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News > Top Stories Archives  > Royal Couple: William and Kate Marry at Westminster Abbey

Royal Couple: William and Kate Marry at Westminster Abbey

Royal Couple: William and Kate Marry at Westminster Abbey | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline Friday April 29, 2011: Under a void Pisces Moon -- approaching radical-change agent, lightning-producer and shock-meister Uranus in early Aries -- Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton married at Westminster Abbey in London, England at 11:21AM GDT.

Marriage charts are quite powerful and can deeply influence both individuals for the rest of their lives. In addition, the marriage chart has a life of its own and receives transits and progressions just like a person's birthchart. Furthermore, even though two people may have a fairly wonderful compatibility or synastry between them (as William and Kate primarily have), the wedding chart can add turmoil, conflict and uncertainty to a great degree.

Since a lot of astrologers ignore the void Moon or don't believe it is important and significant, it is still possible that a British astrologer was consulted before this date and time was chosen. Nevertheless, there are celestial signatures in and around this chart that are a cause for potential alarm.

A void Moon -- particularly in this case approaching revolutionary and often unsettling Uranus -- is a poor choice to make if one were utilizing astrology to set up the marriage date and time.

Since Mercury (ruling communications) had just made an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Juno (very strongly associated with marriage and empowerment or dis-empowerment themes in primary partnerships) in the sky during the previous 15 hours, this would be another stellar signal to be very cautious about orchestrating a successful, long-term marriage around this time.

Venus in a contra-parallel link to Saturn this morning is another challenging astrological aspect as Saturn can bring coldness, restrictions, worry and frustrations to the marriage relationship (Venus).

Now this is not an article exploring the full synastry of the two individuals, and Kate's birth time is not known anyway. However, they do have quite a lot of wonderful, positive link-ups between them -- nurturing, family-oriented and emotionally-sensitive Cancer Moon occurs in both charts; they both have virtually the same Mars (10 Libra) -- which can be very romantic and affectionate; William's Mars is closely trine Kate's Venus -- always a boost for romance and intimacy; and Mercury is in air signs in both charts, forming a close, harmonious trine pattern in the process, boosting communications within the relationship.

Plus -- William is born right after a New Moon in Cancer, and Kate is born just before a Full Moon linking Sun in Capricorn to the Moon in Cancer. A "New Moon Phase" person is naturally attracted to an approaching "Full Moon Phase" person because the solar-lunar orbs are complementary or opposite.

Because they have lived together for approximately 8 or 9 years, and Kate is some 8 years older than Diana Spencer was when she married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, I think William and Kate have the potential to get through some of the confusion and uncertainty that is present in their marriage chart.

The marriage chart does have strength from Leo Rising (of course, the sign of royalty), and a union of Mercury and Venus at the power point at the top of the chart. The Moon was parallel to Venus about 5 hours before the wedding (making up for the Moon being blocked by Uranus from reaching Venus zodiacally), and the Sun is parallel to Pallas -- offering William and Kate the ability to problem-solve and strategize if major difficulties develop in the future. And with so many celestial bodies in the upper part of the chart, their contributions to the wider world may become very positive in the years ahead.

What the couple needs to be concerned about is a "Uranian Shake-Up" approximately 6 months from now and also 6 years from now because the Moon-Uranus distance is very close to 6 degrees of arc.

Were Kate to become pregnant about 6+ months from now, that could represent a positive fulfillment of the degree arc from the marriage Moon at 26+ Pisces to the marriage Uranus at 2+ Aries. [This is not a prediction -- only an example of what one, positive unfoldment could be. On the other hand, were there to be shocking news about the royal couple approximately 6+ months and/or 6+ years after this wedding, that would signify a more shadow component of the Moon-Uranus 6+ degrees orb in the wedding chart.]

Lastly for now, it is rather fascinating that the rising degree for the wedding turned out to be 6 degrees of Leo. The number 6 in the Major Trumps of the Tarot is The Lovers.

As opposed to the young Diana who had not lived with Prince Charles for years before their wedding, as mentioned earlier in this feature, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been lovers for a long time.

In Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala -- which is a re-interpretation of Dr. Marc Edmund Jones' classic text The Sabian Symbols in Astrology -- here is the symbol for 6 degrees of Leo: "A conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a 'hippie' girl." And Rudhyar gives the following keynote: "The need to transcend our subservience to fashion, in morals as well as in clothes."

This is quite remarkable as you have the enormous media coverage of the fashion styles and glamor of the people attending the ceremony as well as the pageantry involved at this historic abbey. And there is the stunning comparison between the youthful Kate and the old-fashioned, conservative Queen Elizabeth, and the recent, endless wondering in the media about who designed Kate's wedding dress and what would it look like.

In addition, the "hippie" reference in the symbol could signify that Kate is hip to a glamorous style that will be copied by millions of fans of the British Royal Family.

All Good Wishes and Many Blessings go to this seemingly happy couple, marrying during a void, but fairy-tale oriented and Cinderella-like Pisces Moon.

Copyright 2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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