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News > Top Stories Archives  > Same-Sex Marriages to be Legal in New York

Same-Sex Marriages to be Legal in New York

Same-Sex Marriages to be Legal in New York | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: Saturday June 25, 2011: It is rare for the exact time of the signing of a major bill to be given out in a newspaper. However, last night – Friday June 24, after the NY State Senate joined their Assembly in passing bills to make Same-Sex Marriage legal in their state – the main cheerleader on behalf of this bill all along, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, signed the bill into law at exactly 11:55PM EDT.

A picture appeared on the front page of the NY Times Online – showing the governor, signing the bill, surrounded by key NY State Congressional members who supported the Same-Sex Marriage provisions in the legislature.

The reason I am writing now – relatively quickly after the passage of this major state legislation – is that it reveals how things can get accomplished politically based on the old axiom: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.

Gov. Cuomo had been leading the charge on this for a long time. Various legislators in New York became enthused, the public changed from being against it to being for it (during the past 6 to 7 years), and Mayor Bloomberg of NYC (who used to be a Republican and is now an Independent) also was on the side of the passage.

As opposed to the discord in Washington, D.C. – that we see played out daily via the multi-media, in the squabbling between Democrats and Republicans, and the often side-lines maneuvering by The White House and President Obama – the way this event became a national triumph last night should be something that politicos around the country should take careful notice of – if they want to understand how to bring an ideal into being a fervent idea whose time has come and which can actually then manifest (via the Higher Will of the People) as the law of the land.

My goal here is to simply present to you two versions of the same chart (see the thumbnail pictures below and open them up to see the birthmaps), and to make brief comments at this point.

The most extraordinary reality is that the planet Venus is precisely at the fourth cusp of the chart. Venus (traditional ruling planet of love and marriage in astrology) is not only in Gemini (sign of the “Twins” – meaning two versions of marriage perhaps?), but because it is directly below, Venus symbolizes Same-Sex Marriage penetrating into the astrological sphere of home and family.

I have done tens of thousands of charts – for clients, research and publication – in 39 years as a professional astrologer, but I don’t honestly remember even one chart where I saw Venus exactly below and within 4 minutes of arc of the cusp.

After all, there are 360-degrees in the zodiacal circle, and the odds that the Sun, Moon, one of the 8 planets, 4 asteroids or Chiron would be precisely on any of the 4 key angles is remote at best.

In addition, of the 4 key angles, the fourth house cusp is the most mysterious and enshrouded in secrecy. It also makes amazing sense – in this situation – because gays and lesbians have been shunned by the so-called Moral Majority in this country for decades.

Ironically, it was in the West Village of New York City 42 years ago in June 1969 that the Gay Rights Movement nationally was born during a riot against police inside the Stonewall Inn bar.

In June 1969, Pluto (symbolizing conception and the planting of all tiny seeds) was stationary at 22+ Virgo and right on America’s natal Neptune (all womb and pregnancy type themes) from our Declaration of Independence chart of July 4, 1776.

Now at the passage of this historic bill, the asteroid Juno – like Venus, deeply associated with marriage and empowerment or disempowerment in marriages and primary partnerships – is setting in the seventh house of relationships and marriage, and located at 21+ degrees of Virgo (within 1 degree of the USA Neptune and the Pluto placement from June 1969).

Notice Mercury as the lone planet in the fifth house of creativity, love, and the heart chakra, and simultaneously ruling over Venus in Gemini at the root point of the chart. Mercury has often been noted by astrological researchers as having the potential for bi-sexual and or same-sexual interaction. Plus – the Greek names for Mercury and Venus were Hermes and Aphrodite (from which we get the Hermaphrodite or half-male and half-female being).

Mercury is located at 17+ degrees of Cancer which is exactly the discovery placement of Pluto from February 18, 1930. Pluto – beyond its associations with the lord of the underworld, extremes, death-rebirth, nuclear energy, terrorism, mysteries and secrets – is strongly connected to seeds and conceptions that take hold and bring forth new life.

Also – not to be ignored is the Rising Degree (unique window to the world) as Gov. Cuomo signed the bill. It is 8+ degrees of Pisces. Although the sensitivity of this entire issue is partially revealed by two celestial bodies that have just risen and crossed over to the twelfth house (Chiron, the wounded healer and twilight-zone ruler, and Neptune, signifying universal love, wisdom and compassion), the fact is that 8+ Pisces is one of the most important degrees of the zodiac when it comes to the power of the United States birthchart.

The only stationary celestial body when America was born was Ceres – the largest asteroid discovered in 1801. Ceres was motionless on July 4, 1776 at 8+ degrees of Pisces.

Ceres stands for all nurturing vibrations, mother-child relationships, and our being the "melting pot" of nations where different religious, ethnic and respectful sexual orientations should be able to coexist. In addition, Ceres represents the “Heartland” of the country (where cereals and grains are plentiful to feed everyone who is hungry -- for food and for acceptance of life-style) and Ceres is – particularly – the desire to be productive in whatever God-given way is yours based on your spiritual-soul development through many lives on Earth.

New York has now become the sixth state – following Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont (plus the District of Columbia) – to legalize same-sex unions. [California had gone down this road in 2008 for several months, but then the voters of their state overturned the law.]

Hopefully, the NY bill – which goes into effect within 30 days – will not only stay in effect, but catalyze other states to honor the true will of every American who wants to be seen and recognized as an Equal under the Law.

© 2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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