is born with his only stationary body being Juno – the smallest of the main four asteroids, and a celestial body that equates with fairness under the law, compromise, respecting differences, and striving to create peace and harmony across the board in a sensitive manner (unless it becomes enraged and, then, watch out!).

President Obama’s natal Saturn-Uranus aspect is what is known as an inconjunct or quincunx in which the celestial bodies are in an off-kilter, 150-degree link. It is also the most exact alignment at his birth. When he was preparing to run for the presidency in 2006, Saturn and Uranus in the sky repeated their same, rare celestial configuration from his birth for the first time – and he decided to take the plunge and run against Hillary Clinton (the more established, Saturnian figure within the Democratic Party). He beat her by emulating his Uranian, radical/revolutionary part of his personality as an outsider in the race, and we all imagined he would stay Uranian in his role as a revolutionary leader of the nation. While he did symbolize some of those Uranian qualities in the first two years of his presidency (particularly regarding the health-care legislation that was radical and for which he was reviled by the arch-conservatives in the Republican Party, and as Uranus and Saturn continued their five-fold polarity in the sky), now that Saturn and Uranus are no longer in their rivalry opposite each other on either side of the Earth, suddenly we look at President Obama and don’t understand why he isn’t so revolutionary and radical after all.

The lesson here is that a national figure often symbolizes a temporary celestial alignment – in this case radical-change agent Uranus opposing and overthrowing Saturnian fears and intransigence – but when that alignment or series of alignments is over, the national figure may fall far short of our original expectations. The reason this did not happen with FDR was that he was born – as opposed to Barack Obama – with a rising Uranus and not a setting Uranus. As mentioned earlier and due to many other factors at play, President Obama still has a chance to change “who he really is” and become that FDR-like figure in the 2013 to 2016 time-period after re-election. The greater problem is finding any money to spend on New Deal oriented governmental programs to create millions of jobs and attempt to get America out of this new Great Recession. This could be done by bringing home enormous numbers of troops from Germany, Japan, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan, eliminating the Bush tax-cuts that have been in effect for many years, raising other taxes (say on gas and oil, and “sin taxes” on alcohol and cigarettes), and having the Federal Reserve figure out some new Wizard-of-Oz type fiscal shenanigans to provide the government with funding for a massive, government-created jobs program – especially if banks continue to avoid lending money (out of fear and greed) and corporations sit on the sidelines avoiding hiring due to the same reasons.

(Time-out, take a breath, extra psychological insight on President Obama): I have been watching our national leader intently via the lens of astrological analysis for many years now. In addition to what I have written in point (7) above, note the following: His Venus is united with America’s Venus – one of the main reasons he was elected because the USA was about to be hit by five Pluto oppositions to our national Venus and we needed someone to stand for our best values as a country. His Mars is, unfortunately, almost exactly square America’s Mars and united with America’s Neptune. This explains so much about the large-scale antipathy and abuse hurled at him by his numerous opponents. It also explains his possible mismanagement of and confusion regarding the two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) – allowing the continuation of enormous amounts of money to go to the Defense Department and reinforcing, at the wrong time, the economically non-viable role of America as the world’s policeman. He was also inaugurated under the most difficult void lunar placement ever for an incoming chief executive of our nation – when the Moon was located at 29+ degrees of Scorpio. This void-of-course lunar position equates with a gigantic amount of uncertainty and “do-nothing-ism” throughout the entire four-year cycle of this presidency. All things considered, President Obama’s natal chart and the rising movement of transiting Saturn to the most-elevated point of his birthmap in 2013 reveals that he was always much better suited to be the American President in the 2013 to 2016 cycle rather than now. It remains to be seen who his opponent will be and whether he will develop his leonine roar as a leader in the 15 months between now and the next presidential election.

Something Unique to Watch: The only rising celestial body in President Obama’s chart (influencing his self-expression) is Chiron in Pisces – relating strongly with healing old wounds and pains, shamans, rainbow bridge-building from heaven to earth and between rival parties, maverick/outsider characteristics, guru tendencies (hence his initial “Rock Star” stature to many of his neophytes), keys that open doors to higher consciousness, and – most significantly – twilight zones of strange timing. Every person – between the ages of 49 and 51 – will experience one or more Chiron Returns since this comet-like body in the solar system has an orbital cycle of that length of time. It can be a magical time of self-healing and psychic shape-shifting in which an individual really tunes into his or her higher destiny. President Obama is in the midst of 5 Chiron Returns – a much larger number than the usual because when Chiron transits through Pisces it is moving slower than normal. He has already had two Chiron Returns – on May 21, 2011 and June 27, 2011 (right in the midst of the recent Debt Ceiling Crisis when he seemed to be in a twilight zone, caught between squabbling parties, and extremist positions). His three next Chiron Returns occur on February 26, 2012, October 18 – 19, 2012 (just before the presidential election), and December 10 – 12, 2012. Because of the 5 Chiron Returns, and transiting Saturn reaching his career/professional/authority house for the first time in 29 years, and that the next inauguration will not have a void Moon, I believe that a truly transformed President Obama could still shape-shift into a Uranian, Promethean-like FDR during the next executive cycle going from 2013 to 2016. The only way to defeat him is for his opponents to have a more Uranian, revolutionary, lightning-bearer to be the futurist “imagineer” we need as the leader of America and the Free World during a highly dangerous outer-planet cycle series (Uranus square Pluto in the sky seven times from 2012 to 2015).

Part II will be posted shortly and contain points 8 to 14.

Copyright 2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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