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News > Top Stories Archives  > Norwegian Terrorism Linked to Vesta (Updated July 25)

Norwegian Terrorism Linked to Vesta (Updated July 25)

Norwegian Terrorism Linked to Vesta (Updated July 25) | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: Saturday July 23, 2011 and Updated on July 25 with a new Postscript: Yesterday – Friday July 22, 2011 – will certainly go down as one of the most shocking and alarming days in the history of Norway, a country with a population of almost 5 million people.

Its capital city of Oslo (population @ 835,000) was rocked by bombings shortly after 3pm. However, less than 2 hours later, at Utoya island – northwest of the city – Anders Behring Breivik (born February 13, 1979) began a slaughter of youngsters who were at a summer camp retreat.

As of today, the death toll on the island is at 84 while at least 7 people died from the explosions within Oslo near a government center as well as the office of the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (born March 16, 1959).* Norwegian investigators have determined that Breivik had right-wing, Christian Fundamentalist leanings which put him at odds with the more left-wing government. He was also apparently a hunter who also enjoyed playing violent/fantasy video games.

In the days and weeks ahead, a lot more information about the gunman will appear. Until then, here are some ideas gleaned from looking over the sunrise-type birthchart of the shooter, the birthchart for the approximate time of the shootings, as well as the chart for Norwegian independence from Sweden (June 7, 1905, 11am, Oslo).

Breivik was born just two days after the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution reached its climax on February 11, 1979 when the Prime Minister of that nation resigned and the Ayatollah Khomeini took power.

In addition, Pluto had just moved inside the orbit of Neptune in January 1979 – a little understood and examined phenomenon in the solar system that happens for a 20-year duration every 248 years. [I wrote a series of articles on this subject in our printed astrology magazine, Welcome to Planet Earth, back in the 1980s.]

Therefore, we now have our first instance of a soul coming into the Earth at a time of extreme (Pluto) revolutionary fervor – early 1979 – growing up and committing an act of horror.

However, tens of millions of babies were born during the first few months of 1979. Why did this particular person become a madman at this time?

You will see that Breivik was born at the time of a Sun-Mars union in Aquarius. At his birthday this year – during his Solar Return influencing the 12 months to follow – transiting Mars was once again on his natal Sun and in an even closer union than when he was born 32 years ago.

As the shootings occurred on Utoya island, you will notice transiting Mars in Gemini exactly hooking up with the Moon’s South Node (fate-destiny issues related to the past) and all this focused in the 8th house (traditionally always associated with death).

Now what connects all of this to Norway is that this land – whose history goes back at least 1000 years – gained its most recent independence from Sweden on June 7, 1905. On that day, the Sun in Gemini was approaching the outermost planet Pluto – the key planet of bombings and extreme political beliefs. In fact, transiting Mars and the Moon’s South Node had just united with Norway’s Pluto placement in Gemini as these events occurred in that stricken country.

It is important to bring in at this point the macrocosmic picture wherein the Dawn spacecraft has just entered into orbit around the asteroid Vesta a week ago. [I have two blogs on the subject at and also posted a mini-story on the front of our website.]

When the Voyager II spacecraft flew by high-tech ruling Uranus in early 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded. When Voyager II then flew by commune- and utopia-ruling Neptune in the late summer of 1989, the dissolution of Communism began – as events led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, the toppling of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, and the eventual disintegration of the Soviet Union less than 2 years later.

Vesta – discovered at 29+ degrees of Virgo on March 29, 1807 – rules over home and hearth, safety and security, insurance rates and coverage, the investment community, sisterhoods, the Eternal Flame, embassies, “turf wars,” and especially agencies of protection (police, fire, emergency) as well as ultra-secret organizations (FBI; CIA; NSA; KKK; Nazis; etc).

Breivik was born with Vesta at 29+ degrees of Aquarius – in an exact, off-kilter 150-degree link to the discovery placement of Vesta. He fooled the youngsters on Utoya island by dressing as a policeman, and he committed his massacre in an area devoid of any real protection by police or authorities.

While transiting Neptune is now at the very beginning of Pisces, this planet – very connected to confusion, chaos and religious fanaticism (when negative) – had moved into once-in-a-lifetime unions with his natal Mars, Sun, Ceres, Mercury and Vesta (all in Aquarius) since 2006.

In his birthchart, not only are Mars and the Sun both square to revolutionary, radical-change agent Uranus in Scorpio, but his Sun/Mars midpoint is 90-degrees to Uranus within less than one-third of a degree. Furthermore, his Mars/Vesta midpoint – connected to volatile acts associated with safety/security issues – is on his natal Sun within one-fourth of a degree.

It doesn’t help that his natal Sun-Venus aspect is very close to exactly 45-degrees or one-eighth of the zodiacal circle, a power/willful alignment that is usually considered quite challenging or discordant in nature.

In his Secondary Progressed chart, the Moon is in Scorpio – approaching his natal Uranus – while his Progressed Mercury at 9 degrees of Aries had just stationed in the last two years to go into retrograde motion in a very close square to his natal Venus at 9 degrees of Capricorn.

The fact that Scorpio was rising at the Oslo bombings and still rising when the gunman went on his rampage is significant and directly related to Breivik’s natal Uranus and progressed Moon in this sign of traditional death, deep-seated emotional forces, and “dark night of the soul” experiences.

In conclusion at this time, you will see that the Sun was located at 29+ Cancer at the shootings while the asteroid Juno was at 28+ Virgo – less than one-half degree from the discovery placement of Vesta at 29+ Virgo. Juno – when negative – represents rage by the small and disempowered. It is noteworthy that Breivik’s Secondary Progressed Jupiter retrograde is located at 29+ Cancer (the Sun’s transiting location yesterday).

Could this Sun-Jupiter configuration (the largest celestial body connecting exactly to the second-largest celestial body via a transit to a progression) have also pushed the gunman over the edge into creating – apparently on his own – such a large-scale disaster igniting world-wide attention?

Lastly, I wasn’t planning on including the chart of Norway until I looked in my asteroid ephemeris and saw that on the day Norway became independent of Sweden (June 7, 1905), the asteroid Vesta was making a precise return to its discovery placement at 29+ Virgo. [Vesta Returns only happen approximately every 4 years for about 24-48 hours.] The synchronicity here is astounding and one more proof – in this case, so sadly and tragically – of Astrology in Action.

*Closing Note: Earlier in this feature, I put an * by the Prime Minister’s birthdate. Will it turn out that the gunman’s political beliefs and religious views put him into a direct confrontation with Jens Stoltenberg? The Prime Minister is born with the Sun at 25 Pisces – very close to Breivik’s Secondary Progressed Sun at this time. In addition, the Prime Minister is born with the Moon in Gemini united with Mars – a volatile conjunction that joins up exactly with Norway’s Sun. At Breivik’s Solar Return this year (February 13, 2011), the transiting Moon was in Gemini. And to make matters more unusual, the gunman’s Jupiter (2 degrees of Leo) and the Prime Minister’s Jupiter (2 degrees of Sagittarius) are exactly trine. Sometimes a gunman – who cannot assassinate the larger-than-life, leader he thinks is unworthy of high office – takes out his anger via bombings and horrific acts on vulnerable individuals who have no security protection compared to a Prime Minister.

Updated July 25 - Postscript: While it appears the number of the dead is being lowered slightly, the terrorist has indicated the possibility that two other individuals or "cells" may be on the prowl. This may also be a ruse to give the shooter more attention.

Eleanor Bach -- who published the first asteroid ephemeris back in 1972 -- always wrote that Vesta related strongly with conservative principles, ethnic purity, and protection themes. Anders Breivik has indicated he is for an extreme anti-Muslim immigration rule in Norway and throughout Europe, and that he is in alignment with the Knights Templar -- in a kind of a 21st century fantasy version of the medieval group that had, as one of its primary missions, the protection (Vesta) of Christian pilgrims traveling back and forth to Jerusalem during the era of the Crusades.

Whether he consciously realizes it or not, Breivik is a neo-Nazi with the Aryan Race superiority complex rumbling around somewhere in his mis-guided being.

©2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner publishes Earth Aquarius News and he can be reached via email at MARKL@MARKLERNERASTROLOGY.COM ]

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